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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Naruto Shippuden - Five Kage Summit Arc v1.1

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Naruto Shippuden - Five Kage Summit Arc v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 4
Story: Naruto Shippuden
Arc: Five Kage Summit
Characters from popular anime manga by Masashi Kishimoto
Age of Empires The Conquerors v1.0

This campaign contains 4 scenarios. First two are scenarios following Uchiha Sasuke's redemption. Third one is about the failure of rescue of Uchiha Sasuke by Naruto. Last one is a bonus scenario of the Ninja world where you are the Hidden Leaf and you fight against other villages like a random map game.

The scenarios do not exactly follow the storyline and i have made a few changes to the i hope you like it.:D

About v1.1
-Correction of previous errors.
-Bugs removed(hopefully!!)
-History, Scouts and additional hints
-Some minor changes in the scenarios.

If there are anymore bugs please let me know.....I hope this version is a little more interesting!!
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File Author
FYI:::Since I was testing the game in Hard difficulty, please set the difficulty to
Moderate for Easy gameplay &
Hard for Moderate gameplay.....enjoy!!
Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Naruto Shippuden - Five Kage Summit Arc is a 4 scenario campaign.It follows Sasuke in the first 2 scenarios,Naruto in the 3rd scenario and a village in the 4th.

Playability: 3

Playing this campaign was not very fun and I experienced a few bugs-
1)In the 3rd scenario there is no possible way to win without cheating.
2)Since all the players are set to neutral,enemies won't attack unless you approach them.This spoils the fun since with 120+ attack,we could easily finish all of them off.
3)The so called Sage Mode didn't work.
Also,the 4th scenario was an extremely slow build and destroy game with only 1 gold and 1 stone mine in reach.It took me 2:30 hours to beat the 4th scenario without cheating.

Balance: 2

The 1st scenario was extremely easy even on hard difficulty which the author recommended.
As mentioned above,the alliance was neutral to all which spoiled the fun since you could easily pick off the samurai one by one
.Same was the case in the 2nd scenario.
In the 3rd scenario however,there was no fighting.
In the 4th scenario,the enemies started attacking each other!

Creativity: 3
Overpowered heroes and build and destroy genres are never a new thing.There was hardly anything new except the Sage Mode (which did not work)
Triggers hardly existed and most missions included defeating the enemy altogether (which does not require triggers)
There were a few eye candies scattered here and there and I am sure some of them were randomly generated.

Map Design: 3

3 of the 4 maps use random maps as a base and the 4th one was a bland map with over-copied unrealistic terrain.The random maps did not suit the gameplay hugely but rather damaged it by blocking access to areas.The units were poorly placed on the map and failed to take advantage of the terrain of the random map.There were also huge giant elevation 4 squares in the 4th scenario.

Story/Instructions: 2

There was no story and the player had no knowledge of the past,the future,why he was doing those tasks or what effect his action might take place.
In the 2nd scenario there was only 1 instruction which was to keep Sasuke alive and we were not informed to kill a hero(which we apparently had to)
There were unrealistic situations like one of the enemies being Middle-Eastern(considering the campaign takes place in east Asia)and that we control the aztecs and battle mongols and the Middle Easterns.
Also,the story ends abruptly and unnaturally.


overall rating - 2.6
Good concept and idea but poorly implemented and overpowered heroes spoil the fun.

[Edited on 06/17/11 @ 08:42 PM]

File Author
Thnx for your review......expected the rating but I didnt know that there were so many bugs though.

When creating the scenario, I had tested all the scenarios thoroughly but didn't get the time to test the whole campaign. Tested it just now:::: and yep....the game is quite boring and irritating.
So an update is coming right up!!

Sorry for all the glitches.....and thnx again for the review!!
jackeys1 wow you have really put in a good review.
G omega Don't hesitate to rework on all this. Create your own map and create it well, use athers units, those you use don't look like japness, add more trigger, sounds, music, cut-scene, and , it's important, have a story or script!

