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Realism Mod v1.12 - 250 pop limit, unit/tech edits

Author File Description
Keisari Tapsa
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Realism Mod v1.12
for 1.0c version of The Conquerors

(to see recent changes, search and highlight "1.10")

•Bombard Tower's attack reverted from pierce to melee.
•Trebuchet's attack changed from pierce to melee.
•Sea Tower/Wall/Gates placeable in the editor.

•Maximum pop limit 200 → 250 like in Galactic Battlegrounds.
•Additional 5 free pop room in all ages (can slow down your defeat a bit).

Blacksmith techs:
•Archer damage/range techs also affect to Town Centers and Scorpions. They don't anymore affect to Bombard Tower.
•Blade damage techs also affect to guns and give them +1 range.
•Plate Mail Armor tech also affects to Bombard Cannon.

Range edits:
•Bombard Cannon's min range 5 → 4.
•Scorpions' min range 2 → 1.
•[1.6]Unmounted archers' min range 0 → 0.5 (Archer, Crossbowman, Arbalest, Longbowmen, Plumed Archers, Chu Ko Nus).
[1.7]They also move faster 0.96 → 1.03 to be able to escape Champions(0.99).
•[1.9]Skirmishers min range 1 → 0.
•Halberdier-like units have 0.5 range.
•Arbalest's range 5+3 → 6+3.
•Longbowmen's range 6+6 → 7+6.
•Plumed Archers' range 5+3 → 6+3.
•Mangonel's range 7+1 → 8+1.
•Onagers' range 8+1 → 9+1.
•Town Center's range 6 → 5+3.
•[1.2]Scorpions' range 7+1 → 5+4.
•[1.2]War Wagons' range 5+3 → 5+4.
•Bombard Cannon's range 12+1 → 13+2.
•Cannon Galleon's range 13 → 14+1.
•Elite Cannon Galleon's range 15 → 16+1.
•[1.2]Turtle Ships' range 6 → 9.
•Trebuchet's range 16+1 → 15+1.
•Towers' (not Keep's) range 8+3 → 7+3.
No change:
•Bombard Tower's range 8+3 → 10+1.

Units with added 0.5 blast radius:
•Cannon Galleons

Reload time edits:
•Longbowmen's reload time 2 → 1.9.
•Skirmishers' reload time 3 → 2.9. Attack +1.
•[1.4]Turtle Ships' reload time 6 → 2.8.
•[1.4]Yi Sun-sin's reload time 3 → 2.5.
•[1.1]Crossbow's/Arbalest's reload time 2 → 3.5.
•[1.2]War Wagons' reload time 2.5 → 2.2.
•[1.1]Spear Galleons' reload time 3 → 3.5.
•[1.1]Galley's reload time 3 → 2.
•[1.1]Longboats' reload time 3 → 2.
Damages balanced to reload times.

Projectile arc changes: (Can someone explain why there are minus arcs?)
•[1.4]Crossbow bolts' arc -0.06 → 0.15.
•[1.4]Tower cannonball's arc 0.3 → 0.25.
•[1.4]War Wagon arrow's arc -0.05 → -0.06.
•[1.4]Cannonball's arc -0.06 → 0.45.
•[1.4]Turtle Ship bullets' arc 0.4 → 0.2.

Projectile speed changes:
•Bullet's speed 5.5 → 10.2.
•Tower cannonball's speed 3 → 6.
•Cannonball's speed 4 → 7.
•Ship cannonball's speed 3.5 → 6.5.
•Turtle Ship cannonball's speed 7.8 → 10.8.
•[1.1]Spear's speed 7 → 6.

Unit speed changes:
•[1.3]Trade Cog's speed 1.32 → 1.4.
•[1.3]Trade Cart's speed 1 → 1.2.

Damage changes:
•A slice of Samurais' unique unit attack moved to base melee attack. 6 and 7.
•Slices of Cannon Galleons' unit attack moved to base melee attack. 10.
•Slices of galleons' and Longboats' ship attack moved to base pierce attack. 2.
•New damage against War Elephants to War Wagons (like Scorpions have). 4.
•Half of Hand Cannoneer's infantry attack moved to base pierce attack. 5. Other gunmen also get this attack.
•[1.9]Slices of Skirmishers' archer/spearmen attack moved to base pierce attack. 2 and 3.
•[1.2]Scorpion's damage reduced for Blacksmith increasements.
•[1.9]Slices of Halberdier-line's special attacks moved to base melee attack. 2, 3 and 4.

