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Downloads Home » Best Campaigns » The Broken Jade II

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The Broken Jade II

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
At the beginning:

¡¶The Broken Jade II¡· is a project a year ago, after ¡¶My Castle Never Falls¡·.In fact, it's a continuation to ¡¶My Castle Never Falls¡·, I just have the title changed.The campaign was finished in Feb, 2010.But it took a long time to translate it, for I have another project to finish (the battle of Agincourt, I'm proud of it.).But I think it won't be late.I'm sure ¡¶The Broken Jade II¡· will bring you some good experiences.

For 1.0a only


*.map size: 45*45;
*.rich contents;
*.Chinese version was rated 4.5;
*.various kinds of mission including RPG part and FF part;
*.good visual effects.
*.650 triggers

Story[quote from "History"]:

Austria, Octomber.
The wind is piercing. Snow flakes swirled around outside the castle of Fololand. Water froze at the edge of cliffs.
The streets were crowded with people either engaged in intense discussions about today's battle, or praising Duke Kannockburn's bravery and invincibility.
Pretty, single girls giggled and pointed at the knight who had for a long time stood at the gate of the castle, recalling in their hearts the handsome complexion and determined look that he had shown them when he had turned and looked around.
That was Charles. His hand, holding the sword made of pig iron, had become numb; but he wasn't paying attention to it. The battlefield outside the city, where his fellow comrades stood waiting for the Duke's order, had preoccupied him.
Sound of horse hooves finally came from the other end of the bridge. Charles gazed at the galloping steed, and the knight that rode on it: Honourable Duke Kannockburn.

Some other words:
It is newly-translated and may have some bugs, if you catch some of them, please inform me. I will have the game updated as quickly as I can.

From 2010 to now, I have finished 3 new works including this one and ¡¶the Battle of Agincourt¡· chapter 1&2 rated 4.7. I know there were some old campaign of this famous battle, but I'm sure my version will be the best one. The problem is that I truly have no time to translate them, language diffrerence is indeed troublesome. Maybe another half of a year is adequate. I wanna show some screenshots, but I don't know where to submit them. It will be my honor to recieve your help.
And the project I have recently is ¡¶BJ III¡·, it will be done soon, but translated edition is only one of my dreams now...
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Official Reviewer
I'll surely download and play this.
Basse Quite good scenario. Map design was good, story was good though a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes :D

I found it to be quite frustrating since it kind of relies on luck at some points and you have to restart from save points a lot. I still enjoyed playing it :)

I am curious to see what other chinese maps there are. I checked your chinese community, but I didn't understand much with google translate :D
File Author
em...Is there any serious problems?

oooops, one more thing, entering "11" will bring you surprise...
well, it's only a code for cheating.

[Edited on 09/04/11 @ 06:42 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
It's a good campaign, but it discontinues after you've defeated the Mongols in the port. The mission is cleared out, and nothing happens.

The biggest problem with the campaign is the story and instructions. Often you have no clue about how to beat your opponent, like the duel on the bridge. The text is filled with grammar errors and random symbols everywhere. And sonetimes you aren't told at all about crucial details, like that Charles has to kill three or more enemies in the first fight, which makes you lose for no good reason.

So yeah, it has some severe flaws, but it's definitely a good campaign. With some polishing and improved translation it would probably score quite high. :)
File Author
that is... the duke ought to be killed after the mission, if you have protected him well, and he didn't'd better del him...I'm quite sorry. :(

The quality of translation ... I'm not a native speaker so that it's difficult for me, you know..

[Edited on 09/04/11 @ 07:23 AM]

Official Reviewer
thanks for this. even though I haven't finished it yet (but i think i'm close), the storyline and gameplay are top-notch.

as for the spelling, i got used to it in the end, but what really annoyed me is that the chat lines are sometimes too long so you can't actually read everything. I reckon that has something to do with roman characters taking more space than chinese?
Official Reviewer
This looks good but its very buggy. In the first battle the trigger to select the duke to continue does not get activated. When i talk to nelson i do not get my teutonic knight back.
Official Reviewer
I've finished it and this is without a doubt one of the best games uploaded to the blacksmith this year. It is basically an unpolished gem, if the issues caused by the translation,the sometimes unclear instructions and the other signaled bugs would be solved, it would be a 4.5 - 5.0 rating in my book.

Personally I haven't encountered any fatal bug, the only problems I had were the one that Lord Basse has already mentioned (the Duke that you need to kill off for the game to proceed) and also, when the reinforcements arrive by transport ships, i get only some of them, the others don't change ownership.
File Author
Those bugs may caused by trigger script editor. The orginal Chinese version runs well. I will update it during our national days, for I'm truly busy recently. I'm senior high 3 now, living in a hell! : (

[Edited on 09/06/11 @ 08:24 AM]

Official Reviewer
Hawk_KK, if you used the original version of Trigger Script editor, it has many problems. I updated the file some time ago, fixing all the bugs. Please use that one.
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