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Advanced Genie Editor 2020

Author File Description
Keisari Tapsa
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Advanced Genie Editor
for Age of Empires, Rise of Rome (including DE), Age of Kings, The Conquerors (including DE), Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns.

This is a program for editing data of genie (DAT and DLL) files. It can edit properties of units, civilizations, technologies, graphics, terrains, sounds, player colors and some other things.

Please, ask questions on the forums.

Check out this program also. It's for graphical modding.

For editing language files in The Conquerors,
I recommend this download.

Version History
Guide makers et cetera, please include the version into which your guide was written.

Version 2020.6.12:
-Fixed bug with language text indexes.
-Renamed technology cost and time modifiers for AoE DE.

Version 2020.3.30:
-Support for new AoE II DE game features.

Version 2019.11.28:
-Added more unit search filters.

Version 2019.11.22:
-Fixed default paths for AoE II DE.

Version 2019.7.2:
-Negative armor types can be changed via effects.
-Supports newer game versions.

Version 2018.1.29:
-Marked resource multiplier as not available in AoE 1.

Version 2017.11.7:
-Internal unit name filter works the way it used to.
-Graphics can be filtered by rainbow.
-Images are saved centered on hotspot.

Version 2017.10.6:
-Saving an SLP handles player color properly.
-Deleting terrain tables uses correct indexes.
-Unit terrain table defaults to 0.
-Small improvements here and there.

Version 2017.5.17:
-Fixed loading order of DRS files.
-Fixed a problem with angle sound count.
-Editing box widths are customizable.
-New icon by gagman.

Version 2017.3.14:
-Scrolling lag fixed.
-Graphic sounds can be heard.
-Many unknowns named.
-Able to show loose SLP files along with DRS.
-Fixed bugs in saving data with enter.
-Can save as different game version.
-Fixed bugs in relisting.
-Improved tooltips all over.
-Fixed switching between building and unit icons.
-Pause between animations visible.
-SLP cache improved.

Version 2017.1.10:
-Fixed pasting terrains.
-Fixed buttons on terrain tables and borders.
-Mirrored graphics with two angles display properly.
-Added some helpful buttons to graphics tab.


Make your own backups or use the auto-backup feature!
Extract to anywhere and run. No help files are included.
You may need to run the program as administrator if your game is installed in a protected folder.
You may be able to undo changes by going back to the text box and pressing Ctrl + Z.


You can have multiple search entries separated with "|" letter.
Upper search boxes are inclusive and lower ones exclusive.
Example: "tower|ship|ram"
Use the check boxes to toggle matching between all and any entries.


Mikko "Tapsa" P, since 2.0b
Apre - genieutils, 2.1a to 3.1
Estien Nifo aka StSB77, 1.0a to 2.0a


Ykkrosh - GeniEd 1 source code
Scenario_t_c - GeniEd 2 source code
Alexandra "Taichi San", DarkRain654 - data file research
DiGiT, JustTesting1234, AOHH - genie file structure
Cysion, Kris, Sarthos - important help
BF_Tanks - some help
Donnieboy, Sarn, chab - tooltip texts
gagman - new icon

Follow development here and here.

My other uploads.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
The Advanced Genie Editor 2, or AGE 2, is a fantastic tool for modding that combines the availabilty and practical interface of the older GeniEd programmes, with the vast options that the previous AGE gave us. It is also a lot more stable than its predecessor; I have yet to experience a single crash, whereas the old AGE crashed every oither time I tried to close it down.

AGE 2 is a very powerful tool that allows you to add new units, graphics, sounds, researches and even ages, and to modify pretty much everything in the entire game. The only limitations I have come across are limits presented by hard-coded features o the game, for example, that you can't add all new civilizations. Other than that, AGE 2 is a complete, wonderful tool that allows you to do almost anything you want to the game.

Needless to say, AGE 2 is a tool that every modder should have in his or her arsenal. Combined with SLP Editor and DRSExplorer, modding the entire game has never been more simple.
Toha Gage
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
This is my now preferable program to edit age of empires with, It is very much so easier to understand with tool tips and a reference to Genie wiki I'll be looking forward to the coming versions.

Quality/Instructions: 5
For looks and for ease of use, for tool tips, more descriptive and understandable fields (even for a newbie).
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
Easily the best modding tool for AoE there is. Everything that's related to each other is stored in the same place so you don't have to look around the whole program to find something to edit. Can edit multiple items at the same time, making multiple Train Time edits, for example, easier to be set at the same value.

And there is much more that this tool has to offer.

Quality/Instructions: 5
Instructions are to the point and the quality of the product is outstanding.

Additional Comments:

Definitely recommend it. It's a must-have for anyone who would like to create a mod for the game, or just experiment around with the engine. :)
Official Reviewer
The Advanced Genie Editor is the definitive tool for all Age of Empires modders. Age of Empires is based on the Genie Game Engine, hence the name Genie Editor. There have been several Genie editors over the years, each updating and improving in the previous, but the Advanced Genie Editor 3 by Keisari Tapsa is the most equipped and greatest of them all.

The Advanced Genie Editor ( otherwise known as AGE) provides modders with the ability to edit the games core data files (empires_p1_x1.dat) as well as also providing capabilities to edit language files and drs graphics files. All of this provides modders with infinite tools to create a whole new gaming experience for AOK. In fact one could argue that AGE could slow you to create an entirely new game based on the Genie Engine.

AGE has a very user friendly interface and once you’ve played around with it for a little bit of fine it can become very easy to use. It gives you the capacity to add new unit, chance terrains, graphics, and interfaces, as well as add new technologies, sounds and completely mess about with most of the game mechanics that aren’t hard coded into the software. For a new modder it will take a bit of getting used to but there are plenty of tutorials and friendly faces in the forums who can help you figure it all out.

Overall AGE is the most helpful tool any modder could wish for. The capabilities are endless and it allows us to turn our beloved game into something even more unique and enjoyable. This version of AGE is absolutely flawless and I’ve never discovered any bugs in the program. It is constantly being updated by Keisari Tapsa, and to date was last updated in early 2019.

I would highly recommend everyone downloaded this and gave it a go.


I did my first mod for RoR using this wonderful tool. Going in pretty much blind, having never really used AGE before I found it amazing how intuitive and simple to use it really is. Every option is well explained and the tooltips provided are excellent. Having a way to view the graphics on the fly is also fantastic! While all the options can be overwhelming at first, this feeling will quickly fade once you have a basic understanding of all the units, objects and options and their traits featured in the games. The posibilities you are presented with here are endless, pretty much every aspect of the game can be altered to your exact liking. New units and civs can be added, new terrains, the list goes on and on! Ongoing support and updates even to this day is commendable and therefore this utility deserves nothing less than the highest score possible. Excellent work and thank you for providing this to the community!

I did notice some sort of bug: you should never open the very same .dat file you are altering in another new AGE window (for example, when comparing units). It will corrupt the .dat file rendering it useless in both the game and in AGE. I lost a day's work because of this but luckily I made several backups of my empires.dat file. Use another backup empires.dat file when opening a new AGE window and you should be fine!

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