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Zhoggua: Imperial Might

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 3
NOTE: I strongly reccomend downloading and playing Zhoggua: The Genesis before playing this campaign.

As promised in ZTG, this campaign highlights the victories, conquests, and accomplishments of the Zoom Empire
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Map Design2.0
Zhougga: Imperial Might is a campaign about the fall of the mighty "Chinaman Empire" (Important note: Chinaman is a racial slur and should be changed to Chinese or China) and the rise of the Zoom Empire. I would like to note a quick problem: the third scenario, "The Rise of the Island people," is a renamed version of the second scenario so update this version to contain the third scenario.

Playability-I cannot say that this campaign has anything new to offer nor is particularly difficult, but the Zohugga Trilogy has an endearing quality to it that makes it fun to play. There are no game play flaws that ruin the game. There are strategic elements to the game, for example, the first scenario features a Fixed Force battle. Expecting an easy win, I deposited half of my force on the beach, only to discover, to my horror, that it was butchered by the enemy army. I deployed a new strategy involving cannon galleons, and, well, I don't want to give too much away.

Conclusions-Clever elements were added. It has a rare "endearing quality" that few campaigns have.

Balance-This is not particularly hard, nor is it too easy. As I mentioned earlier, if you openly attack, you can expect to be massacred. However, it is fairly obvious what strategy should be employed. Sadly, one of the flaws with the campaign is in the second scenario. The three hostile factions are more than content to fight one another, making the scenario far easier than was intended.

Conclusions-There isn't much to say about balance. It is neither hard nor easy, just in-between.

Creativity-This campaign presents nothing new-it just uses the same elements that have been presented a thousand times before-for the fixed force scenario. You employ a large force to take a city, and for the second build and destroy scenario, you have huge forces and fight you enemies. To be fair, one creative element is included. In the second scenario, the player has to steal relics from his foes, instead of destroying them.

Conclusions-Nothing new is presented in the campaign. The same elements that have been presented before are used in this campaign. The sole creative element does add to the scenario quite a bit, though.

Map Design-Poor. The least you could have done is add some flowers, and a mountain or two. Some good elements are added, such as a northern ice pole. Also, some deer, a few more rivers, and sparsely-placed forage bushes would have added to game play.

Story/Instructions-Their is a simple story, and instructions are added. According to the review tutorial, that is a 4. You could improve the plot by creating an intrigue, or some greater series of events in relation to what is going on in the scenario.

Conclusions-Add more plot elements, such as a conspiracy of some kind.

FINAL CONCLUSIONS-A decent job, but requires better map design and a more developed plot. A quick note-this campaign has a difficult element to capture-a rare sense that you are playing over the span of history, rather than an individual series of events. This is rarely found in campaigns, and I must congratulate the designer on developing the epic element to the degree he did.

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Map Design2.0
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