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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Any Game-set except Pop-set:200!

Conquerors: 1.0 1.0C UP1.X
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Alevo A stronger script than I'd anticipated actually.
The only problems that I found were:

- It does not get to Castle Age fast enough usually. Especially as it does not flush.
- It is vulnerable to other AI's flushes.

Apart from that it is very good, all 10,000 lines of it!
Just maybe you should make separate civ files next time to maximise its ability with certain civilizations.
File Author
1.Get to castle slower is a problem.But not a big problem.
2.I just to write a all footman soldiers to fight other knight soldiers. Of course may be it not the best some country such as frank knight.
3.I have added archer-line to balance source-use in Boss 2.3.
Campidoctoris This AI is quite good, specially with mesos. Anyway, you could do it even better following Alevo's advices.

Your AI booms very well, and it's very hard-to-core and dificult to defeat in the late game. But it's a little slow and it's his main weakness. Test it against BTG_Krush. It advances to castle about 3 minutes faster, so it can start to train knights before you start to boom and train a strong army. You train your two first soldiers much sooner, but anyway those two spearmen are not enough against an agressive flush, so you still need to survive the units that you train during transition to feudal. Study BTG_Krush or, even better, The Horde 2.15 to take great castle times with a good eco.

Anyway, your style is very interesting, you had the objective to create an strategy which works for every civ, which means no mounted units and no eagles, and it's quite dangerous. It reminds me ARFII De'Gel in his first versions, when despite to be only designed for mesos it still was powerful with the rest of civs despite to don't build stables. Now it has evolutioned and improved with stables (although his best civs are still mesos).

And I told you a few months ago. Your AI is quite good to compete in the Ladder, you can find info about this AI competition inthe AI scripting forum. And test your script against your possible rival should provide you a few good ideas and point of views. For example, testing my next update against Boss has convinced me to add one more rule about unit selection.
marathon It's a good imperial rusher, with some reaction against early rushers.
It can hit imperial in 30:xx, when against a lazy opponent. For the sake of an early imperial age, I see that a longer feudal is essential.
It can build a strong imperial economy, it can even rebuild its destroyed town. It builds cheap and numerous armies of xbows/arbs, champs, rams, and a ton of skirms.

The only real problems I saw with this AI are:
- Some bad strategy selection (Persian longswords in imperial).
- In a test, your Japanese never made it to imperial, although it seemed that all requirements were met.
- Its attack system is VERY heavy for the processor. Unless you change it, I wouldn't recommend it for anything more than 1vs1. We're talking about epic lag. Even more than Natural Selection, the king of lag.
Too bad: it seems ideal for long huge games, but lag is awful later game. I've never seen anything like it.
File Author
Thanks for all of the comments above!

I think i can try a new AI of knight soldiers. And the name of the new AI is......
File Author
BOSS III is the lastest version.

Welcome everyone post advice about the test of BOSS III!

[Edited on 10/21/11 @ 10:23 PM]

Campidoctoris You make ten woodcutters in the dark age, which is fine for a Fast Castle strategy as you like. But IMO, you should get them faster. 9 food gatherers are enough to keep villager training without idle TC, so once you get those 9 foodies send your desired 10 woodies the sooner the better. It means 9F-10W and the rest in food again. Those early woodies allow faster farms, reducing berries crowd and improving villager efficiency. There are AIs which even reduce foodies to 8 once they arrive to 10th villager, which accelerate farms even more, although it has the risk to get a little idle TC if a lot of bad luck.

Feudal spearmen. IMO, if you want a Fast Castle you should delay those trash units until castle transition. You can delay castle time a little to avoid idle TC, but not without a good reason, test CPS_Alexander or The Horde with a cavalry civ and if they decide a krush you'll see the advantage of a 18:30 castle time.

In castle and imperial age you have got sometimes a too unbalanced economy. In aiscripters you could see ways to avoid it (although they aren't neither perfect) ;)

In any case, your AI is a very good challenge.
File Author
Thanks Campidoctoris post comment again.
In the newest version BOSS 1.0 ai, In post-imperial-age,I have adjusted the food-gather amounts automacticly, to avoid too much food left, but already whithout wood in map.
Now BOSS 1.0 can research castle-age faster than ever.

[Edited on 11/09/11 @ 04:23 AM]

marathon I think that Boss 3 is less laggy than previous versions that I had tested.
Other than that, I already said that it is a good AI, with special provisions for long games (balanced eco, use of trash, support units and stockpiles etc).

I will need many tests before I can confirm that it is really lag-free. But it now can be used in big team games. How big I can't tell, it runs perfectly in 2vs2.
File Author
Thanks marathon post comment again.
BOSS 1.7 is the newest version,and debug some bugs in Death-Match game, it is a fully completed Ai.

[Edited on 11/20/11 @ 06:43 PM]

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