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Joan of Arc - Extended Campaign

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 8
Age of Empires: Age of Kings.
Joan of Arc - Extended Campaign.

Hey there guys, I'm new here and I've always wanted to share this special campaign with someone. I'm not a very advanced user, but I'm sure you will have a great time playing this campaign if you keep yourself to the small rules in the readme! Thanks for downloading my campaign and have a great time playing! Comments and feedback will be much appreciated!

An alternate history campaign in which you will once again control Joan of Arc. Find out what could have happened when she hadn't been burned at the stake... Battle famous persons like John Fastolf, Lancelot and The Black Prince in maps of medieval France, the shores of England and the battlefield of Fareham!
Already finished the 7 normal scenarios? Then unleash your skills upon the holy land in the 8th bonus scenario!
A campaign of 8 missions, playable for everyone! Do you have what it takes to turn the tables in the Hundred Years War...?


Mission order:

1. Saving Joan.
2. Joan's Return.
3. Harnessing Lorraine.
4. Retaking the shores.
5. The cliffs of Dover.
6. The battle of Fareham.
7. The Siege of Winchester.
8. Bonus Mission - The Siege of Acre.


Hi, and welcome to my Joan of Arc extended campaign scenario for AOE 2.
Firstly, thank you for downloading my scenario, I hope you have much
fun playing it!

But before you start, you MUST first read this rule!
Since I'm only a simple scenario builder, I don't know much about the
technical aspects of the game. But if you stick to this rule I'm sure
you'll have a great time playing my campaign!

-NEVER, EVER CHANGE your diplomacy!!!!!!!! This will really **** up
things!!! Even though the AI will sometimes ask you to set him to
neutral, DO NOT do this and eventually he will revert back to enemy!

Last but not least, if you want to use my scenarios in videos, mods,
etc. you are free to do this. BUT DO CREDIT ME PLEASE!!!!
I've put a lot of work in this so please don't forget to mention me!!!

Well, now you can finally begin to play. Sorry to have kept you,
have fun!!!!


1. Unpack the .cpn file unto your desktop.
2. Copy the .cpn file into your ...\AOE2\Campaign map.
3. Start the game and the campaign should be in your custom campaign
4. Play the missions!

(Make sure that the unpacked and copied file ends with .cpn!!!)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Everyone should love this campaign,because the story is fascinating and there is no confusing plot.The several missions you have to complete can easily keep someone's attention.Many places to explore,much army to defeat,...i just enjoyed it.The only drawback i found was the unexplainable march of armies after some time.I think it can not be prevented,but you can delay this by using AI files or appropriate effects.A very common AI you can use is "Immobile Units".In general,nothing to comment.

Balance: 5
Your initial army is fairly enough to defeat the opponents and complete your missions successfully.Although playing on higher difficulty can be more challenging,if you play strategically you can easily take the advantage of each single situation.This needs time,though,but i don't think this should bother anyone playing the campaign.

Creativity: 5
I can not say much here.The campaign is really satisfying,but there are few aspects of the game that drop rating,such as the terrain stuff(i'll say more on this later) and the easiness some missions are to be completed compared to others.
Map Design: 3
The well-made forest paths,cliffs and different terrain(depending the locations) are all good.Some plants or more animals or some mixed terrain here and there could make little difference,though.In general,this is unnoticable,but only if it's not a continuous phenomenon.

Story/Instructions: 5
The historical events and the story accompanying the campaign are wonderful.No doubt that they can be very entertaining.Even if the story is fake,it's hardly noticable and everyone would enjoy it.Well done!

