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Joan of Arc - Extended Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 8
Age of Empires: Age of Kings.
Joan of Arc - Extended Campaign.

Hey there guys, I'm new here and I've always wanted to share this special campaign with someone. I'm not a very advanced user, but I'm sure you will have a great time playing this campaign if you keep yourself to the small rules in the readme! Thanks for downloading my campaign and have a great time playing! Comments and feedback will be much appreciated!

An alternate history campaign in which you will once again control Joan of Arc. Find out what could have happened when she hadn't been burned at the stake... Battle famous persons like John Fastolf, Lancelot and The Black Prince in maps of medieval France, the shores of England and the battlefield of Fareham!
Already finished the 7 normal scenarios? Then unleash your skills upon the holy land in the 8th bonus scenario!
A campaign of 8 missions, playable for everyone! Do you have what it takes to turn the tables in the Hundred Years War...?


Mission order:

1. Saving Joan.
2. Joan's Return.
3. Harnessing Lorraine.
4. Retaking the shores.
5. The cliffs of Dover.
6. The battle of Fareham.
7. The Siege of Winchester.
8. Bonus Mission - The Siege of Acre.


Hi, and welcome to my Joan of Arc extended campaign scenario for AOE 2.
Firstly, thank you for downloading my scenario, I hope you have much
fun playing it!

But before you start, you MUST first read this rule!
Since I'm only a simple scenario builder, I don't know much about the
technical aspects of the game. But if you stick to this rule I'm sure
you'll have a great time playing my campaign!

-NEVER, EVER CHANGE your diplomacy!!!!!!!! This will really **** up
things!!! Even though the AI will sometimes ask you to set him to
neutral, DO NOT do this and eventually he will revert back to enemy!

Last but not least, if you want to use my scenarios in videos, mods,
etc. you are free to do this. BUT DO CREDIT ME PLEASE!!!!
I've put a lot of work in this so please don't forget to mention me!!!

Well, now you can finally begin to play. Sorry to have kept you,
have fun!!!!


1. Unpack the .cpn file unto your desktop.
2. Copy the .cpn file into your ...\AOE2\Campaign map.
3. Start the game and the campaign should be in your custom campaign
4. Play the missions!

(Make sure that the unpacked and copied file ends with .cpn!!!)
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File Author
Hello! I've seen that some people already downloaded this campaign. Now I've got absolutely NO triggers installed in the first version, which is a MAJOR drawback. But I've updated the file now and it's now fully playable (no more "rules" but the diplomacy one) and operates with Triggers :-D
So to anyone who wants to review or play my campaign:

[Edited on 08/24/11 @ 02:15 PM]

GeneralR im downloading now, and about thge diplomacy rule, you can place some units somwhere, they should be invisible by placing 300 gaia units one 1 tile. then make triggers for every player that see if your unit attacks or stops to attack another players unit, i think its also makable with ai scripts but downt know how
File Author
Thanks for the tip! I'll try that for the next update but I'm back to school now so it'll take a while... Any more comments and/or reviews will be much appreciated!
mayankshrm994 Scenario 3 is the same as Scenario 2. Why?
File Author
That can't be right, are you sure you've picked the right one? Scenario 2 should be "Joan's Return" while scenario 3 should be "Harnessing Lorraine" in which you defend the city.
mayankshrm994 The names are different but the scenario isn't.

Check again.
File Author
Strange, I checked over 5 times now and it's doing fine with me?! Apologies for any inconvenience but does anyone else has this problem??
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Everyone should love this campaign,because the story is fascinating and there is no confusing plot.The several missions you have to complete can easily keep someone's attention.Many places to explore,much army to defeat,...i just enjoyed it.The only drawback i found was the unexplainable march of armies after some time.I think it can not be prevented,but you can delay this by using AI files or appropriate effects.A very common AI you can use is "Immobile Units".In general,nothing to comment.

Balance: 5
Your initial army is fairly enough to defeat the opponents and complete your missions successfully.Although playing on higher difficulty can be more challenging,if you play strategically you can easily take the advantage of each single situation.This needs time,though,but i don't think this should bother anyone playing the campaign.

Creativity: 5
I can not say much here.The campaign is really satisfying,but there are few aspects of the game that drop rating,such as the terrain stuff(i'll say more on this later) and the easiness some missions are to be completed compared to others.
Map Design: 3
The well-made forest paths,cliffs and different terrain(depending the locations) are all good.Some plants or more animals or some mixed terrain here and there could make little difference,though.In general,this is unnoticable,but only if it's not a continuous phenomenon.

Story/Instructions: 5
The historical events and the story accompanying the campaign are wonderful.No doubt that they can be very entertaining.Even if the story is fake,it's hardly noticable and everyone would enjoy it.Well done!

Additional Comments:
I hope you keep making such great campaigns and keep improving the design!
alekshs I hope my English is not that bad.
File Author
Your English is splendid mate :-)
Thank you so much for taking the time to review my campaign. Thank you for your honesty and I'm glad you enjoyed it! As you said, I will keep improving!
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