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Advanced Genie Editor 2020

Author File Description
Keisari Tapsa
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Advanced Genie Editor
for Age of Empires, Rise of Rome (including DE), Age of Kings, The Conquerors (including DE), Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns.

This is a program for editing data of genie (DAT and DLL) files. It can edit properties of units, civilizations, technologies, graphics, terrains, sounds, player colors and some other things.

Please, ask questions on the forums.

Check out this program also. It's for graphical modding.

For editing language files in The Conquerors,
I recommend this download.

Version History
Guide makers et cetera, please include the version into which your guide was written.

Version 2020.6.12:
-Fixed bug with language text indexes.
-Renamed technology cost and time modifiers for AoE DE.

Version 2020.3.30:
-Support for new AoE II DE game features.

Version 2019.11.28:
-Added more unit search filters.

Version 2019.11.22:
-Fixed default paths for AoE II DE.

Version 2019.7.2:
-Negative armor types can be changed via effects.
-Supports newer game versions.

Version 2018.1.29:
-Marked resource multiplier as not available in AoE 1.

Version 2017.11.7:
-Internal unit name filter works the way it used to.
-Graphics can be filtered by rainbow.
-Images are saved centered on hotspot.

Version 2017.10.6:
-Saving an SLP handles player color properly.
-Deleting terrain tables uses correct indexes.
-Unit terrain table defaults to 0.
-Small improvements here and there.

Version 2017.5.17:
-Fixed loading order of DRS files.
-Fixed a problem with angle sound count.
-Editing box widths are customizable.
-New icon by gagman.

Version 2017.3.14:
-Scrolling lag fixed.
-Graphic sounds can be heard.
-Many unknowns named.
-Able to show loose SLP files along with DRS.
-Fixed bugs in saving data with enter.
-Can save as different game version.
-Fixed bugs in relisting.
-Improved tooltips all over.
-Fixed switching between building and unit icons.
-Pause between animations visible.
-SLP cache improved.

Version 2017.1.10:
-Fixed pasting terrains.
-Fixed buttons on terrain tables and borders.
-Mirrored graphics with two angles display properly.
-Added some helpful buttons to graphics tab.


Make your own backups or use the auto-backup feature!
Extract to anywhere and run. No help files are included.
You may need to run the program as administrator if your game is installed in a protected folder.
You may be able to undo changes by going back to the text box and pressing Ctrl + Z.


You can have multiple search entries separated with "|" letter.
Upper search boxes are inclusive and lower ones exclusive.
Example: "tower|ship|ram"
Use the check boxes to toggle matching between all and any entries.


Mikko "Tapsa" P, since 2.0b
Apre - genieutils, 2.1a to 3.1
Estien Nifo aka StSB77, 1.0a to 2.0a


Ykkrosh - GeniEd 1 source code
Scenario_t_c - GeniEd 2 source code
Alexandra "Taichi San", DarkRain654 - data file research
DiGiT, JustTesting1234, AOHH - genie file structure
Cysion, Kris, Sarthos - important help
BF_Tanks - some help
Donnieboy, Sarn, chab - tooltip texts
gagman - new icon

Follow development here and here.

My other uploads.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
pulkit This is excellent! I've switched from regular AGE to this one for modding unit data. The arrangement of all statistics in one common location is particularly helpful. Excellent work here, yours as well as the credited contributors'!
Keisari Tapsa
File Author
Nice that you liked it. There will be researches, technologies, civilizations, terrains, terrain restrictions, graphics, sounds and player colors sections in addition to units' section. Support is planned to be added for SWGB and CC.
Admiral_Loki I can not opening the last Blacksmith zip-file with 7-zip or Universal Extractor.


[Edited on 09/29/11 @ 10:10 AM]

Keisari Tapsa
File Author
I uploaded a new zip file packed with WinZip 15.0 set to legacy compression (maximum compatibility).

You should be able to open it now. If not, use WinZip or WinRAR.

[Edited on 10/24/11 @ 09:22 AM]

Admiral_Loki This Editor Beta is one milestone for the Advanced Genie Editor 2 Beta !!!


[Edited on 10/05/11 @ 03:57 AM]

xXSpecialsoulXx Well, we have here, one of the best editors for genid, you can change practicaly ervery you want with this tools in question in .DAT and DRS files....its the best tool you can use for change the game...i need to say THANKS!! for this tool :) we was waiting a new release and we got it thns and say GOOD work, this program i have been SOO useful :) and i wanna cooperate with u if u letme :) i have some tricks ;D progrraming this game :) GOOD WORK :] and tnxs

[Edited on 11/07/11 @ 07:31 AM]

Keisari Tapsa
File Author
Thanks xXSpecialsoulXx, but due to your spelling, your message looks like some spam generator program's output text.

And AGE 2 cannot (at least yet) edit DRS files. There are apparently other tools for that.
zedbanana does this editor work for mods like the wonders-mod that ghost made? For instance, can i change the unit stats of the templar knight or the roman cataphract or the briton sniper? if not, will it at least allow me to change the stats of the regular units like paladin and champion and trebuchet? thanks for your help!
Keisari Tapsa
File Author
Yes, it does. Yes, you can.
BF_Tanks I also helped with the Logo, a little bit. Also with the palcement of some buttons, beta testing 2.0, and I also found alot of bugs and documented stuff from 1.8 for StS to look at upon his request.

Just.. throwin' that out there. :3
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