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A New Home

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You have been forced away by a king and need somewhere to live but you hear that he is on his way
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"A new home" is a mainly RPG-style scenario. It is not a campaign, despite being released as one, and it is not finished, therefore its proper place would be in the "projects" section. However, I will rate the file and give my feedback hoping that this will help the author in case he wants to update this unpolished but rather promising scenario.

As it is now, the game is very hard to enjoy. There are some things that make it interesting and make you wish that it could offer more, such as the features of being able to choose your class and leveling up, but sadly the game as a whole does not take advantage of this. For an RPG, the story is very important and it was mostly neglected here. Also, there were no dialogues and little to no interaction with the NPC's , which is another thing that weighs heavy in an RPG. The recruiting system was interesting too, but it should be explained more thoroughly, as should many other aspects of the game. I spent a lot of time just looking for the "tavern" where I'm supposed to get recruits, only to realise in the end that the tavern was just an un-renamed barracks.

The most frustrating part of the game was the fact that the objectives were not visible or were very ambiguous. Also, the map is huge and it is really a pain to find places and people on whose whereabouts you're not given a single clue. In the end, after killing off all the bandits on the map, I was expecting to be invaded by the enemy or something. But it didn't happen. Only after opening the scenario in the editor did I realise that the attack should've taken place only after my character would have gained his last experience level. But how would I achieve this if there's nothing on the map left for me to kill? Not being able to finish a scenario does take away much of its playability.

The game was not only very easy, as the bandits offer little challenge (especially when you're up a few levels), but it was also very boring for the most part, because nothing was happening 90% of the time. Just exploring, no challenges on the way. Probably the biggest challenge was to kill the "Ornlu", but only because I couldn't be bothered to wait until my character got a few more level-ups.

As stated previously, there are some things in the game that do show a lot of promise. The leveling up system and the recruiting were both very interesting and open a lot of possibilities, but the rest of the game did not make use of this. The map in itself is not badly designed, and I will go into more detail about this in the next section. Overall, I feel that this scenario has a lot of unfulfilled creative potential, and an update could improve it a lot.

Despite being mediocre, this map does have a lot of potential as far as its design goes, and it could easily get a higher score if there was a little bit more effort put into it. The general layout of the map is good and effective, but it does not look good enough and some parts of it are dull. There are large portions of simple grass terrain. Terrain mixing is mostly either non-existant or unsuited. The cities don't look bad at all but could still be improved a lot. There are some parts in which gaia objects such as statues and ruins are being used in a nice and interesting way, but in other parts they just look out of place. The farms and countryside could really use some further attention.

This is the part of the game with the least effort put into it. Upon reading the introduction to the game in the Blacksmith, I was expecting a campaign that draws inspiration from Van Thiel's epic "The king's best men". Sadly, the similarities stop there. The backstory of the game does not go further than the beginning objective: "plan revenge", and the exploring of the map and meeting different people does not help you gain any knowledge whatsoever, making the whole experience pretty dull.

Instructions are also lacking. The author forgot to make an objective visible in the instructions screen (the one that requires to kill all the bandit leaders), and the other objectives (and instructions about the game's systems) were really ambiguous, not to mention that you were not given any hints on how you could win the game (which, in my experience at least, is unwinnable). You're just given a huge map to explore, which is fun for just a limited amount of time.

There is a lot of room for improvement, but also a lot of potential to this game. However, I do not recommend the download in its current state. Some updates would really make a difference though. I advise the author to keep working on it, My personal suggestions are first of all, to make the game winnable, then to make everything clearer, starting from the instruction and hints tabs, and to give more life to the map, by improving its design and making the NPC's more interactive. A better story would also be a plus. This could be made into a decent rpg/fixed force, even if the story would not be the highlight of the whole thing. Good luck and I hope this has been helpful.

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Map Design3.0
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