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The Recovering of Dasha Kingdom

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
When Prince Archi visited the Maho kingdom,the marshal Rebo of Dasha kingdom rebeled and allied with barbarian kingdom--Mondara.The king was killed,and Mondara army and Rebo's men have surrounded the last army of Dasha kingdom.Now Archi is coming back as soon as possible......
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Recovering of Dasha Kingdoms is a single scenario, a mix of RPS and FF. The story is fiction; you play Archi, Prince of the Dasha Kingdom, your objective to recover your realm.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is fun, especially if you like a lot of action, strategy and battles. Mid game, I found it repetitive to attack one well-defended fortification after the other, to follow a narrow path razing the obstacles in my way. The variations of tactic, the interesting defence structures and the creative design kept me interested to play to the end. After hours of game play, I finally destroyed the castles in the north, and walked back the entire map, as the last objective was conquest condition. 4+

BALANCE: I played the scenario on moderate, found the balance above average, challenging, but unbalanced in itself. You have always enough units, among them some strong, self-healing ones. The scenario was demanding until the end, a bit too easy at first as your heroes could take most of the enemies out alone, backed up by monks and an army that reached 299 units before the last two objectives for me. These two objectives are in sharp contrast to the rest, difficult and too time consuming. The reason for the frustration for me was a missing hint about resource management for my siege weapons. 4

CREATIVITY: The scenarios best was its creativity. It is a great orchestration of battles with a good use of triggers and I liked the beta units and map copy features. There were many new ideas in this scenario and thumbs up for the hot oil cans! 5+

MAP DESIGN: The design is well above average, fantastic the fortifications, good application of various terrains and a realistic use of eye-candy. The map is overall repetitive, no variation of landscape, the terrain blending has to be improved and elevations are sparse. Still, the design of towns and fortification was so good and highly creative that a top rating is mandatory. 5-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The thin story is on the author's description, no development in game apart from new objectives. You get clear objectives, the hints are seperated in the hint and scout section. 4-

OVERALL: The Recovering of Dasha Kingdom is a creative and challenging scenario with an overload of units.

SUGGESTIONS: Consider fewer units, on a battlefield a high amount of units in a formation works well. To move, manoeuvre and bring into attack position up to 299 units may be annoying, especially when you do not need most of them. A hint about resource management would be of help. I spoilt the wood and gold on siege weapons which were of no use in the end, missing them for the trebuchets. The trigger for the change ownership of the Teutonic Knights and trebuchets should be starting state off, activated when the castle of Mondara falls. The player can ride through the oil cans with the heroes, as well as through the next fortification (two towers to destroy). There he can use the trebuchets, which are for the last objective, to take out Mondara.

IN CLOSING: Download this intense scenario; it will keep you busy for some hours.

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Map Design5.0
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