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The Tale of 3 kingdoms

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Put the .SCX file in scenario folder and .AI and .per files in the AI folder.

Long time back there are three kingdoms living happily together in a peninsula. Bramapura, Divapura, Shivapura.. But there is a fourth kingdom in the same peninsula..They are the Katakas..They got bored with the silly life these rich countries are having..Katakas are a poor nation and mostly gain money by stealing occasionally from the remaining 3 kingdoms..They are majorly dependent on their goons who go and plunder these neighbouring rich countries and feed their populace..the remaining nations grew wary of them and started contsructing Outposts to stop them..They also stopped these beggars from entering their cities.. The Katakas went to their Big Brothers Rakshashas for help to steal money from these duchies.. But Rakshashas have their own intentions.. they want to occupy these states and form a great rich Kingdom that can dominate the world..

The 3 kingdoms formed an Alliance to fight the Rakshashas and planned to hold the Rakshashas at the Bramapura. But they never suspected that it was Katakas who brought this on them..The Katakas allowed the Rakshashas to use their place as base.
In the Sudden Surprise attack by the Rakshashas, the Alliance armies are encircled and wiped out and the Rescue party sent to lift the Siege on Bramapura are butchered. No one knows the fate of those in Rescue Party that escaped the onslaught of Rakshashas. It has been declared by the Rakshashas that they have killed the Shivapura Prince Yuvraj and they have paraded his Dead body ending the First Battle of Great War in a Victory. But yet they have to occupy the Shivapura itself.. Their final barrier for world Supremacy.

You are Duke Ardhashiv...You have just now arrived home after a Long tedious voyage across sea expanding your empire..You are called upon by the King Drusiv to save ur homeland. You belong to the very very richest nation among these kingdoms the Shivapura..Though your land is gud for nothing in terms of resources but geographically it is near the sea and all the goods from the Bramapura and the Divapura are bought by your Kingdom and exported to the other nations thru sea routes..your Country has exported all your goods to the other countries and waiting for the ships to arrive..So you have to survive the attacks of the Rakshashas by relying on Strategy alone..if you can destroy their Town center on the North extreme, kill their Commander Megantaka and destroy HIS HUT the Rakshashas will immediately escape to where they came from and the Tyranny can be ended.. Are you up to it??
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Official Reviewer
Just be careful with how close you place those mountains together, as there's a good chance the player will never be able to meet the enemy and vice versa. Also, the player has to cut a swath through the trees if he wants to even think about fighting. Maybe you should create a path or two through the trees?
Official Reviewer
This was my orginal review on this file, but after an update i have re-reviewed it.

Orginal Review:

Playability: There was low fun playing this scenario. Having a couple of weak units agains a very strong enemy is not interesting. Also the enemy used the standard AI, so there were many random chats such as, "Set thy diplomacy neutral to me" or "Send me more wood" 1

Balance: It was a little challenging somehow, you had some recources, some archers and some cavaleries. But your Hero, Duke Alecione (who was actually a frank and not a Briton) was very overpowered and so very hard to kill. The player started in the post imperial age, so the few units you could create were very strong. Still it needed some boring strategie to destroy the enemies who started with lots of cataphracts and horse archers. 2

Creativity: There were some attempts of creativity in this scenario, for example that you get recources or villagers after some time, or bringing the duke to the archers to make them join you. But all this points aren´t new, the triggers were far to poor and to low. Also to destroy the enemy you had to change diplomacy. 2

Map Design: The player had a giant boring fortified city on complete basic road. Around your city was a big wall of forest and jungle. There were two path´s leading through it, although one of them was closed by trees. The enemie had plenty of recources to mine, there was a player with only a market and a few houses who resigned in the middle of the game. At least you didn´t just press the "Create random map" button, what might be the reason why i give this a 2

Story/Instructions: A nice little story, were you had to destroy the big brothers, and the objectives triggers were also in the objective list. There were some hints and story written up as well. 3

Additional Comments: A nice try, but it needs a lot more improvement. You have the basic skills of creating a good scenario, i would recommend you to take more time and also look in the forums and university. But its not ripe for the recommended download. Keep creating scenarios, training makes perfect :)


[Edited on 10/30/11 @ 09:49 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the comments and rating dragonslayermcmx. I had improved it a bit. But will upload after I had made complete changes to it.
thanks for the rating and comments Mashek.
File Author
I Updated the file with changes..Though the Game is Easy..It would be better to play it in Hardest Mode.
File Author
I Updated the file again. With some gud story play and a few map changes..
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The tale of 3 kingdoms" is a scenario depicting the invasion of 3 peaceful nations by two "evil" factions. In the light of its recent update, the scenario has highly improved on all grounds and it's only fair that I edit my review to reflect these improvements.