Additional tech changes:
•[1.2]Korean Singijeon tech affect to War Wagons instead of onagers.
•Chemistry tech free for Chinese.
•Fervor tech repaired.
•Theocracy tech is automatic to all civs from Dark Age.
•Masonry tech applies to walls and gates too.
•Ballistic tech applies to every projectile.
•Treadmill Crane tech also increases Siege Workshop's workrate.
•Heated Shot tech: Castle's additional ship damage is doubled.
•[1.3]Caravan tech speed increase 1.5X → 1.2X, gold amount 1.5X → 2X.
•Guilds tech decreases commodity trading fee-% by 10. Default trading fee-% 30 → 20.
•Hussar, Paladin and Halberdier teches repaired.
•[1.3]Dry Dock doesn't anymore reduce the Dock's gold amount (makes sea-trading better than land-trading).
•[1.4]Mayans doesn't anymore have slower initial food gathering than other civs.
•[1.5]Huns trebuchet bonus accuracy to 100%.

Additional unit changes:
•Capped Ram's garrison cap 4 → 5.
•Monastery holds 10 → 25 relics.
•Map Revealer LOS 4 → 8.
•Monk with relic can walk on water.
•Guard Tower and Keep fires 2 arrows simultaneously.
•Chinese (Shaolin) Monks have 2x initial HP and 1.2x movement speed.
•Goth's house cost and build-time -50%.
•[1.1]Wild Horse's food amount 0 → 400.
•[1.1]Jaguar's food amount 0 → 100.
•[1.1]Wolves' food amount 0 → 50.
•Cannon Galleons' accuracy 50 → 92 (like Bombard Cannon is and Ballistics work better).
•[1.1]Crossbow's accuracy 85 → 95.
•[1.1]Arbalest's accuracy 90 → 100.
•[1.1]Skirmishers' accuracy 90 → 80.
•[1.1]Crossbow's and Arbalest's gold cost 45 → 30.
•[1.4]All 3 Galleons' and Turtle Ships', Elite Cannon Galleon's and Bombard Cannon's projectile starting locations corrected.
•[1.5]Trebuchet's accuracy 15% → 80% (still doesn't always hit trees).
•[1.8]All unranged units' attack graphics (31 pcs, excluding heroes) corrected to match (original) reload speeds.
•[1.9]Cobra cheat car → God Machine Arrow, available in the editor.
•[1.10]Stone Mine's stone amount 350 → 2000.

No mod affects your already saved games, only new games.


1. Locate "*\Age Of Empires II\Data" folder.
2. Backup the original "empires2_x1_p1.dat" file by renaming it.
3. Copy the new "Empires2_x1_p1_rm1-12.dat" file into the Data folder.
4. Rename the new "Empires2_x1_p1_rm1-12.dat" file to "empires2_x1_p1.dat"
5. Play.


You can easily switch between files by renaming them.
Check GenieWiki for unit attribute IDs and resource IDs, etc.
I want to play mods in multiplayer. If you are interested, let me know (playing in GameRanger or Steam).

My other uploads.


Comment and rate!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
RladalFatih Hmm... There is some good ideas in this mod (like the splash dammages for trebuchets and bombard cannons), but the principal problem is that, in my lopinion, these changes unbalance the game. Age of Kingsd is still enough balanced like this.

[Edited on 05/26/11 @ 09:24 PM]

Keisari Tapsa
File Author
I am curious, what exactly unbalances the game? And how it should be fixed?
Dave3377 "•Monk with relic can walk on water." --awsome, but I wouldn't call this realistic. lol.

Something interesting I read, a hand thrown spear though slow moving, can peirce a shield or chainmail better than a viking-age bow and arrow.

So maybe the skirmisher should have a longer reload time, greater attack, less accuracy, a lower bonus vs archers, make the javaline move slower.

This changes the whole purpose of the unit it makes it more realistic.

Make archers have an even quicker reload, less attack, but better accuracy.

Make crossbows more accuracte like the archer changes I suggest, make them cost less, but make the reload time much higher.

Just suggestions.
Keisari Tapsa
File Author
If you wish I can remove that "•Monk with relic can walk on water."