[Edited on 07/03/11 @ 01:58 AM]

File Author
sorry, i couldnt update as i was working on a new scenario........and now school has started and i dont think i can do anything until the holidays.

Please download my scenario "Commander Griffaut" from the scenarios section. I have made it with much effort so please give me feedbacks abt the scenario.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
I found the first scenario of this campaign fairly enjoyable: the stealth gameplay was executed interestingly. The other three were disappointing, two of them being effectively extended cutscenes and the fourth being a tedious build and destroy game. An overall theme of this campaign appears to be huge amounts of walking: the winding paths away from your base in the final scenario are beyond a joke. A number of bugs and issues affect the gameplay negatively. In the third scenario it seems impossible to get to Sasuke before Madara appears. While this appears to be intentional, it isn't communicated to the player very well. In addition, the designer uses the default AI where no AI or Immobile Units may have worked better: it sort of spoils the mood having the guy you're trying to kill sending you chat messages in ye olde Englishe, asking to be your friend.

Balance: 3
I found the first scenario tough but winnable, though of the two times I won it, the first was due to the unit I was supposed to kill walking out of his base and away from the protection of his towers and samurai, and the second was due to my enemies resigning after I'd got to the area where the green guy was supposed to be. The next two scenarios are walks in the park, albeit very long ones. The final scenario seems to be a test of the player's patience: you're up against three default AIs on an enormous map.

Creativity: 3
This campaign has some nice creative parts, such as the teleporting boss in the second scenario. However, one gets the impression that the designer had run out of ideas by the time the final scenario was made.

Map Design: 2
Map design isn't very inspiring. Lots of modified random maps, and the path in the third scenario becomes unnaturally square at one point. In the final scenario the map seems way too big, and half of it is taken up by long winding paths through forest.

Story/Instructions: 2
For something based on an existing fictional work, the story could have been told a lot better. This campaign seems to assume that the player has read the manga. A little more dialogue, and explanation of events in the instructions and history text would be appreciated. The first scenario was good in this respect.

Additional Comments:
I wouldn't say this campaign is totally without merit, but I wouldn't recommend anyone download in its current state. Elements of a good campaign shine through at times, but it needs a lot of work.

[Edited on 07/21/11 @ 04:50 AM]

File Author
Thank you for your review pong676!!

Im sorry for all the bugs....I admit i have a long way to go and this is a first step..

The fourth scenario was just a bonus-like map, for those who wished to play as the Hokage according to the anime......In the anime, all the villages have their unique terrain so i tried to put that into the scenario....

In the third one, i was just following the storyline as Uchiha Madara vanishes with Sasuke before Naruto gets to fight Sasuke....

As for the second one, Danzo had to have 10 "lives" because of the optical illusion (genjutsu) of i replaced another unit as soon as the first gets killed to make it look as if he really has 10 lives....

Please suggest how you would like the current errors to be rectified.....and thank you for all the downloads!!:D
Sya rin gan I just watched this cartoon£¬but i never thought i can play!well done.
pong676 Zephyrutia, to improve the campaign:

* Write the story and instructions assuming that the player is not familiar with the Naruto universe or the storyline in question. Seriously, when I played I had no real clue what was happening. Make it clearer what's happening.

* Use the "Display Instructions" trigger to include dialogue between the characters.

* Avoid using the Standard AI where possible.

* Use the Immobile Units AI for important units which are supposed to stay in one place.

* Don't use random maps: make the maps yourself.

* When you do make a map, don't just use Grass 1: use the "tiny" brush to mix small quantities of different terrains. Read some articles on eye candy.

* Make the forest paths in the fourth scenario less ridiculously long and winding.

* Reduce the size of the map in the fourth scenario.

* Reduce the length of the path that Naruto has to walk along in the third scenario.

* Make the scenarios less linear: give the player some side-quests.
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