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Zhoggua: Genesis

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 3
My first two campaigns sucked, but this one should be better.

It is the first in a series of three campaigns. It is the story of the New Planet, and a (should I say god? you decide) named Zhoggua.
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da hobo
Map Design3.0
Apparently, "Zhoggua: Genesis" is about a god-like being who decides to
start a colony on a new planet. From the few people who where placed on
the new planet for reproduction, the colony grew to a full-sized
populated planet with three major Kingdoms: The Hwien, The Agra-Bah, and
The Peliton. These kingdoms lived in harmony for a while, but when
Zhoggua was assassinated in The Hwien kingdom, war came between the
three. The Hwien successfully rid the planet of the other two kingdoms,
but a new enemy had come: The Chinamen. Eventually, with Chinaman I as
their leader, the Chinamen defeated the dominant Hwien, with the help of
the left over Peliton and Agra-Bah soldiers. This is where the campaign
ends, giving way for the conclusion.


The Genesis consists of three scenarios: The first is a simple RM in
which you must achieve a population of 50. This represents the growth of
the colony. The first scenario is quite too easy and boring. The map is
obviously a RM with no alteration and around 4 triggers. Suggestions: If
you must have pop-limit goals, give a time limit or create an annoying
enemy, to make the player's progress difficult. Playtime: Around 15
minutes. Mini-Playability: 1 Style: Other

The second scenario is far better compared to the first, but lacks
effort and interesting side-quests or AIs. The player plays as the
Hwien. Firstly, Zhoggua is assasinated; then the two other kingdoms
declare war. It is simply this: You have a large town. Two of your
enemies have small towns. Destroy the enemy towns. The balance is
seriouly skewed, and it is much too easy. The player starts with
thousands of each resource, docks, multiple military buildings, 155
population, 50+ villagers and a walled fortress. The enemies make no
attempt to attack any of this, as they start with a only few buildings.
One of the enemies (the Agra-Bah, IIRC) resigned while I was fighting
the Peliton, taking away the challenge of killing one enemy while
defending from the other. A new AI is seriously needed. Playtime: About
an hour.(The enemy keeps running and rebuilding, with those unlimited
resources of his. Mini-playability rating: 2 Style: B & D

The final campaign is arguably the best, but still is far too easy. You
play as the Chinamen, and are trying to destroy the Hwien. You find some
gaia soldiers of the Agra-Bah and the Peliton along the way, hungry for
revenge. It is ok, but after the first patrolling army, there is no
defences inside the city to defend. On hard, do not provide trebs for
the player. Mini-playability rating: 3 Style: FF / RPS


The first scenario is far too easy. There is nothing to stop the player,
no matter how slow they are. Suggestions: Add a time limit or an enemy
to pester the player. Mini-balance rating: 1

The second scenario is a little harder, as the one non-resigned enemy
keeps running and rebuilding with his unlimited resources. But the
player's town (and army) is too large compared to the other Kingdoms'.
Mini-balance rating: 2

The third is probably the most balanced of them all, but is still too
easy. After the first round of defense, there is no soldiers on the
inside of the fort. Suggestions: On hard, do not provide trebs for the
player. Add more towers and castle. It would be fine to leave the
current difficulty on "Standard", though. Mini -Balance rating: 2


This campaign has an original plot, but it's missions are overused.
"Achieve 50 population", "Destroy the enemy towns" and "Destroy the
wonder" are not overly creative objectives. The triggers are simple and
no eye-candy tricks are used. The plot is not exactly deep, but it is
creative, so I give a 3.


The map design was one of the weakest points of The Genesis.

The first scenario is obviously a random map, with no alterations. Even so, the random map was better than blank grass 1, and looks pretty realistic. Mini-Map Design rating: 3

The second scenario was better, but there were barely any gaia others or
tricks. (not even shoreless water). Also, the city was very basic and
rushed-looking. Miny-Map Design rating: 2

The third scenario was at the same level as the second, with a better
looking enemy city. Miny-Map Design rating: 2

Suggestions: Download Utilities and templates and learn about the
different trigger and eye-candy tricks. Mix terrains and use the gaia


The instructions were sufficient for the simple missions of The Genesis.
Briefs hints and history was given, as well. The story was original for
AoK, but it was underdeveloped. The many twists and turns and different
perspectives were good, but there was only one distinguished character,


Good Points:

+ Original Story
+ Different Perspectives

Bad Points:

- Boring
- Too Easy
- Underdeveloped Story
- Poor map design

I might recommend The Genesis to a new player, because of its
difficulty. This designer, however, has shown great improvement since
his earlier works and has great potential. I encourage him to keep

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Map Design3.0
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