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General Martin Part I

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5
You Are General Martin And You Do Missions For King Henry Like Defend Cities etc. Its My First Upload So It Is Not All That Great But It Is Pretty Fun
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Doing missions is fascinating--if the game has a lot to offer.The fact that more than 1 missions are to be completed is good.However,they were all much simplier than expected.Honestly talking,through all the game moments some were boring--referring to simplicity,only.

Balance: 3
The difficulty should not bother anyone.The opponents may become a little more aggressive if difficulty is higher,but still it's bearable.Completing the missions is very easy--this is the game's big drawback,too.If the game is too easy to complete,it gains no more interest after-let's say-3 times of playing it.

Creativity: 3
Generally,creativity here is good.I liked the way you organized the positions of you and the opponents' army at some of the parts(especially the part "Revenge").The last part "Prison Break" was interesting,too.I loved it! It's rare to see such prisons.

Except the idea each part bears itself,everything's made simple--much simplicity is problematic.There's not much to gain playing the campaign,but it's a nice start to keep improving and making more and better campaigns.

Map Design: 2
There is not much to say here.Little effort is put,but hopefully most of the best aspects of the maps are set there where you take action.The place must be more natural,have something to allure the player's eye a bit...Small tip: Even just mixing the 3 types of grass and adding some plants here and there can make some difference.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was the best part of the whole campaign,i believe.General Martin does missions for King Henry,each mission has its own difficulties,your missions take place in different sites and climates...Yes,it's very interesting.The whole campaign was easy,so those few hints and scouts you included are just enough.Well done.

Additional Comments:
General Martin is nice due to it's story,but it needs improvement to the balance and design of the game.
Keep writing such nice stories and combine them with nice maps.The results will be astonishing!
File Author
Well, Just Wanted Who Ever Plays This To Know Part II Is In Progress And I Plan For It To Be Much Better So Just Wanted To Let You Guy's Know
alekshs Oh,you should mention it so that i made an appropriate review then.Dunno worry,i'll renew it when you've done the job.
File Author
Well,alekshs Your Review Is Good And Fits Great!
Bart Pimpson
Map Design2.0
Playability: to be honest, I didn't find any of the scenarios much fun. There's a lot of walking, and the battles were too easy. Scn 1 you can easily win with your starting army. Scn 2 is a series of long walks from place to place while fighting pitifully weak groups of enemies. Scn 3 is a bit better (it would be challenging to win with your starting army), but you have a large base and all you really need to do is research blacksmith techs. Scn 4 is a battle that can be won by patrolling your army towards the enemy, no strategy necessary. Scn 5 is an RPG like scenario where you wander the world's most underfunded prison, gathering a gigantic army of gaia units while fighting a handful of spearmen and militia.

The scenarios are too simple to be buggy for the most part, but a few things go wrong in Scn 5. Firstly, you can use your petards to blow a hole in the prison wall and skip 2/3 of the scenario. Second, on hard difficulty the computer sends all its units to fight you, if you kill them all you get a victory screen long before you reach your allies. Third, the Japanese player is the enemy of the prison guards for some reason and always ends up defeated before I can reach him. 2

Balance: ranges from "easy" to "the William Wallace learning campaign was harder than this." There is only one scenario where you can't immediately run over and massacre everything, and even then you only need some blacksmith techs to win. 1

Creativity: I can't find any. The scenarios are all very basic, the objectives all come down to "destroy everything that moves," there are interesting ideas or novel concepts, nothing that could warrant a higher score. 1

Map design: Scns 1 and 4 are random maps. The other scenarios were made from scratch, using lots of grass1, water1, and pine forest tree. Scn 2 is the worst. It's just a blank grass map with a dirt path. No other changes have been made to the map at all. Sometimes you start with a city pre-made, but since you start in the dark age there is a mixture of building sets (dark age barracks, feudal age archery range, castle age university...) that looks very bad. 2

Story and instructions: a simple story, and the hints are more than sufficient. 4

Please keep working on your campaigns, man, and don't be discouraged.
File Author
Well, Bart Pimpson Honestly I Agree I Had A Freind Playtest It He Said It Was To Easy To But I Did'nt Listen, Anyway I Made Part 2 (took Me 2 Months) But I Was Trying To Upload It And I Accedently Deleted It So I Have To Re-Do It Srry Guys.

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Map Design2.0
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