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The Broken Jade II

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
At the beginning:

¡¶The Broken Jade II¡· is a project a year ago, after ¡¶My Castle Never Falls¡·.In fact, it's a continuation to ¡¶My Castle Never Falls¡·, I just have the title changed.The campaign was finished in Feb, 2010.But it took a long time to translate it, for I have another project to finish (the battle of Agincourt, I'm proud of it.).But I think it won't be late.I'm sure ¡¶The Broken Jade II¡· will bring you some good experiences.

For 1.0a only


*.map size: 45*45;
*.rich contents;
*.Chinese version was rated 4.5;
*.various kinds of mission including RPG part and FF part;
*.good visual effects.
*.650 triggers

Story[quote from "History"]:

Austria, Octomber.
The wind is piercing. Snow flakes swirled around outside the castle of Fololand. Water froze at the edge of cliffs.
The streets were crowded with people either engaged in intense discussions about today's battle, or praising Duke Kannockburn's bravery and invincibility.
Pretty, single girls giggled and pointed at the knight who had for a long time stood at the gate of the castle, recalling in their hearts the handsome complexion and determined look that he had shown them when he had turned and looked around.
That was Charles. His hand, holding the sword made of pig iron, had become numb; but he wasn't paying attention to it. The battlefield outside the city, where his fellow comrades stood waiting for the Duke's order, had preoccupied him.
Sound of horse hooves finally came from the other end of the bridge. Charles gazed at the galloping steed, and the knight that rode on it: Honourable Duke Kannockburn.

Some other words:
It is newly-translated and may have some bugs, if you catch some of them, please inform me. I will have the game updated as quickly as I can.

From 2010 to now, I have finished 3 new works including this one and ¡¶the Battle of Agincourt¡· chapter 1&2 rated 4.7. I know there were some old campaign of this famous battle, but I'm sure my version will be the best one. The problem is that I truly have no time to translate them, language diffrerence is indeed troublesome. Maybe another half of a year is adequate. I wanna show some screenshots, but I don't know where to submit them. It will be my honor to recieve your help.
And the project I have recently is ¡¶BJ III¡·, it will be done soon, but translated edition is only one of my dreams now...
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"The Broken Jade pt. 2" is a 2 scenario campaign set in medieval Austria during the Mongol invasions, telling the story of a young knight named Charles. The gameplay consists mainly of RPG in the beginning and Fixed Force in the latter parts of the game. Both scenarios share the exact same map (and a rather small one at that), a feature that I haven't seen before in any game, but which works perfectly in this case.
The author calls it a "continuation" to his previous mini-game scenario "My castle never falls", though that statement is not exactly correct. It is more of a remake, just in a different setting and with totally different characters, keeping the same main themes (the broken jade and the castle that must not fall) and it is superior in almost every way to its predecessor. Since "My castle never falls" was one of the best minigames of last year, that says a lot.
If I had to come up with two words to sum this campaign up, it would be an "unpolished gem", meaning that it is a game of a really great potential, but which nonetheless has a few flaws likely to turn some people off.

Playability: 5

I have to say I played quite a few campaigns and scenarios that have come up this year to the blacksmith, and for me this one is right at the top. As far as gameplay goes, it has everything I truly enjoy about a AOK campaign. There are large scale battles as well as one-on-one duels, defend the spot parts as well as "assassinations". There was also some concern for interactivity from the author, but that interactivity isn't really authentic. (for instance, early in the game, speaking to a certain character, you have the option of responding to his question with yes or no, but in order to continue the game you will need to reply "yes" in the end). The true downside to the game's enjoyment comes with the grammar and instruction problems, which I will get into in the appropriate section. I can understand how some people can be turned off by it. However, that did not deter me personally from enjoying the game, and it really kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end, which is why I will grade this category with a full 5.

Balance: 4

The game was hard, but definitely beatable, and at the same time difficulty dynamic, which warrants a high score for this category. The final battle in the second scenario is a good example of a perfectly balanced and thoroughly enjoyable siege scene.
However, the sometimes ambiguous instructions, especially in the RPG part of the game, can confuse the player thus making the game harder and more frustrating than it was meant to be, reloading saved games too many times. Which is why this category will only get a 4.

Also, as a side note , i am kind of confused as to why the author thought it appropriate to have an option to skip the first battle for "standard" difficulty. It would've made more sense just to make it easier, because if you skip it Charles is suddenly left all alone in the field with no explanation, and also has a chat line about the catapult which makes no sense. Not saying that this influences the balance in any way, but I needed to bring it up as it is an awkward moment which can easily be corrected.

Creativity: 5-

Normally, I wouldn't call using the same map for two consecutive scenarios "creative", but the fact that it actually works proves the creativity of the author. Apart from this there weren't too many creative moments, most of the things that are happening have been done before, but they are done very well nonetheless. The story itself was for me the most attractive part of the game, and the way the author took the themes that he used in his previous scenario and used them in an exciting new way has left me with a very good impression. The trigger work was also excellent for the most part and it fit the game well.

Map Design: 5

I will grade this a 5 though some people may not agree. I find that it is a very solid design, though not cluttered with eye-candy, a very fitting design for the setting in which the game takes place and the season. Also, I appreciate the fact that the map design is more oriented towards serving the gameplay instead of just trying to "wow" the player. Its style reminded me of Ingo's "Ulio", which is of course a compliment.

Story/Instructions: 3+

This is the strong point and at the same time the weak point of this campaign. The story is superb, haven't seen many scenarios lately with such an enjoyable story to tell. Unfortunately, translating a game directly from Chinese to English is not enough sometimes. It also needs adapting. Many expressions commonly used in China simply do not make sense when translated in English, and are at most funny or goofy (an example, in the beginning cutscene Charles says "My duke is coming entirely"). A great deal of adapting and grammar check is needed, both for the dialogues and for the instructions, in order to raise this score. Also, the instructions would benefit from being more clear, as would the hints.

Additional Comments:
This is a great game and highly recommended download, especially if you are not a grammar hitler and you can enjoy a good story despite a not so good adaptation. If the translation, grammar and instruction issues were solved, this one would surely be among my all time favorites, alongside names like Ulio and Blood of the Bear.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:14.13 MB