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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » 3D chess playing 1.47(4th update)

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3D chess playing 1.47(4th update)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
Number of players: 2
They are chess maps,each of them representing different styles of designing.

They all include instructions and i've tried to make them as easy to play as possible.

I would like to thank all the chess designers for inspiring me to create mine,and xix_xix for letting me think creatively and making a well-structed special way of alternating.
In addition,i'd like to thank Blueway for suggesting the "gaia rule"--the name is mine.
More info,in the zipped file.

Of course,the maps have to be placed in the Scenarios folder.

For any reason(bugs,more information or declaration,comments,reviews etc),let me know.

--changes to the 1st update--
1) Slightly improved design.
2) Little better in-game security.
3) Updated instructions.
4) 2 additional maps.

--changes to the 2nd-3rd update--
1) Better in-game security.
2) Smarter way of playing.
3) Units are named.
4) Units changed if needed to.
5) Updated instructions.

---changes to the 4th update---
1) Fewer number of maps,including 1 new.
2) Few addings at design.
3) Corrected some faulty effects.
4) System that prevents someone make many kills at once.
5) Updated instructions.
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GeneralR I excepted a a chess game against computer, or something like that(its not impossible, but lots of work). the only triggers in this game are the ones that give you figures. its not worth downloading, there arent even black areas used, what would be really cool. you should make triggers to make the players play with the rules, what would be also very difficult and lots of work but the result would be great. if someone hasnt schess software given with vista, he can do this card himself in 10 minutes. there are only 10 triggers.
File Author
Thanks for sharing me your thoughts.

From what you said,the first thing that crossed my mind is the instructions i included at the zipped file.I'll reckeck it and i may change it if needed to.I also want to tell you some things(this is not a criticism to what you said):

1--Making chess being able to be played by a single person seems to be 99,97% imposible.I don't even know if there's any way of programming the game to do so or if some triggers-let's say 5000-are needed for this purpose.
2--The instructions state clearly the triggers the maps include.Those are about the figures and any other special effects.check the maps"chess in flaming village" and "chess in fortress" as example maps-if you like,check the triggers,too.You should of course read the instructions before you play.
3--If i understood the point of "black areas",you mean that a revealed map is not always interesting.I'll include this at the instructions,saying that everyone can choose
whether or not to have a map revealed.
4--Playing with the rules is not always that easy-i know.I can include just few triggers to improve the in-game security.I just need to update the files.I can not include a large number of them,it would be a mess.
5--Not all the maps have just 10 triggers?!Have you checked only 1-2 till now?Try to play with all of them.
6--I didn't understand the point where you refer "vista".Declaration is needy here.

I'd like you to redownload the maps when i'll have updated them.I would like to know if i did better job.
P.S. The design of the maps might not be changed.
P.S. Did you read the instructions at least once?
Basse "1--Making chess being able to be played by a single person seems to be 99,97% imposible.I don't even know if there's any way of programming the game to do so or if some triggers-let's say 5000-are needed for this purpose."

It's highly possible, thousands of triggers is required though.

The maps are bland and they're all pretty much the same. It's over in a few minutes (if not seconds)
File Author
If you have the time and if you want to,use the map "hot chess,isn't it!" and add some triggers,about 50-70 or however much you want, and send the map at my e-mail: alekozi9(at) .I'm interested to see how is it possible to do such thing.If you will help,please send some instructions too,saying
how to manipulate the map in order to see how the triggers work during the game.

--generally talking--
Any review would be just needy.

[Edited on 07/25/11 @ 09:19 AM]

sathcooperation I have posted a review. Should appear at some time or other.
File Author
Hmm...your review was food for thought,sathcooperation.

--Referring to the color effects,i'll increase its timing and reduce the colors,i don't think this will be so distracting anymore.I'll check every map for possible tiring effects.

--Referring to balance of the game,i have to tell you that many triggers are needed to achieve such goal:not letting someone just roam around the chessboard and play seriously.I'll update with the changes i've made so far,but i'll still be trying to include some "rule triggers"--if the number of them seems to be too high,i'll not do so.

Plus,remember of the previous people that have uploaded chess maps; their design is very simple and almost no triggers are used,but hundreds of people have downloaded their work!
AND--i've been playing chess with others at Gameranger for a long time-i still do-, at least the 85% of them did want to play chess.

[Edited on 07/25/11 @ 01:14 PM]

Blueway You could improve it.
Make 1 king for p1 and p2 in corners so that players won't resign/lose from the start.

Change all unit's ownership to gaya.

Each square has a task for p1 and p2 that loops so that that unit won't move easily.

freene units (all map) so that all units are on no attack stace all game.

+1000 attack to units so that they will kill with one blow

Game will be based on the fairness of players and the trying to move unit

Each player will have tures.

Ture 1. Change ownership (select p1's pieces) gaya to p1
Change ownership p2 (select p2's pieces) p2 to gaya.

So on
File Author
Wow,thanks a lot for the advice,Blueway!

I'm sure that i'll include your smart ideas to the next update of maps.
Just one declaration: What do you mean about tasking the squares?Making triggers so that the units move only where they have to?
If this is so,i've been thinking of triggers like that.Many ideas came across my mind,but all of them have something in common-too many triggers.
If you can suggest something smart please let me know,else i can rely on those ideas-which i remind you,are very good.

(edit,to Blueway)
Hmmm..i don't think tasking units itself makes any sense.

:/ ?

Players can even then move their units,but the drawback is this:when someone would want to move e.g. a bishop,the unit will be too slow to move.So,useless.

I tried to make the idea more flexible,like this:when the player chooses a unit to be moved,all the other become tasked.It should work,but the question is:Who would like to move more than 1 unit at a time OR,what the difference?-units could still be moved.Again,useless.

If i miss something,tell me so.
Thanks anyway.

[Edited on 07/27/11 @ 01:34 PM]

Blueway e.g.

Trigger 1
task obj units military (area square 1-1) to location (area 1-1)

So that player can move very hard units.

Anyway player must move units hard so that he can't cheat
File Author
---not meant to say something,my fault---

[Edited on 07/27/11 @ 01:33 PM]

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