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Fall of the Watson Regime

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

Fall of the Watson Regime

What is this!?
This is my entry to Watson's "Make a scenario about me!" Contest. It's also a sequel sort of to "Medivia", my 2008 April Fools scenario.

• A tiny (but pretty!) map,
• A broken fourth wall,
• Alternate ending! (losing the scenario),
• Cameos!
• You know, stuff.

StormWind Studios' website
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Fall of the Watson Regime is a joke scenario by Lord Basse. It is not a serious scenario and was made as an entry to the not serious, joke spotlight competition hosted by Watson. The aim of the competition was to make a scenario all about Watson but follow a very specific set of rules.
This scenario is so short and ridiculous that it doesn't really deserve a review but I thought I'd review it for fun and a laugh too. It's not a serious scenario that should be taken with seriousness, but just to be played for fun and a laugh.

Playability: 4
The Fall of the Watson Regime is set in the Nation of Stormwind and follows the story of Lord Basse as he tries to end the Watson Regime. Watson has taken control of the Stormwind Forums and has changed all of the colours round causing anarchy. The scenario is very funny and quite enjoyable. You are in the town of Medivia and you travel around meeting many members of the town, who are all cameos of the members of the design team Stormwind Studios. The scenario has a load of humorous references and dialogue between the characters and frequently breaks the fourth wall, which creates added humour. The missions, while there are few, are enjoyable, and they are very cliché, which is one of the main jokes of this scenario. Overall it's an enjoyable and very funny scenario, but it is kind of ruined due to the extremely short length of it. It's over in 5 minutes which makes it a bit pointless.

Balance: 3
While there isn't much fighting in the scenario, there are three fight scenes. One is the cliché 'kill the boar' quest, one is the fight against Watson's stupidly overpowered Robot Guardian, and the other is the fight against Watson himself. These challenges are very, very easy and there is no challenge in them at all, but I suppose that is the point of this joke scenario. The only time you'll might die is if you attack the Robot Guardian with Basse, not Sebastien, who wield the magical sword. There are a couple of other tasks to do such as get some of Mashek's wine for Sissi, and get a magical sword for Sebastien, but there's no difficulty in them at all.

Creativity: 4
There's nothing really creative that stands out in this scenario. I suppose the main creativity is the fact that the whole point of this scenario is quite novel. I not seen a joke scenario before, that aims to not have an serious challenges or storyline, but just to have fun and take a bit of the mick. The scenario is full of classic Basse humour that you see in many of his scenarios, but much less serious and stupid in this scenario. It also has a bank of Lord Basse's classic funny sound effects which he seems to use in all his scenarios.

Map Design: 4
The scenario is set on a very small map, like those you;d find entered into the AOKH Minigame Competition. That being said, the for a not-so-serious scenario, most of the effort probably went in the scenario, because it looks pretty. There's nothing really special that stands out in it, but it just looks good and everything just seems to fit in well. The scenario has a nice blend of terrain, with good mixing, and some nice elevation. There is some nice eye candy and the buildings in the town are placed beautifully and fit together perfectly.

Story/Instructions: 3
There's not really much of a story in this scenario. What there is in the story is simple, short, and very humorous. The scenario features many cameos from well known names here at AOKH, all of whom are part of Basse's design team Stormwind Studios. There is some very enjoyable and humorous dialogue between Basse and these characters, which usually consists of banter and teasing between them. The Instructions aren't really there, but it doesn't matter cause everything you need to know is said in the character's dialogue, and everything is very self explanatory anyway, you should never get stuck. The only problem you might face is if you miss the dialogue and don;t read what they say, but even then all you have to do is wander around for a short while before you find out what's going on.

Additional Comments:
Overall this scenario is a very short but highly enjoyable minigame. If you bored and want to kill five minutes having a laugh in the least serious AOK scenario out there then download this. It will certainly cheer you up.

Well Done Basse


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Map Design4.0
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