New changes?:
•Slices of Skirmishers archer/spearmen attack moved to base pierce attack. 2 and 3.
•Crossbow/Arbalest reload time 2 -> 3.5.
•War Wagons reload time 2.5 -> 3.5
•Spear Galleons reload time 3 -> 3.5.
•Longboats reload time 3 -> 2.
Damages balanced to reload times.
•Spear speed 7 -> 6.
•Wild Horse food amount 0 -> 400.
•Jaguar food amount 0 -> 100.
•Wolves food amount 0 -> 50.
•Crossbow accuracy 85 -> 95.
•Arbalest accuracy 90 -> 100.
•Skirmishers accuracy 90 -> 80 (95 by Thumb Ring?).
•Crossbow and Arbalest gold cost 45 -> 30.

Why longer reload time to Skirmishers?
Is it faster to load a hand cannon than a crossbow?
Dave3377 I was just thinking that skirmisher would have fewer spears to throw so they run out faster then archers but this can't be incorporated into the game, so use the reload time to balance it.

I still love the monks walking on water, there has to be some sort of religious/divine intervention-themed mod for it. Maybe one where certain civs regenerate while others are the "powerful forces of evil" or something. I love the idea though.
RladalFatih An example: the towers. If a fully upgraded tower can shoot three arrows at the same time, why a player should build castles that only throw four arrows, and that cost 5 times more stone? An other problem is with scorpions: if you give them a range of 10, and all the bonuses of blacksmith techs, they became, especially with Chineses, a too powerfull weapon.

Also, there is other examples, but I just want to explain a little bit what I said with changes that unbalance the game.

[Edited on 05/27/11 @ 10:03 PM]

Keisari Tapsa
File Author
I can change Skirmisher reload time from 2.9 back to 3 if you wish. I don't see why it should be higher than that.

Keep is part of a castle and it's its most protected tower. You build castles because you can train units from them, and they have more attack and HP than towers.

New changes in version 1.2:
•[1.2]Scorpions range 7+1 -> 5+4.
•[1.2]War Wagons range 5+3 -> 5+4.
•[1.2]Turtle Ships range 6 -> 9.
•[1.2]Turtle Ships reload time 6 -> 3.5.
•[1.2]War Wagons reload time 2.5 -> 2.2.
Damages balanced to reload times.
•[1.2]Scorpion damage reduced for Blacksmith increasements.
•[1.2]Korean Singijeon tech affect to War Wagons instead of onagers.
•[1.2]Keep fires 2 arrows simultaneously.

"religious/divine intervention-themed mod" sounds cool.

[Edited on 05/28/11 @ 06:28 PM]

Blueway Questions for authonr:

Are you a important person like one of game developers or you are just one guy with a cool ideea?

Which realistic-style imprivements you want to get? Real life like: chance of hitting, change or crrittical hit (1 blow-enemy down) or just the normal games thing: hp, medium Ap, medium range, so on...

Anyway, i advice you that at close distance archers should have 10& of fiering rate and 50%critical chance.

Also, fast units like spearman should have at far 70% dodgee chance, at medium distance 30% and close 10%

Slow units like man at arms should have 40% dodgee chance at far 10%at medium distance and 2% at very close.

those are my suggestions and have fun maing it. Ant when you will finish it ... it will be a pack like 1.0d or just a file?
Keisari Tapsa
File Author
I am just one guy with many ideas. So I am limited by the power of Advanged Genie Editor 1.7 and 2.0b.

I am hoping to have as realistic comparative ranges as possible. For example, in real life longbowmen can reach trebuchets attacking at their castle. So I probably should reduce trebuchet range even more.

Also somewhat realistic projectile speeds and arcs would be really nice. And realistic reload times.

Damages and armors should also be somewhat realistic at least compared to other units. For example, katanas do more damage than any other swords.

Too low hits to kill would make damage/armor techs unnecessary. I can't make any chance of hitting or dodging thing but cool ideas you have. All archers could have a minimum range of 0.5 or something. You can manually dodge by moving out of the way.

This is gonna be just a file(s).

Check these out:
Blueway Could you please add this at your pack :

In aoe if i have 30 archers in a group all of them are shooting in only one units. Could you do that 4 units shoot in 1 units so that in a 36 vs 36 4 units will shoot in 1... so 36 will shood in the same time at 9 units.

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