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The Successor - Act One: The Renegade Prince (v. 1,1)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
*** This scenario received the award Best Story in the Game of the Year Awards of 2011 ***

The sequel to this game is out! Download The Successor - Act Two >>> HERE <<<

Ravenia is a land without a King, a land plagued by civil war and foreign invaders. And it has been like that for 15 years now, since the death of the old king, Navar the 3rd. Now, there is finally hope... The prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The Renegade Prince is returning home...

This is the first Act of "The Successor" trilogy, which you might be familiar with if you have played my previous cinematic scenario. If not, don't worry! Everything you need to know is right here, in this download, including a revamped version of the prologue cinematic!
This campaign contains two scenarios, the first is playable, while the second is 100% cutscene.

- An emphasis on the narrative aspect. If you've enjoyed the intense storytelling of campaigns such as Ulio, spiced up with a little bit of humor, you will probably not be disappointed.
- Two epic 15-minute-long cutscenes, at the beginning and the end of the game, as well as many other shorter ones during the game, that will drive the story forward.
- Gameplay diversity: Role-play, Fixed Force, Defend the Spot, even a little bit of Puzzle, plus a couple of suspenseful one-on-one duels. There should be something in here for every gamer out there, except for hardcore b&d-ers.
- Varied and detailed map design, a whole country with different landscapes, one major city and several towns and villages.
- An interesting cast of characters, including a protagonist who does not fit the "prince charming" cliche.
- An epic soundtrack to match the story. The main character even has his own theme song!
- A detailed .pdf guide, containing all you need to know about the game and its background.
- A total of around 800 triggers.

This game is best played on normal speed with a resolution of 1024X768 and music off. To install it, just place the .cpx file in the campaigns folder and the sound files in the sound/scenario folder.

I hope you will have fun with this game, and I urge you to comment, review and give your suggestions and feedback. I need all the feedback I can get if this is to become a trilogy ;)

All credits are in the beginning cutscene and in the .pdf guide. A particular thank you goes to my playtesters, Bf_Tanks, Dtrungle and Popeychops.


- fixed all detection area bugs that have escaped playtesting and have been brought to my attention after first upload;
- "relic doesn't show" bug from Teophil's quest fixed;
- turkey now always changes ownership to p1 after little girl quest;
- minor spelling mistakes fixed;
- "Super Tarran" bug which I believed to be fixed is still appearing sometimes. Will probably be fixed in a newer version.
- added one bonus non-playable map, as a teaser for the up-coming sequel!

Thank you to everybody who gave their feedback and contributed to identifying bugs.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Successor, Act I is a campaign about a young man's quest to recapture his fathers kingdom from the invading Fanarians and the usurping Willan. Though at the beginning, I thought this was going to be a usual underdog/outlaw adventure that is seen way too often, Panel pleasantly surprised me with a plot and characters that it takes someone with true talent to imagine.

Playability: 5
In short, this is one of the most fun scenarios I have played in awhile. Many designers, myself included, often fall into the trap of making the quests and adventures in a scenario of such epic proportion too similar. This is not the case here- I doubt anybody could point out anything vaguely redundant about this scenario. Multiple sidequests and open-ended objectives (several ways to complete) make this a very realistic experience.

Balance: 5
As a difficulty-dynamic campaign, The Successor, Act I is a fun and challenging, yet winnable scenario for anybody, from complete newbies to hardcore AOKers. Panel did an excellent job on the one-on-one battles, making them frustrating at first, but winnable with good tactics. I have to admit I cellied real hard when I killed Willan on hard difficulty, with Krall down to 3hp!!! One bug- the "super Tarran" glitch has not been fully eliminated (I encountered it once, but was unable to recreate it, and luckily I had a savegame right before to load). As I was unable to recreate it, it must have been a total anomaly, and I could not take off points for something so small anyway.

Creativity: 5
As stated earlier, the game is not redundant whatever. Furthermore, Panel has implemented some concepts completely of his own design, and some that are just off the beaten track. Highlights included taming a pack of wolves to set on your enemies, dueling a demigod on a vision quest, exploring a crypt, infiltrating the capital via the sewers, and fomenting a rebellion in two cities. Krall, Tarran, and Mohan's use of actual military strategy was a welcome sight, as was the creative plot and dialogue.

Map Design: 5
A perfect 5. While map design can be a subjective topic, even the parts that I might not especially like were still works of art. Eyecandy was abundant and the different terrains were all beautiful and creative. Though this may seem a simple thing to say, everything on the map looked REAL. As I stepped into the land of Ravenia in AOK, it was almost like I was really exploring this land. Panel displays expertise with multiple types of terrain, from beaches (I loved the little waves!), to swamps, to temperate climates, to the barren steppe, to snowy mountains, and even city settings, which I find to be the most challenging thing to design. Simply a masterpiece.

