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Random Map -Heroes-

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
You start just as you would in a normal Black Forest map, with the same amount of resources as you get standard although you do get a base like in fortress mode (minus the barracks). Your objective is simple, kill the other players and win!

The difference: most normal units are not able to be created, instead the players must buy units like Charlemagne or Guy Josselyne, with each civilization even having their own unique units! Unit spawning can be anywhere on the map but here is a limit to 150 military units at any one time and if the 'Shah' unit with 1,000 HP is lost, you lose!

With around 2,300 triggers and the simple, easy-to-use interface in the game where clear instructions are given on how to play. The complexity of the map gives a more simple overall game. Fun for those who enjoy normal random map games or just something new, download it and have a look!
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Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Random Map-Heroes is a multiplayer scenario which restricts players from producing units and forces them to buy mercenary heroes. Each player has a distinctive set of advantages depending on the civilization he/she chooses. It features solid triggerwork and is very simple yet it does not spoil the fun of Build and Destroy games.

Playability: 4+

There were hardly any bugs in the scenario, except that when a spawn point is empty, the player does not know which unit is which.It is hardly a problem since any player can easily identify the heroes. It was quite enjoyable to crush the enemy with armies of heroes instead of units.The heroes were quite expensive but the regeneration made up for it.

Balance: 4+

All players start at roughly equal points and then have to collect resources to expand their empire.A few nations have more resources than others but are placed at minor geographic locations whereas a few players have superior geographic locations but fewer resources.In any case, the player is forced to get out of his base and expand his empire.Also, all civilization have unique heroes, like William Wallace for Aztecs, so it forces the player to defeat the opponent to open a variety of unique heroes,

Creativity: 4+

The scenario was quite creative because it forced players to buy heroes instead of making units, but it eliminates the possibility of spamming units from multiple buildings.But, as the author says, players can still create some units which do not have an equivalent hero,such as the hand cannoneer.The player can still research technologies to upgrade the heroes.The ability to destroy all walls was quite creative too.

Map Design: 4-

The scenario was built upon a black forest random map, and moreover, the map isn't random at all, as the title says. All players start at the same locations everytime. But this does not reduces the score because the buildings were placed in a spacious and beautiful manner.The walls are placed in a manner that they do not obstruct the the player's plans and if they do, they can be removed easily.

Story/Instructions: 4+

The player's goal is quite clear, destroy the enemies. Proper instruction are provided and a strategy is also given in-game. It is a bit wrong but it is just an option and not mandatory to read.Every game mechanic is described in-game.There were a few spelling mistakes and typos so 4.0

Additional Comments: Random Map-Heroes is a well designed map and while not being boring, offers hours of fun and enjoyment.

Recommended for download.
File Author
Can you tell me where these typos are please?
Anything that's not correct in that respect really bugs me, especially apostrophes :P
GeneralR I've seen how many work was put in this map, but it didn't really make more fun than a normal random map, i think, sorry
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Random Map Heroes is a multiplayer scenario by Alevo. While it’s name suggests that this is a random map which incorporates heroes into it, this is not the case. The scenario uses a random map as a base and restricts unit production for all teams. Instead players must use kings to buy heroes and use them as an army to conqueror the remaining players.

Playability: 4
This scenario plays just like any standard game would. The aim being to conqueror the world by destroying the opposing civilizations. You start off with a small base; a town centre, farms, wall and towers and have to gather resources and build you city to defeat your opponents. The catch with this map however is that you can’t train soldiers. Instead you must use your resources to buy heroes. Using your king, you can buy different heroes to build an army. This makes the game more interesting and unique compared to a standard game and adds a unique twist to it. While I found this map enjoyable, I didn’t particularly find it any more enjoyable than I would a normal standard game. I also noticed one or two bugs every now and again.

Balance: 4
The balance of the scenario was pretty fair. Each team is given equal starting positions, however depending on your team you can have more additional resources near you city in comparison to other players, giving you a slight advantage. Each civilization has its own unique hero which others can’t build. This is a nice element but does effect balance as some are stronger than others. The heroes were quite expensive so gather resources quickly is essential. Civilizations with father and hunting bonuses will be stronger than others too.

Creativity: 5
This is definitely the strongest point of the scenario. What it lacks in other areas it certainly makes up for here. The idea of only being able to build an army of heroes, while not necessarily original is excellently implemented here. I like how there are different heroes for each age so you can’t but stronger heroes until you age up. And I also like the fact that in order to buy certain heroes you have to first build the necessary building such as a stable or barracks. The author boast having used over 2000 triggers to make this scenario, so a lot of work and effort has clearly gone into it, and this shows in the creative trigger tricks you can find in the gameplay.

Map Design: 3
The scenario is built upon a standard ES random map, Black Forest to be precise. Whilst most standard games use these maps and they work perfectly fine, one would expect a little more from a custom scenario, especially something that has had this much work go into it. The standard Black Forest map has been edited to provide each player with a base. This makes it a crossover of Black Forest and Fortress random maps. The cities are designed to fit their purpose but are nothing special. Moreover the aesthetic is ruined by the hay bales and ice blocks needed for the mechanics of buying the heroes. Even some slight editing if the random map to provide some more aesthetically pleasing landscapes and eye candy would have bumped up this score to a 4.

Story/Instructions: 3
In terms of story there isn’t any. However, as this is designed to be played like a typical Standard Game, maybe that’s not too big of a concern. Instructions are also not really present. All we are told is to use heroes to conqueror the world. However, there are some helpful hints on how the unique game mechanics are used and a simple strategy guide which you can either chose to follow or ignore. A few typos and spelling mistakes appear throughout though.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a unique game which has clearly had a lot of work go into it. Unfortunately it just misses a few things to really make it stand out. Worth the download if you fancy something a little bit different.


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Map Design3.5
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