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The Hour Of Teridar

Author File Description
Storm Saxon
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 4
The Hour of Teridar

"Should the world stand to fall, who will answer the clarion's call? Let shields be locked, let weapons ring, let spears be thrown and longbows sing. When the borders burn at the end of it all, who will answer the clarion's call?" -Extract from 'The Clarion's Call', an old Imperix war hymn.

The Hour of Teridar is a four player custom scenario, that takes advantage of the EEE mod by BF_Tanks. The four kingdoms of Teridar are under threat from hordes from the North. The four factions must work together to fight against these invaders, least Teridar be thrown in darkness.


-an expertly designed map, with lots of eye candy.
-the EEE mod (required download provided below) by Tanks_fst

-re-spawning resources, making control over gold and ore sites that much more important!
-four factions each with their own unique unites, story and play style. (see below)
- a challenging fight that will keep you on your toes
-the ultimate co-operative game, play with friends of AI
-custom music for atmosphere and fun!

The World Of Teridar
Teridar was once host to the all encompassing Empire of Imperix. The Imperix once held the entire world before the great fall known as the Cataclysm. It still largely unknown as the nature of this fall, as all records have been erased. Yet to this day, ruins of the Imperix can be seen scattered across the landscape, testament to the old Empire's glory.

The Peace Of Teridar
Teridar is home to many different cultures and creeds. In the early years, there was great fighting between The Holy Empire and the Sultanate. After the first great war which saw both sides devastated, a treaty was created known as "The Peace Of Teridar". This saw a unity between the two Kingdoms towards a peaceful future. The Tsurugi and the Republic would later join this, strengthening the pact.

The Holy Empire Of Britannia

The Holy Empire of Britannia is the major super power in the Teridar. The Empire rules from the city of Pendragon, built over an ancient Imperix city. The ruling family are the Britannians, who maintain the values of Chivalry and Knighthood.

The Holy Empire of Britannia relies on Cavalry and Heavy Infantry to fight it's battles.

FACTION BONUS: Taxes. The Empire periodically gains resources from taxes.

The Republic Of Calgaria
Despite only recently having ceded itself peacefully from the Britannian Empire, the Republic is expanding quickly under President Hightower. The Republic advocates democracy and technology, maintaining the first and only handgun units in Teridar.

The Republic rely on handcannons and guns to fight it's battles.

FACTION BONUS: Medicine. Units across the map gain periodic health boosts (Stacks)

The Kingdom Of Tsurugi
The ancient Kingdom of Tsurugi is only a small bastion of a once great sea-faring nation The Empire Of The Rising Star. Once controlling the entire far East of the world, the Empire was struck suddenly by a horrific plauge. Millions died and with them the Empire died too. The last remnants fled over the sea under Shogun Onakawa and founded the Kingdom of Tsurugi off the Teridan coast, seeking to rebuild thier lost society.

The Tsurugi rely on naval power and heavy infantry.

FACTION BONUS: Trade. The Tsurugi periodically gain gold and in adition have sight across the sea.

The Sultanate Of the South
The Sultanate is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with borders stretching far south into the Aridian desert. It includes many barbaric tribes and races which make up the Sultanate. From this, they still maintain an anceint military, boasting one of the largest armies in the known world. Under the leadership of Sultan Judan, they pursue peace through power.

The Southrons rely on cavalry.

FACTION BONUS: Superior Training. Units gain periodic attack bonuses. (Stacks)

General Notes.
-All heroes gain a periodic health or attack bonus.

Set four four players, fight against hordes of enemies. Player 5 and 6 to Huns diffculty between moderate and hard. Together you stand, divided you fall. Credit to Tanks_fst for EEE mod.

Reviews/criticism is/welcome and appreciated!
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ChickenWrap Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal to use music from another game due to copyright?
Storm Saxon
File Author
Non profit? If so I shall remove
ChickenWrap After playing the scenario with a noob friend of mine, I took Red and he took Blue... I was able to spam Conquistadors and just win the game pretty much by myself. They ran out of resources to send horsemen at me as I sat there building Conquistadors and walls and just waiting it out. Might want to give the computers more resources.
Basse By the look of the map, it looks more like a diplo/rp kind of game rather than Build and Destroy. I only tried a quicky in singleplayer and I couldn't hear any music (which nobody will ever care about if it is illegal or legal in these forums, unless you get paid from it lol)

One thing I found very strange is that you included the EEE mod. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do so here. I suggest you update the file, remove the .data files (unless you edited Tanks files?) and link to the EEE mod instead of including it.

I found the map quite interesting, I liked the design and the gameplay seems nice :)
Official Reviewer
"I suggest you update the file, remove the .data files (unless you edited Tanks files?) and link to the EEE mod instead of including it."

That might be the safest bet, however only if you haven't yet received permission to use Tank's mod in your file. You have asked him, right?
Storm Saxon
File Author
Hmm I just grabbed the released EEE from the forum. I think I'll pull from the competition I've stuffed up the rules =/ Sorry I shall withdraw.


Do I have to take it down?

[Edited on 06/11/11 @ 10:14 PM]

Basse Press the "Update Button" and replace the .zip with a new .zip that does not contain the EEE mod :)
Storm Saxon
File Author
Thanks I have done that! file updated.

Granted I did not need to use the EEE mod. Hmm you drove them back with Conquistadores? I gave them resources of about 30,000 per wave, more you think? I might double the time that the enemy soldiers arrive, so there are twice as many, perhaps add more events to the map, perhaps a plague or ambushes within the country itself.

[Edited on 06/13/11 @ 06:44 PM]

Official Reviewer
I gave the scenario a whirl through Single Player and I rather enjoyed this. I liked the style of game play, working together with your team mates to drive back a relentless horde. I didn't find the map design "expertly designed" but it was still nice and worked well.

Just a thought, but I'm not sure if "the Horde" would pose much of a challenge to skilled human players after a while in a general multiplayer experience. Whether the Horde is AI-controlled or human-orientated I don't know, but after a little while the four countries should be able to pull together a pretty sizeable force which would surely halt any enemy attack. I can see the Horde needing to exploit the distance between each nation and isolating each kingdom in an attack, but it still seems like a lot to go for in the end.

I can see room for improvement though, and it would be an idea if the enemy could turn the four kingdoms on one another, breaking the alliance, and thus reinforcing their isolation from another. You could loop diplomacy effects so players could not ally after a certain event. That would make the game even more challenging.

[Edited on 06/14/11 @ 01:51 AM]

Storm Saxon
File Author
Okay thanks for your feedback, I'll be posting a revised map in a few days.
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