EDIT: this is the third version of this review, after two successful updates by the author.


The updated file did preserve most positive points from its previous version, while at the same time adding some new things. You win by destroying the enemy town center, the enemy leader's tent and killing the enemy general, all of which must be done for victory to be gained. The player relies initially on the Duke and his small contingent of troops, but later you receive some other troops, and if you're fast you can also get some longbowmen which prove very useful. The game has a very fast pace and you have to think and act very fast to overcome the enemy horde making its way to your city before it overcomes you, thus you don't have time to get bored.

knowing the way the game was before the update, I can say that trigger work and gameplay in general has really improved, though there are still a few things left to work on, such as the victory (when you achieve all the objectives, it would make it better if you don't stop the game abruptly, but make a trigger to wait a few seconds, in which you can make your character say something like "we won", and then activate the victory trigger). Also, the display instructions were frequent and often very long, the time that you have to read them is clearly not sufficient, when you have a big amount of text to read, you should leave it on screen for at least 30 seconds, and don't replace it with another one.

Playability has been improved a bit by the third update, which balances the game and also adds a new sidequest which can earn the player relics.

The game was not without challenge. From what I gathered, the enemy continuously spawned units that came to lay siege on your city. The beginning wave is really huge, and you will need to be quick and use the onager provided to reduce their numbers at the fortified pass, all of which is explained in game. If you play it correctly however, there is a slim chance that you will lose.

Upon the third important update, the balance has been improved and the enemy town center is now impossible to breach without building up a little first. The AI provided is also very challenging. One thing I've noticed though, which is a little awkward, is that the enemy rams are attacking my troops.

There were some additions that spiced up the game a little , such as the time limit and the taunts that the invader leader throws at you from time to time, and which are for the most part funny. Also, the fact that you can actually see the invaders approaching your city from afar, destroying your defenses as they go, really got me into the game and gave a feeling of urgency. The author also thought up a few "sidequests" and things that were supposed to reduce monotony. Also, the update brought a more in-depth story while also fixing the old triggers, which is why I will add another point to creativity.

This is probably the most noticeable update. The author has come a long way with his map design, and I am particularly happy that my feedback helped him on this issue. The map looks a lot better and more polished now. It is still in need of terrain mixing for some parts, and it does use gaia flowers a bit too extensively, but all in all it is a huge improvement, I can barely believe that it's from the same author. Way to go.
To the downloaders, you shouldn't take my enthousiasm to mean that this is a fantastic design, it's just a very improved one.

The cities also look better and received more attention this time, but there's still a long way to go to get the 5 rating. Although you are getting pretty close to the 4 in my book. Keep it up!

EDIT: after playing the game for the third time there are a few things that have caught my attention. First of all, even though I enjoy the fact that you have ordered everything on the map, things look way too geometrical for the most part...even natural elements, which does not look very nice. Try making things less "perfect" in geometrical terms... the city seems to suffer from the same problem. It does not look necessarily bad...but not too realistic.

Next, you really need to mix the terrain more, the map would benefit greatly from it. You seem to enjoy placing square patches too much as of now. I see lots of potential for improvement though.

The story is not too bad, though it is really generic. The instructions and hints are there, and they are often useful. Grammar problems are visibly reduced from the previous version. The author has put effort this time into improving the game's backstory. All the nations now have personalized names, and so do the characters. However, for some reasons their names are very...very...hard to remember. Mostly because they are similar to one another. This is why I haven't given any names in this review, i just could not remember them.

Another improvement as to the story is the presence of much longer and more in-depth dialogue and narrations, but there is a problem with the timer that doesn't allow you to properly read them, as I already pointed out in the "playability" section.