Story/Instructions: 5
Panel seemingly creates with ease a story that is so deep and enjoyable that it makes me wonder why he is not currently making millions as a professional author! All the characters have lots of depth and are very realistic. Krall especially reminds me of the Vlad Dracula that I have been trying to portray: good intentions, yet power-hungry, brutal, cruel and sarcastic- a guy with a serious mean streak. However, his character puts my rendition of Dracula to shame. His story immediately drew me in and kept me hooked throughout, and at times I felt like I was watching a movie, hoping for Krall to succeed, yet despising him for his cruel personality. Your villager in Kron says it perfectly: Krall is the "antihero" type (thrust into the role of the hero). One cannot neglect to mention how well the beginning and end cutscenes tie up all loose ends, while setting the stage for future sequels (yay!).

Additional Comments:
The Successor, Act I is a masterpiece and a must download. AOK players, this is a scenario one cannot skip over. Panel has already given me some incredibly helpful advice for my own project, and playing this furthers my respect for him, as I could not help but see similarities between the designing skill of Panel and greats such as Stoker, Ingo, and Marscheider, a compliment that is not tossed out lightly. This, while not the same theme of scenario, is up there with those classics in all respects, and all I can say in closing is that I hope that the next installments are even better than this one, a very hard act to follow.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you for the review Hockeysam, it made me blush.
Slates21 I've never posted on these forums before, never had a need too, but after playing that scenario, I was forced to make an account just to give credit to panel for making such an amazing scenario.

I can't review you like others have, because my knowledge of the game is playing it, and it stops there. So here's what I can contribute.

The map was absolutely stunning, story was brilliant (Can't wait for the next one), gameplay was excellent and all round it was the the most fun I've had on a game in a long time.

So thank you very much for sharing that.

PS The Tarran "Super archer" worked completely fine of me but I did have a strange moment where during one of the cutscenes half of my troops were part of "Neutral Ravenians" instead of "Allied" and the other half of my troops, set on neutral, attacked them and killed Tarran, ending my game. Just thought you'd like to know
Official Reviewer
File Author
thank you, receiving comments like this is extremely gratifying. I am aware there are still many problems with ownership changes. My lack of experience with managing such a big scenario is showing there.

The trilogy's completion will probably bring an update for this scenario also, fixing some of it's problems. But it's going to be a while.

In the meantime you can check out the thread about the next Act, in the Scenario design forums:,40749,0,30
SCOPEarv14 I am having some serious problems with the last boss fight. I lead Willan over all the fall down points once, but then they don't work at all again. I don't know if this is something wrong with the triggers or something but it is really frustrating to have gotten this far and not be able to go further.
Official Reviewer
File Author

you are not supposed to use the fall down points more than once. If you use each of those points to the maximum inflicting damage to your opponent, you cannot lose. by the way, there is another point to the bottom right, outside the visible arena, that you may have missed. But actually, the game can be won without resorting to that one.
Excogitatoris Thank you very much for your contribution to the community, for me this is one of the best campaigns ever created in Age of Kings Heaven, I would compare it to memorable campaigns as Gwyndlegard, Ocean Blue 1 and The Revolution Rockspring..... :)
Map Design5.0
Best of the best campaign ever. I was so desperately wanted that it continue after winning the scenario. But it was only one scenario campaign. It should be continue as Successor Act 1 to many many.

Playability: 5
It was so fun and thrilling to play. Kept me playing till it ended. I was surprised when created dungeon beneath dome to get relic back. Never seen such quest in any scenario. in every quest and every step something new to get thrilled.

Balance: 5
I was able to play and win with hard difficulty without getting frustrated. It was fun to play so challenging fights every time throughout scenario. Especially that 1st battle and last battle defending the village before main battle in capital.

Creativity: 5

Creativity is awesome and outstanding. salute for the creativity. Sniper terrain attack, patrolling troops, both hero discussing what to do etc. bandits hideout , Taming the wolfs, Dungeon quest for relic, Demigod fight for winning support from Aztec tribe. everything awesome.

Map Design: 5

Map Design was great and realistic and perfect. Starting from 1st battle with tower support to jungle filled with wolfs, bandit hideout, dungeon and sewer to capital, snowy mountains, Grave yard, everything looks real.

Story/Instructions: 5

Fantastic story from start to end which feels like watching a movie and same time playing it too. Dialogues between three heroes and devising strategy at every mission made playing so much fun. Instructions are the real fun here as it made it playing fun without wasting time and getting bored as to what to do. once again fantastic.

Additional Comments:

Just want to say don't miss it!!! Its a masterpiece.

[Edited on 07/27/12 @ 06:20 AM]

amampa I have posted review giving all five a clear 5, looks like my review is still in review :)

[Edited on 07/27/12 @ 02:46 AM]

Amampa, it is indeed still awaiting approval. IMO, it was slightly lacking detail in some sections. Sending the editing link to your email.

- Blacksmith Administrator
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