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Birth of a Nation RP Scenario

Author File Description
Harry P Niss
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 7
Update: V8 features more renewable resources and some other minor changes to prevent severe crashes.

Settings: 7 players
P1- British
P2- Franks
P3- Spanish
P4- Byzantines
P5- Japanese
P6- Teutons
P7- Mayans
P8- Computer, civ doesn't matter, preferably turks

Normal visibility and unlocked teams.
Game Info: (Can be found in the objectives tab)

After the discovery of a new land several hundred years before the discovery of the Americas, European imperialists set out to colonize the land in hopes of expanding their empire and finding new resources.

Gameplay- The game focuses on controlling and managing your land. This is a role play and formal diplomacy, so act as if you are a nation and have a colony in a new land. Each civilization will specialize in certain warfare and resources.

The New Land is rich with resources, mostly in pockets and not spread out therefore exploration and claiming land is necessary to thrive. There is no shortage of resources as the game goes on due to the renewable resource trigger.

More maps to come!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Birth of a Nation' is a seven player multiplayer scenario, featuring build-and-destroy and diplomatic game play. As one of seven nations settling on what is referred to as the New Land, a fictitious continent for the purpose of the game, you must establish your fledgling colony. With meagre resources, players will have to treat their individual colonies as in real life, not always with the crucible of war but with mutual agreements in trade, through diplomatic measure, or by other means necessary.

PLAYABILITY: As a multiplayer scenario, build-and-destroy maps are perhaps the most common and thus the least likely to attract attention, but players can still expect plenty of enjoyment from this as well as a technically-strong map to play on against six other players. While featuring perhaps less than its fair share of devices to enhance game play and make the experience more complete, 'Birth of a Nation' really does everything the average gamer requires it to do. With constricted starting positions, many players will be forced from their home bases and into military expansion, vying for resource-abundant areas which undoubtedly form the strategic element of the game. The map's strong point is certainly through its variety of geography, with several chunks of land and a vast ocean, offering many players the unique position to base their economy on trade and what resources are offered by the ocean, to the stronger powers on the mainland who must expand militarily if they are to control valuable areas to sustain themselves with. All-in-all, this is a good strong effort by the designer and a must for players seeking a few hours of enjoyment one night. 4.0

BALANCE: The balance between players varies from potentially strong military powers to players who owe their strength to geographic advantages, such as player 1 who begins on an island, and for the most have an equal footing in the game. Despite the numeric advantage some nations hold over others, most players, particularly those with colonies on various small islands, will be forced to expand and harvest what resources can be found from the main land, or through military conquest. This forces players to clash or to opt for alliances or mutual agreements through trade. Each player thus begins in a precarious position and must therefore work to his strengths and weaknesses in order to gain an advantage during the game. 5.0-

CREATIVITY: Despite being an overall mediocre effort in this area, the design does feature a few intricacies of its own. Each player begins with particular strengths and weaknesses which they must use to their advantage, whether militarily or geographically, and can expect a resource bonus throughout the game distinct to each civilisation. Other devices include plenty of renaming to units to add to the flavour of the design, but in my opinion the strongest creative aspect of this multiplayer scenario is easily through its map design, with good strong technical design and many ways to attack, trade and use natural advantages in order to defeat players. 3.0+

MAP DESIGN: Utilising a large map, the design covers two mainlands, a collection of resource-abundant islands, and an ocean. While certainly above average, there were many bits that weren't quite right like mixing jungle and pine forest together, but for the most this is a map that most players should enjoy and offers just about everything in terms of good playability. 4.0+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story is simple but it sets the player up well. The instructions are for the most adequate and useful. 5.0-

CONCLUSION: 'Birth of a Nation' is a well-designed multiplayer scenario that offers hours of enjoyment for up to seven players. While not detracting from the genre's simplicity, the idea is well-implemented.

In a sentence - While being an old-fashioned idea 'Birth of a Nation' offers plenty of fun on a large, detailed map.

In closing - A recommended download.

[Edited on 10/03/12 @ 07:40 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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