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Downloads Home » Best Files » The Successor - Act One: The Renegade Prince (v. 1,1)

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The Successor - Act One: The Renegade Prince (v. 1,1)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
*** This scenario received the award Best Story in the Game of the Year Awards of 2011 ***

The sequel to this game is out! Download The Successor - Act Two >>> HERE <<<

Ravenia is a land without a King, a land plagued by civil war and foreign invaders. And it has been like that for 15 years now, since the death of the old king, Navar the 3rd. Now, there is finally hope... The prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The Renegade Prince is returning home...

This is the first Act of "The Successor" trilogy, which you might be familiar with if you have played my previous cinematic scenario. If not, don't worry! Everything you need to know is right here, in this download, including a revamped version of the prologue cinematic!
This campaign contains two scenarios, the first is playable, while the second is 100% cutscene.

- An emphasis on the narrative aspect. If you've enjoyed the intense storytelling of campaigns such as Ulio, spiced up with a little bit of humor, you will probably not be disappointed.
- Two epic 15-minute-long cutscenes, at the beginning and the end of the game, as well as many other shorter ones during the game, that will drive the story forward.
- Gameplay diversity: Role-play, Fixed Force, Defend the Spot, even a little bit of Puzzle, plus a couple of suspenseful one-on-one duels. There should be something in here for every gamer out there, except for hardcore b&d-ers.
- Varied and detailed map design, a whole country with different landscapes, one major city and several towns and villages.
- An interesting cast of characters, including a protagonist who does not fit the "prince charming" cliche.
- An epic soundtrack to match the story. The main character even has his own theme song!
- A detailed .pdf guide, containing all you need to know about the game and its background.
- A total of around 800 triggers.

This game is best played on normal speed with a resolution of 1024X768 and music off. To install it, just place the .cpx file in the campaigns folder and the sound files in the sound/scenario folder.

I hope you will have fun with this game, and I urge you to comment, review and give your suggestions and feedback. I need all the feedback I can get if this is to become a trilogy ;)

All credits are in the beginning cutscene and in the .pdf guide. A particular thank you goes to my playtesters, Bf_Tanks, Dtrungle and Popeychops.


- fixed all detection area bugs that have escaped playtesting and have been brought to my attention after first upload;
- "relic doesn't show" bug from Teophil's quest fixed;
- turkey now always changes ownership to p1 after little girl quest;
- minor spelling mistakes fixed;
- "Super Tarran" bug which I believed to be fixed is still appearing sometimes. Will probably be fixed in a newer version.
- added one bonus non-playable map, as a teaser for the up-coming sequel!

Thank you to everybody who gave their feedback and contributed to identifying bugs.
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Official Reviewer
File Author
sorry, this is beyond my understanding. It's been playtested lots of times and there was never any issue there. The triggers for it are pretty straightforward so I don't understand what might have gone wrong, perhaps something very random.

I would recommend trying to play from an earlier saved file if possible. Sorry I can't help you further :(
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
*** This scenario received the award “Best Story” in the Game of the Year Awards of 2011 ***,40747,0,10
matar hello , can u tell me please how to get the relic ,, i can kill the guard but when i walk to the relic i die ,, and thanks for the cool campaign
Official Reviewer
File Author
Hey Matar, glad you're enjoying it so far.


You have missed something previously. Go back and read all the parchments (step on the rugs). One of them will give you the hint you need...and the spring in the middle of the crypt has something to do with it. Hope that's enough to help you.
matar Thanks , by the way this is the best campaign i ever played
tgspy Its an epic map, but i died as soon as i got to the bit with the teutonic knights and archers
Official Reviewer
Very, very nice campaign. I'd review it, but it has three already so I'll pass. Played very smoothly, but the most annoying thing was that red was neutral so their stuff got autoattacked. I changed red to ally, but the effect was that a lot of area was revealed then.
Official Reviewer
File Author
@ tgspy: if you use the guard tower to garrisson some of your units, and your remaining galleys to shoot the enemy that gets close to the shore, it just becomes a lot easier. Just lure the enemy there and get your other units out of harm's way. That's the way to go for newer players.

@ Jatayu: thanks. I would be thrilled to have an official review, in case you decide to write one.

The red player's neutrality is unfortunately a must at this point, because of the cartography trick I used for the cutscene. That might change when I update though, because I know it's a little frustrating.

[Edited on 02/02/12 @ 05:09 AM]

andycummings I hope you are working on the second part of this trilogy now. This was one of the two most enjoyable campaigns I have played...right up there with King's Best Men........

cant wait for the next one
Official Reviewer
File Author
Hey, thanks! Having my work mentioned along with Ingo's is very motivating indeed.

Act Two is already in the making, but it will likely take some time until it is ready for release. What I can promise is that it will be better.
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