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The Successor - Act One: The Renegade Prince (v. 1,1)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
*** This scenario received the award Best Story in the Game of the Year Awards of 2011 ***

The sequel to this game is out! Download The Successor - Act Two >>> HERE <<<

Ravenia is a land without a King, a land plagued by civil war and foreign invaders. And it has been like that for 15 years now, since the death of the old king, Navar the 3rd. Now, there is finally hope... The prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The Renegade Prince is returning home...

This is the first Act of "The Successor" trilogy, which you might be familiar with if you have played my previous cinematic scenario. If not, don't worry! Everything you need to know is right here, in this download, including a revamped version of the prologue cinematic!
This campaign contains two scenarios, the first is playable, while the second is 100% cutscene.

- An emphasis on the narrative aspect. If you've enjoyed the intense storytelling of campaigns such as Ulio, spiced up with a little bit of humor, you will probably not be disappointed.
- Two epic 15-minute-long cutscenes, at the beginning and the end of the game, as well as many other shorter ones during the game, that will drive the story forward.
- Gameplay diversity: Role-play, Fixed Force, Defend the Spot, even a little bit of Puzzle, plus a couple of suspenseful one-on-one duels. There should be something in here for every gamer out there, except for hardcore b&d-ers.
- Varied and detailed map design, a whole country with different landscapes, one major city and several towns and villages.
- An interesting cast of characters, including a protagonist who does not fit the "prince charming" cliche.
- An epic soundtrack to match the story. The main character even has his own theme song!
- A detailed .pdf guide, containing all you need to know about the game and its background.
- A total of around 800 triggers.

This game is best played on normal speed with a resolution of 1024X768 and music off. To install it, just place the .cpx file in the campaigns folder and the sound files in the sound/scenario folder.

I hope you will have fun with this game, and I urge you to comment, review and give your suggestions and feedback. I need all the feedback I can get if this is to become a trilogy ;)

All credits are in the beginning cutscene and in the .pdf guide. A particular thank you goes to my playtesters, Bf_Tanks, Dtrungle and Popeychops.


- fixed all detection area bugs that have escaped playtesting and have been brought to my attention after first upload;
- "relic doesn't show" bug from Teophil's quest fixed;
- turkey now always changes ownership to p1 after little girl quest;
- minor spelling mistakes fixed;
- "Super Tarran" bug which I believed to be fixed is still appearing sometimes. Will probably be fixed in a newer version.
- added one bonus non-playable map, as a teaser for the up-coming sequel!

Thank you to everybody who gave their feedback and contributed to identifying bugs.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
irwinnerdavidboy It probably is a mistake. I think he meant prince's (royalty) instead of price's (money term.)
Official Reviewer
File Author
actually in-game it says "prince" (just checked). GeneralR misspelled that one in his comment. i think what he was unsure about is the word "alas", which is an interjection of sorrow.

I appreciate all kinds of feedback but I would be more interested in stuff regarding the actual gameplay :) i've already had a very good help from DTrungle concerning spotting grammar and chatline mistakes so I'm pretty sure that it's up to par.

Official Reviewer
Glad that it's out. :)

I'm playing it on Moderate atm and the difficulty is still there as well as the waiting to heal. We'll see how it goes. Enjoying it though.

EDIT: Great game. I managed to beat it on Moderate and it was a lot more enjoyable when I didn't have to focus on playtesting. I'm going to try it again on Hard and then work at a review.

I'm going to send a small bug/error list to your email.

[Edited on 09/29/11 @ 11:21 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
thanks Dtrungle :) I think hard difficulty doesn't stray too far from moderate. It's definitely easier than the version you first tested.
RladalFatih I found a bug: when I reached the second neutral village (where we recieve the mission to kill the wolves), all my men were converted, and reconverted to me after dialogues, except one of my hero. So I am obliged to restart all, because it's impossible after that to bring all my heroes to recieve reinforcements. After nearly one hour on the game, it's quite frustrating...

I presume that it's because the area for converting units to cyan player during the dialogue, and the area to reconvert them after are not the same. But fixing it could be a good thing.
Official Reviewer
File Author
thank you for bringing it to my attention, it will be taken care of.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
During all the time before the campaign's arrival,we only had a prologue available. I thought this would be another big and interesting,but also a bit usual campaign...You disproved it and i'm happy i was wrong.
From the beginning to the end,there were almost no moments i got bored or was stuck due to difficult situations.The game is too easy to play that hints may not be used once (personally,i checked the hints only twice!)
Many fights during Krall's trip, many optional objectives to achieve, very suited music, no need to worry about the army you gain during the trip, nice dialogs (Krall used to be rude most of the times...),no bugs...everything was just very well executed (if not perfect).
There were some parts,however,that need to be checked for random faults (like the case of the turkey).
Anyway, i'd definitely play it again!

Balance: 5
The level is difficulty-level dynamic,so i suppose it would fit everyone. I chose to play on Standard and i have to say that the game is well-balanced. Lots of saves were needed,though,because i encountered some unexpected attacks. Whatever the case,if you play cleverly,no Fanarian or Tugai enemy can beat you. Some objectives are more difficult to complete than others,but that's why saves are to be done,right?