This is really not bad for a first scenario. You showcase some really nice ideas here and I'm sure that you will be able to implement them better as you get more experienced with trigger work. You have already improved a lot with this update, especially with your map design, I honestly wasn't expecting you to make such a fast improvement. If you keep this up we might have a very good designer among us soon. Keep playing high rated stuff from the blacksmith to get ideas and explore trigger possibilities, and keep designing!

For potential downloaders, this is now a pretty decent file to play if you have half an hour to kill.

[Edited on 11/23/11 @ 06:10 PM]

File Author
Hi The comments are a lot help ful..Actually it is a forst area and i have used Desert Type mountains..I will clear that and put some greenish mountains..I need to make Enemies to take longer route to reach the BRITONs base, so that we have lot many strategic points where we can defend. So If i placed a forest to make the route longer without mountains then it would not be fitting as Britons would have gone for a shorter trade route to FRANKS by cutting the forests instead of going for a longer route. So to balance the game and to make the route fitting to the story I placed the mountains but I will check on it to put some Scenic features to cover it up and make it gud looking..regarding Victory condition...'if you can destroy their town center on the North extreme, kill their Commander Bad guy, and destroy HIS HUT, the BIG BROTHERS will immediately escape to where they came from and the Tyranny can be ended.' I have placed this please check and let me know. I am working on a proper AI for the scenario to make the Enemies goal oriented and make story more effective and strategic.
Official Reviewer
for the use of mountains, i recommend that you check out the Ulio campaign, as there are lots of mountains put to good use there. You may also find inspiration in just about any scenario or campaign with high map design ratings. It's not realistic to have mountains in a straight line, and you can also make them look better by using map copy and placing trees on them.

File Author
Thanks for the comments..I have updated the campaign and added more effectiveness to it based on the Difficulty..If you play hard and hardest it will be very difficult. MAP also I changed a bit but will add more eyecandies later on..But for now the game will be hair rising and will be very gud Single player scenario..In order to win you need to kill the enemy commander Megantaka, Destroy his hut and destroy the north extreme town center as well.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: It was pretty nice playing this scenario. The style of gameplay was very nice. You are limited and have to wait soldiers. The enemy had a hell of an army, and always got reinforcements. It took a lot of time, although only continious battle battle battle was getting boring to quick. Its to much like an endless battle - you get soldiers, the enemy gets soldiers, and so on. 3

Balance: It was pretty hard in the beginning, but in the end it was very easy. I liked the time limit, there were a lot of objects that had to survive, and enemy objects to destroy. The enemy had a huge army, and was always pushing into your direction. But i think your hero was a bit to overpowered. You had to visit the longbowman quickly, or the game was almost impossible to win. 3

Creativity: There were some very good creative attempts in this scenario. There were about 70 triggers, what is not a record, but it shows that its not a poor 10 minute creation. You always had to wait some time for soldiers, siege weapons and villagers. I liked the secret gate, which was the only way to stop the endless enemy reinforcements. I liked the intro cutscene, altough it was a bit poor. There were a lot of dialoges as well, but most of them were very short. When you met the victory conditions, there is no dialoge, only a direct win. In the beginning there is a sound effect playing, which is not included in the file. I think i had the sound effect from another scenario. Thats why i heard it. Many of the triggers had no conditions, and lots of useless effects, such as changing ownership to the same player. 4

Map Design: The map design was pretty good, but still needs a lot of minor improvement. In overall the author made good use of ,map copy and GAIA objects. The terrain was almost not mixed, but i can see that there was a lot of effort put into this map. Some map copied trees where not rotated, what made them all look exactly the same. The cities were very bad designed, a bit squary, and boring, but the northern nature part was well designed, and there was good use of elevation too. 3

Story/Instructions: A nice story, although some of the names very a bit odd, such as the enemy commander was just called "Bad Guy". There were a lot of dialoges, but they were all flashing to fast, so you cannot read them without going to the chat menu. There were some good hints too, and the history was interesting. 3

Additional Comments: After the first version, what scored 2 stars by me, i can see that you have highly improved! Although i don´t think its a must have, it was fun playing it, and its worth to take a look at it. Some good work there, i see that you have highly improved in designing! Keep creating, and playing, practice makes perfect!

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Map Design3.0
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