Additional Comments:
I hope you keep making such great campaigns and keep improving the design!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The pace of the game was rather slow for its type. The first scenario requires you to convert Joan from Gaia to your player. You are given two forces on different areas of the map.You have to find your way across a very long maze which makes it very boring. The second scenario requires you to escort Joan to Rouen. It is extremely easy because you can just task her to the city and only a handful of enemies will come near her. Scenario 3 requires you to destroy two enemy camps, red and orange. In scenario 4, you have to destroy four enemy docks with an army starting at a maze, which again makes it extremely boring to play. In scenario 5, in a build and destroy game, you have to defeat the Irish and the British. The huge amounts of hills often crash the game. Scenario 6 requires you to defeat 3 opponents on a island map, and has more fun in store than the rest of the scenarios, because now you have a army attacking your city at the start. Scenarios 7 and 8 were siege maps with allies. The were several bugs, including enemies wandering aimlessly in enemy territory, glitched cliff, Joan converting even when the walls were fully intact, etc.

Balance: 3
In scenario 1, you don't even need Joan and her army, you just need the bombard cannons and the paladins, charge to the city, and you don't even need to destroy any walls, just run a paladin around the walls and his line of sight will automatically convert her. Largely unbalanced. Scenario 2 is extremely easy, you just need to task her to the city. Scenario 3 requires some micro-management, because you have to fight a larger force with a smaller force, but the enemy sends too many lone wolves wandering aimlessly for you to kill. Scenario 4 was medium-balanced, because now you could convert some soldiers to your side for help. The siege of Winchester was pretty difficult and you had to micro-manage to stay alive.

Creativity: 3
There weren't any exceptional touches of creativity in this campaign. Nearly all of the scenarios had the goal Bash 'Em Up. There were a few areas, though, for example small cut-scenes in between the game, allies suddenly coming to our help, and the story itself was quite creative, but the whole outcome was somewhat dull and since this is an imaginary campaign, there should have been a new fun and curiosity for exploring it, which was missing.

Map Design: 3
The first 3 maps were extremely dull, with no variations in a type of terrain, filled with only grass1, oak forest, water, or deserts. Later maps has improved design, but there was no variation in terrains. There were random cliffs everywhere, and oak forests right near a desert, and many maps covered in just 3 or 4 terrain types. Eye candy was minimal, if not fully absent. Full hordes of animals were grazing near a few tiles which was very unrealistic.

Story/Instructions: 4
Hints were only of little help in the scenarios and scouts were absent altogether. There were occasional dialogs by French soldiers. The story was somewhat nice, but the game itself was rather dull and un-appealing for an imaginary scenario. There were lots of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. There were a few historical inaccuracies as well, like Constable Richemont was born after Joan died. And Joan was born at least 200 years after the siege of Acre.

Additional Comments:.
Quite a good attempt at a scenario by the author but it went somewhat bad. Recommended for download if you are a fan of easy, Bash 'Em Ups.
Map Design2.0
PLAYABILITY: I Liked your campaign, but there are few things that need to be fixed. Like bugs, when your enemy resigning when you are almost completing your objective. (This happened to me in the first scenario and in the third scenario, too.) These bugs will affect on this rating. 3/5.

BALANCE: Most of the scenarios are with Fixed Force. You use your starting troops to kill everything. No micromanagement is needed. It's very easy. And in the scenario which you need to escort Joan, the task is easy. You just need to task her into the city. But, I Admit, I lost many scenarios by just leaving my hero units die, heheh... 3/5.

CREATIVITY: The designer used his creativity on most of the scenarios, and also trying to add as much variation as possible. I liked this, but the execution of the things isn't that good. 3/5, too.

MAP DESIGN: The worst part of the campaign. The big size of the maps aren't used. Let's see in the fifth scenario, Cliffs of Dover. It's given you a HUGE MAP when everything was the same: water, water, water, water, water and some islands. On the first scenario: trees, trees, just dirt, etc. Sorry, but I need to give a 2. 2/5.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The strongest part of the campaign. Instructions are OK (I didn't see any grammar mistakes). Story not too much. Cause there are historical mistakes, like the Guy Josseline one. I still liked it. 4/5.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Keep doing these good works, guy! I liked this campaign.

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Map Design2.7
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