Creativity: 5
The campaign is full or creative ideas. The secret paths to go through, the puzzle you have to solve (with the relic),the well-made towns and villages...A girl that must return to her father,the way you can defeat the Ice Servant,pack of wolves vs the Fanarian army,are some of the most creative aspects of the game.
There are also some very humorous points,like the "gay situation" ( alternate lifestyle,funny as hell! ), gossip ("that prince is such a hottie") and many others.
The places you have to go through and the people you have to meet in order to continue are also well-suited.
In general,creativity here is perfect!

Map Design: 5
Little can be said here: design could not have been better. All these wonderful landscapes and forests... The hills and the cliffs you use make a better picture of the country. The special mixed terrain and the gaia stuff you include (flowers,dirts,animals,forage bushes,...) reflect the country's agrarian and
pastoral type.There are even snowy and deserty
Generally,nothing to complain about.

Story/Instructions: 5
"The Successor" is a lot-promising campaign,with Krall being the Successor and
Willan the ones who must be killed for Ravenia's sake.There are friends accompanying him,like Tarran, and others that are willing to help Krall complete his mission,like Father Teophil. The challenge is great,as he must kill a lot of enemies and meet many places before reaching the capital of the country and rescuing it by Willan's hands.
The instruction are all-clear and there is some scouting and hints available.The fact is,hints will be of little use,because the game is not complicated at all,except some points that need more than a single battle.Scouts can help a lot,as the map is big and you can easily get entangled.

Additional Comments:
Well done Panel for your patience and care to this campaign. I hope you be satisfied with it and complete the Trilogy! No need to worry about the result,it will be as excellent as this one!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you for the review, Alekshs. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
Khan Ivayl
Map Design5.0
"The Successor" by Panel tells the story of a liberator-hero, who is loved by his people for bashing the countrie's enemies, but displays some dark traits, like impatience, arrogance and brutality. I like the anti-hero image, but I had to wonder at times whether, while playing this scenario, I was liberating a country or installing its next Tyranny^^. Inspite or maybe because of this, I had a lot of fun playing "The Successor" and this is what caught my attention:

Playability: 5

The gameplay accurately mimics the challenges of a guerilla-liberation-operation. You have to hide, seek help, recruite new men after loosing almost all of your original troops... Multiple twists keep the action interesting and make the story develop while presenting the player with new challenges.

Balance: 4

It is realistic to loose almost all of your men when fighting guerilla wars, but this happened in almost every major battle, while the difficulty was set to the easiest. Of course some major losses could have been avoided with maneuvers and coordination of the units, I like that idea, but it is difficult to perform quick maneuvers, when one of the tasks is to keep at least 3 units constantly alife during the whole game. For more skilled players this is probably no big deal, so this minor flaw will only cost one point. Overall the balance was actually rather good. It requires some skill to design a map in a way that the player constantly moves on the edge between winning and loosing, without drifiting into impossible. Panel definitely displays this skill in "The Successor".

Creativity: 4
High creativity is evident both from the story and the use of triggers/easter eggs. The broad framework of the story is a metaphor for true historical events and conditions, but it would be unfair to reduce "The Successor" to a historical lesson in disguise. A lot of influences and inspirations become visible, the more the story goes into detail. There appear to be tributes to The Lord of The Rings, Robin Hood, Star Wars, Indiana Jones... whether intended or not, the fact that I can have so many different associations proves that this work is not copying a particular story, but is the unique mixture of whatever has been inspiring panel in the making of process...
There are alot of interesting triggers and easter eggs to consider when rating the creativity. It begins with the use of credits and music that create a movielike atmosphere together with the frequent cinematic scenes. I was happy to recognize a piece of melody from "La Piovra" in the soundtrack. La Piovra was the best show about the Mafia, ever! The sniper-modus for Tarran, the freezing when touching ice, the loosing balance when walking over holes were all very creatively implemented tricks to add new possibilites for the player to enjoy the game. And regarding Easter Eggs it is a necessity to mention the Walker Forest Ranger who is obviously played by Chuck Norris (Speaking about actors for the Mod, wonder if they got Alan Rickmann to play Willan).
Overall the creativity displayed in this Mod approaches perfection, the only thing that was disappointing for me, is that while so much love for detail and effort was put into every aspect of the campaign the storyline makes a too black and white distinction between good and bad nations. Only exception is Willan who is a traitor to the good Ravenians, but a few units changing sides from the other camps would have made a more complex picture and this would match up the effort that is overall visible in the project.

Map Design: 5
I don't need to agree with the author's taste in every point to aknowledge that the map design is highly elaborate. I have my favorites on one hand and there are places which I would have done differently on the other, but I will not detract from the rating because of personal taste issues, this category deserves the full 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions and background information provided are the most elaborate part of the whole campaign. This category so much deserves the 5, that I almost had given all other categories a 4 in comparance. There is not only the hints and history put in the beginning screen, but you can choose to have an introduction video brought to you from a shepherd boy and there is even a freaking guide!! If you miss on any information it is your own damn fault.

Additional Comments:

The Successor is a very elaborate piece of work, one of those campaigns that clearly exceed what ES have set as standard. I see no reason not to honour the effort and download the campaign :).

[Edited on 10/07/11 @ 09:05 PM]

jfg1 I am playing in Hard level.. When Krall turns green at the priest blue flag he stays green. I walked Tarran and the priest to the mausoleum without him but Krall stays green. Initially the priest was somewhere down the path and away from the church/blue flag. Krall went to the priest during the dialog. Could this be the reason, since Krall was not near the blue flag at the end of the dialog?
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