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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » 3D chess playing 1.47(4th update)

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3D chess playing 1.47(4th update)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
Number of players: 2
They are chess maps,each of them representing different styles of designing.

They all include instructions and i've tried to make them as easy to play as possible.

I would like to thank all the chess designers for inspiring me to create mine,and xix_xix for letting me think creatively and making a well-structed special way of alternating.
In addition,i'd like to thank Blueway for suggesting the "gaia rule"--the name is mine.
More info,in the zipped file.

Of course,the maps have to be placed in the Scenarios folder.

For any reason(bugs,more information or declaration,comments,reviews etc),let me know.

--changes to the 1st update--
1) Slightly improved design.
2) Little better in-game security.
3) Updated instructions.
4) 2 additional maps.

--changes to the 2nd-3rd update--
1) Better in-game security.
2) Smarter way of playing.
3) Units are named.
4) Units changed if needed to.
5) Updated instructions.

---changes to the 4th update---
1) Fewer number of maps,including 1 new.
2) Few addings at design.
3) Corrected some faulty effects.
4) System that prevents someone make many kills at once.
5) Updated instructions.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
[b]Playability.[/b] This chess game is easy to play (if you know the rules) What i like the most is that it's very animated. [b]5/5[/b]

[b]Balance.[/b] It's a chess game. 100% balanced! [b]5/5[/b]

[b]Creativity.[/b] I like the "shops" if your pawn reach the finish line. And the wolf-turn loop seems interesting. You could add some cool messages when player accumulate 1 kill or when you lost a unit (use send chat for both players)


[b]Map design.[/b] You improved a lot the design, but still isn't perfect. Perhaps you should think that players look from down to up and it's harder to look from left to right especially when
the horse must be moved.


[b]Story/Instruction.[/b] No story. If you could make one it would be cool, but i don't think it's required. Instructions are minimal and not to helpful for the beginner chess player. Perhaps you should add at instructions how to play chess too (just the basics). Also when i downloaded your file i saw lots of instructions so...

Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
(A greatly improved map, and I am really surprised how well you have improved it. The only major thing which hollows Playability is that there is no restriction in unit's movement, allows them to rush everywhere, a matter of previous review, still not solved. And it results in lots of shouting and screaming, until players are honest. This can be considered by making a system which warns or something to the players who cheat, and if he do not agree, making the other player let control his units. But As you can see, it is a very plausible system, and will create more problems for people. )

Balance: 4
(The ability to cheat put off scores from balance here. But I loved the way to ate my food of thought provided by me and blueway. I can see that making a system for disallowing cheating is hard enough to flow rivers of sweats, but I cannot help it.)

Creativity: 5
(Creativity, great and good. What about putting a choice for Indian and International games? Alas... there's no place for Indians now. Never mind. The creativity was strong enough, and your ideas have really created this superb piece. Here a five out of five. )

Map Design: 2
(Not bad... but try putting some terrain mixing and some creativity here. The map design is really raw. Setback to the high-fi feature of selecting the place where you wanna play chess. I have rated here higher in former map, I have no idea why.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(This is a aspect in which I am giving you four. Try condensing that long paragraph of instructions. No one will read that. It's common to novel haters! )

Additional Comments:

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
3d Chess Playing is a chess inspired multiplayer map. Two players takes turn to make moves on a great variety of maps. There's a good turn system where the players chooses when to end their turn, but this is most of the time quite annoying. The player can go anywhere and kill all the opponents units in one turn, leaving the other player with no unit at all.

A player couldn't win by defeating the other players king. We both were in game thinking "What do we do now?". It's not unplayable, but it's very very hard to play like the original chess.

Overall it's quite boring scenarios, they all are the same, just with a different map layout. Would've been more fun if it was a simple FF scenario where you had to use strategies to take out the opponents forces.

Balance: 2
The player who starts is usually the winner, since he can wipe out the other players army in only a few seconds. It's almost impossible to play "fair" in this scenario, but if one manages to play somewhat fairly, one of the players easily cheats and kills a unit or two more than he or she is supposed to.

Creativity: 4
Creativity is a strong point of these scenarios. I've seen lots of other chess inspired scenarios, but none of them were as well-made as these ones.

The scenarios shows a lot of potential, but the balance and playability draws down the score on this one. The map could've been made a lot better. You can for example have triggers detecting what unit the player wants to move and where the unit can move, so that you won't be able to cheat or not play as supposed.

Map Design: 3
Map design is mediocre on most of the maps. Some maps have better design than others. The author has made 15 different versions of the chess maps, all with different map design. Some of these maps are quite boring to look at, while others have very good design.

A lot of work could be done on map design, for example terrain mixing and more eye-candy. The author has tried to add eye-candy, but it's just not enough to please the eyes.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were somewhat clear, but in most maps you had to spend a few minutes trying to find what the author mentioned in the instructions on the map. This creates confusion at the players and you don't really know what to do. You have to play quite a lot of times to learn exactly what you have to do. For example, I had no idea how to change turns the first two times I played. The opponent resigned out of boredom because I had killed all his units.

The instructions could be a lot more clear and the author could add hints and victory/defeat messages.

Final Thoughts
3d Chess Playing has potential, but requires more work to be put down to make it enjoyable to play. I suggest making only 1 or 2 maps instead of 15 maps as it is now.

Make triggers to prevent people from cheating and adding more eye-pleasing map design would make a huge difference in the scores.

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Map Design3.0
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