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Rampage 0.7

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is my relatively new AI, currently it plays Franks, Aztecs and Huns. For Aztecs it will attempt a rush and for the Huns and Franks it will make the Knight line, for Huns it will also create Elite Tarkans and eventually Light Cavalry and Hussars.

I'm completely open to suggestions and comments on how it plays are more than welcome as I'm trying to improve it all the time, give it a go :)

Version 0.3:
- Some small changes to the escrowing systems.
- Constants problems fixed.
- It now advances to the Imperial Age properly!
- Changes to max villager count.
- Now will train Elite Skirmishers eventually.
- Various other bugs fixed.

As always, any problems and let me know!

Version 0.4:
- A few changes for a faster Castle and what should be a more effective Castle age playing style.
- Changes to unit-creating conditions and stuff.

Version 0.5:
- Many changes to Huns civ for the AI, it now uses things like TSA.
- A faster Castle Age. Still needs to be improved.
- Franks and Aztecs changed slightly (although Huns are still the best one).

Version 0.6:
- Messed about a bit with the Huns civ, should improve it slightly.
- Teutonic civilization added. Will fast-castle in 18-20 minutes (usually around 19 mins) and get loads of skirmishers/spearmen/teutonic knights. Will also halt spearmen production if it sees fit. This is probably now its strongest civ.

Version 0.7:
- A Byzantine script similar to the Teutonic one has been added. A few changes from it though to make it fit with the civilization change.
- It will train camels insead of spearmen.
- It will Castle usually about 19 mins 30 seconds. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
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Turty When using this AI in single player, I get the error on startup:

File Rampage/Huns paladin.per
Line 13: ERR2005: Invalid identifier: trade-chat-timer
zergs First your ai should have a file cluster like this:

Rampage RM.per
[other files]
So you'll avoid the error you currently get.

The Huns didn't find their berries immediately and wasted their wood for a barracks instead. Also later they gatherered stone and gold without mining camp (and probably they don't need it so early anyways).

Too bad my ai eagle rushed you here and the game didn't take much longer. =/

I suggest you to d/l some other scripts from the AOKH AI ladder and watch them as P1 or d/l some recorded games from there.

[Edited on 06/18/11 @ 10:27 AM]

File Author
@Turty, that's strange. I don't seem to get that error message. Are there any other files in your AI folder with a constant called "trade-chat-timer" or "trade-chat-interval" as I believe that can cause problems

@zergs, it's never done that before with the barracks, just realised I forgot to change it to stop it from building it in the Dark Age. I've put an update in...

[Edited on 06/18/11 @ 04:16 PM]

zergs No, the problem is in the AI. I also got that message, but I fixed it. That's why I wrote you should change the structure of the file cluster.
File Author
Oh ok, well you should just be able to unzip it then open the first folder and put the other 3 items into your AI folder as the "trade-chat-timer" is only in the Huns civilization.

[Edited on 06/19/11 @ 03:49 AM]

Campidoctoris This script is interesting although it still needs more work. Anyway it's much more powerful than expected. This script basically tries a powerful boom with tons of knights and tarkans, although a bug avois it's able to jump to imperial even with the needed buildings and tons of resources.

I've tested it against:
- Saiyan. This old and classic AI flushed Rampage, but his flush is too slow. Rampage builds several town centers, tons of stables and an early castle. Being able to mass heavy cavalry, rejecting the attack and making a no mercy counter.
- Tiger. The same, Tiger is similar but stronger than Saiyan. Rampage's victoy wasn't so easy although it wasn't neither problematic.
- SRN (Huns). Both are very similar AIs. Rampage attacked first and with a stronger army, but SRN's castle fire stopped that attack without problem. Sometimes was SRN the attacker and the one stopped by a castle, but in general the initiative belonged to Rampage. Anyway it was a very even game and if finished with a tie.
- Crusade 2.5 (random=>Mayans). My Mayans flushed early and strong, and with a little help from a few spears Mayan archers defeated without any problem Rampage's knights.
- BTG_Krush. This AI also krushes, but with a castle time of 20' which is acceptable, while Rampage does it at 25', which is only acceptable for AIs which trains units in the Feudal Age to flush or defend against enemy flushes.

- Less woodcutters in every age. You always have an excess of wood.
- Read the threads of James I, Noob and WW-Teutons, they are full of tips useful for any newbie scripter. The most useful is study the code of Training AI.
- You take too many researches in the feudual age which delay your castle time. Wait until you click Castle Age button except if you are going to fight in the Feudal Age. Exceptions: loom (take it in the Dark Age if possible) and Wheelbarrow. Test a game from the point of view of BTG_Krush.
- More info in
File Author
Alright thanks mate ^^
I'm working on it at the moment to get the Imperial-age to work, it should do but just doesn't for some reason, even if I use:

(can-research-with-escrow imperial-age)
(can-research imperial-age)
(research imperial-age)
(chat-to-player every-ally "Advancing to the Imperial Age -- Now approaches the horde!")
(set-strategic-number sn-food-gatherer-percentage 40)
(set-strategic-number sn-wood-gatherer-percentage 25)
(set-strategic-number sn-gold-gatherer-percentage 30)
(set-strategic-number sn-stone-gatherer-percentage 5)

I thought this should cover it but it just doesn't seem to. Even with it almost right at the top of my script...

Edit: I'm now working on the update for this, just testing a few things out. Using goals now as I didn't really know what they did before... I've got it down to 22.5' and should be lower once I've sorted some other things out... Also making it so it will create some town centers before the stables and only make 100 villagers as others just seem to be idle, even after I messed about with numbers a bit.

[Edited on 06/19/11 @ 07:49 PM]

Campidoctoris Try with this:

(can-research-with-escrow imperial-age)
(set-escrow-percentage food 0)
(release-escrow food)
(set-escrow-percentage gold 0)
(release-escrow gold)
(research imperial-age)
(chat-to-player every-ally "Advancing to the Imperial Age -- Now approaches the horde!")
(set-strategic-number sn-food-gatherer-percentage 40)
(set-strategic-number sn-wood-gatherer-percentage 25)
(set-strategic-number sn-gold-gatherer-percentage 30)
(set-strategic-number sn-stone-gatherer-percentage 5)

Avoid the disable-self command in every rule desingned to research technologies. If it's cancelled (for example because that building is destroyed) that rules won't be able to try to research the tech again. A,d forget about removing and releasing escrows once they aren't more needed.
File Author
Yeah I've fixed it now :)

(can-research-with-escrow imperial-age)
(release-escrow food)
(release-escrow gold)
(research imperial-age)
(chat-to-player every-ally "Advancing to the Imperial Age, now lets kick some ass!")

Using that and then altering the strategic numbers for gatherers when it finishes Imperial Age.
Thanks guys, you've helped loads ^^
Campidoctoris If you forget set the escrow percentages again to zero BEFORE the release commands, you could find your self jumping to imperial age but being unable to use all your resources because the remaining escrow.

I know it because I suffered the same problems than you when I added a escrow system to accelerate my own imperial. Fortunately my partners from aiscripters taught me that.
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