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Shell Blood v2

Author File Description
Salacious Crumb
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 4
Shell Blood v2 is a 4 player blood map created by Salacious Crumb.
The aim is to destroy the enemies' Castles.
You start with spearmen but with kills you upgrade your units - with a variety of units such as Elite Genitours, Elite Eagle Warriors, Hand Cannoneers, Bleda the Huns and more.
In V2 you can now buy units from a store - 1 King every 100 kills. Buy units such as Cavalry Archers, Elite War Wagons and Elite War Elephants.
Also you get a Saboteur for every razing, and you can build with your 2 villagers and train unit. Every player starts with a Genghis Khan who powers up.
There are specific kill and razing counters for every player.

Please give me any feedback. Perhaps host on GameRanger (my user name is Salacious Crumb).
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Blueway Mate, use the "update" button.
I will see your map later and give your advices (perhaps).

I played your map and it is very boring. I advice you to add:

1)3 trebuchets for each player that resawn
2)faster spawning (-3/-2 seconds)
3)research some armour from teh start so that battles take longer
4)Put a hero at each player with longer range and armor.
5)Grass everywhere is not to good-looking. Work a little at design. Add some elevations and forests so that we can use tactics.
6)Research some technologyes for units speed.
7)Add some "map visible" points at shop
8)Hero should respawn.
9)That's all for now. I expect a great update ;) Good luck!

[Edited on 07/05/11 @ 09:54 AM]

Basse Yes, use the update button next time :)

I think the map is quite good, maybe a bit few shop options with the kings, but otherwise it is quite fun playing :)

[Edited on 07/07/11 @ 12:47 PM]

Official Reviewer
I wasn't aware of Shell Blood. Anyway, I've removed it. In future, please use the update button as the other two helpful gents have kindly pointed out. We do not accept duplicate submissions.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3+

Shell Blood is a blood styled scenario. You kill enemies to get better spawns. It is enjoyable to play, but a player easily gets over powered from the start.

Every razing gives a Saboteur, which is too often. I usually took down 2-3 towers with 1 single Saboteur so then I gained 1-2 new Saboteurs after 1 was dead. The Genghis Khan is a bit odd. He can kill enemy units quite easy, but he doesn't fill any particular role in the game, so he isn't really anything special. Maybe a bonus for killing him or a punishment for losing him? That would make it more interesting and you wouldn't want to waste him without having second thoughts.

The spawns were somewhat balanced, but they take up military population. Some spawns are good to have to be able to counter the enemy, but the more spawns you unlock, the fewer units you actually spawn.

Balance: 5
Each player starts with same conditions, same sized base and same starting spawn.

Creativity: 3
There wasn't really anything special about this scenario. Destroy enemy castle, get better spawns with kills and buy new spawns for kings you get every 100 kills.

I felt that the unit shop was a bit small. There wasn't much to choose from. The spawns you get from kills were nicely balanced though, which is nice.

First you spawn with a Spearman, then you upgrade to Crossbowman which clearly counters the spearman. After crossbow comes Elite Eagle Warrior, which counters the Crossbowmen. And then you get Two-Handed Swordsman etc. Later in game the counters gets fewer and fewer and the units gets more equal, just slightly better. This means that either you win quick, or the game could go on for quite a long time, which I felt was not the desired effect.

I liked the kill- and razingcounters in the top corner. They were easy to find and you could put them on hotkeys to be able to check your kills without changing screen and losing focus on the battle.

Map Design: 2+
The map design was quite typical for a blood map, not pretty to look at. More variety in with the terrain would be mostly welcome. More detailed bases and some eye-candy in the shop would be a lot better. As it is now, you get bored looking at the map. Even though bloods aren't really supposed to be focused on map design, but for the gameplay.

Map design really makes a lot of difference to the gameplay. I personally find a map with nice map design more fun to play than a map with square grass and water.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were clear and I understood from the beginning what I had to do. I understood how many kills was required to spawn different units. The instructions could've been made better though, but they are still clear and you understand them easily.

Final Thoughts
Overall this is like most of the blood maps out there, nothing special really, but still enjoyable. Many improvements could be made, like adding more shops, more different units to spawn and a better looking map. I recommend it to anyone who wish to try a new blood, but don't expect too much.

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Map Design2.0
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