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PTC11 - Hansbrok

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
It is the spring of the year 1366. You are general Tarran of Donaria. You have been assigned a special mission by king Krall. You must visit the Sylvanian city of Hansbrok and report back everything that you have seen. The city is currently under Tugai domination, so you will be undercover, to avoid any unwanted "fighting" situations.

This non playable scenario takes place in the fictional land of Ravenia, a few months after the events depicted in my campaign, "The Successor - Act One". If you want to know more about Ravenia I suggest downloading and playing that game. If you don't really care about the backstory, then just enjoy the map!

Comments, reviews and all kinds of feedback are always welcome. Thanks for downloading!

I would like to credit Lord Basse for the shore fish fountain trick. I don't know if he is the author, but I first saw it in his "Rockspring Revolution" scenario and thought it was great.
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Ravenian is under occupation, so is Hansbrok, lying north of the kingdom. It's a city in the province of Sylvania, been famous for its agrarian welfare...and its astonishing beauty.

Rating: 5
Tarran is sent to have a closer look of the city and report everything about it. Except the city's situation, the landscapes full of pleasing, mixed terrain and the abundance of trees and flora will surely catch his attention. Cliffs, elevations and rocks here and there justify its being a mountainous city.
As he comes closer, he can see the many farms and some domestic animals out of the city, as well as wild animals. "That's why they call it an agrarian place", he certainly thinks... There is also the city's graveyard in the east of it. It's big, but it not so good-looking...
The city goes like this: Houses been organized to groups, many markets/blacksmiths (as well as a Merchant's Guild), the lengthy Hansbrok University with two beautiful rectangular gardens, the docks and cranes and so on. Some of the best "sightseeing" buildings are the Hansbrok Palace, the astonishing Triumph Arch and the historical Rasna Monastery. Not to miss the jousting tournament and the fountains in all these.
Tugai have Hansbrok under their control, but still leave in their tents, outside the city; they have imposed taxes and do not let them train much army. There are ruins of walls and buildings, mostly at the northern part, due to their invasion. There is the poor people's area, too. I do not like this discrimination, but it's the harsh reality.
Anyway, Hansbrok is greatly decorated and varies in all means. Many delightful gardens and files of bushes, the river's extend in all the city creating mosses and bamboos... In addition, the snowy, dirty-or-not, broken-or-not roads, flowers at most places... Not to miss the different building's decoration.

Additional Comments:
Everyone will hardly find a city prettier than Hansbrok. Although been under occupation, its beauty, culture and history never wear off. In general, an amazing map!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you for the review.
alekshs I may be in love with you. :P
You seem to have talent making maps,how about taking a career on it? You're not gonna make any profit,but at least you'll have fun doing the job!
Official Reviewer
File Author
We will see what the future has in store for me, first I need to finish my college :)
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5.0

Hansbrock, by Panel, is a big city in the fictional country of Ravenia, which is part of Panel's great campaign "The Succesor". The design of the city is absoloutly amazing! The snowy terrain is very well mixed together, and the building mixing, as well as the river, are perfect. The author used bamboo trees on the sides of the river, what gives a great look to it. The city features monastaries, an icy swamp, and nice farms in front of the city, including an animal farm. Outside the city is a well designed pine forest, and the author made a very good use of GAIA objects and elevation. I liked the old city wall, that was broken down as the city got extended to the north, and the "Tugai" camp was well designed. You meet nice triggers as well, some people could talk, and so you could find out a something about the history of the city. There is one point i would critizise though, which is that one of the bridges leads up the elevation, and looks out of place. That is the only negative detail i can see in this, and i won't lower the rating because of it.

Additional Comments: Great Job in designing another great city, just like the amazing city of "Kron" in the first act of "The Succesor". A design like the city of Kron and the city of Hansbrock i have never met before. I would recommend to download this map to everyone, who needs inspiration of a huge city, and to everyone who just wants to enjoy the great design, which surely has taken a lot of time for the author to create!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I found Hansbrok to be a bit of a mixed bag. While it's definitely a good design with plenty of good-looking scenery and town parts, there were a lot of things I felt dragged the map down.

First off, the forests, the gardens and the area around the victory arch, as well as some other parts of the town, were well-designed and pretty to look at. I liked the two islands in the middle of town, the grand monastery and the palace, and the ruinous eastern part of the city.

There were, however, many parts that weren't up to the same standard. Some of the houses looked too clumped together, not very practical to live in and a bit messy to look at. The mesoamerican houses that popped up in the northern and eastern parts of town also looked very out of place. The elevated bridge to the monastery looked very weird; I guess that the author wanted to make a more realistic and not completely flat bridge, but the result is unfortunately not too convincing.

Another reviewer complemented on the use of bamboo to make the rivers look much prettier. Here I have to disagree completely. I small amounts, bamboo can make riversides look good, but when you have too much of it (and this was the case with Hansbrok) it makes it look like a swamp. Several parts of the river than runs through hansbrok suffered from this, I believe unintended, swampy feel. I suggest that you use bamboo more sparingly, otherwise it ruins the effect that bamboo can have,

I hope I don't come across as too negative with this review, but there are many things I think this map would benefit from.

Overall I think this is a good map, and it shows that the author has a good grip on designing, and the potential to become one of the greats!
Official Reviewer
Hansbrok is Panel's entry to the 2011 Pretty Town Contest. This large city is set in the fictional country of Ravenia, a fictional world from Panel's critically acclaim Successor series. The map scored well in a very close competition taking 5th place overall.

Rating: 5
Hansbrok is a large city that is being visited by General Tarran as an emissary of King Krall. Winter has just ended and the city is starting to blossom with the start of the Spring season. This is a very nice idea because it forces the author to experiment with both snowy landscapes and greener landscapes and blend them together flawlessly. This is something that you don't see often, but Panel has pulled it off perfectly. This is actually one of my favourite entries to the 2011 contest and I am surprise that it don't place better than 5th place. The map design is exquisite both inside and outside the city walls. The city itself is laid out very well with spacious and streets allowing for easy movement around the town and lots of nice building mixes using the Map Copy Tool. There are a number of monuments and grand mansion to see throughout the city as well as some nice things such as the Hansbrok University, a jousting arena and an outdoor market. Cutting through the centre of the city is a narrow river with some islands in the middle. On one of these lies the beautiful Hansbrok Palace whilst on the second you will discover the peaceful Rasna Monastery and the monks that faithfully reside there.The city is well designed and realistic with much road used to create an authentic look, yet vegetation such as as trees and bushes laid throughout as well to provide realism. There are a number of people scattered throughout the city going about their daily lives, with some moving from place to place. It does however seem strange that there are so few people in such a large city (although they may be unseen inside their houses). Outside the city you fill discover a lush landscape with some dense forests and the farmlands, which are just starting to be resown after the harsh winter. Panel has demonstrated excellent skill with terrain mixing here to blend together many different terrain styles from both snowy and green styles to make a unique spring season setting. I particularly like the farms which are half dead and have grown. The forests beyond are also nicely designed with a mix of trees and bushes to create a realistic woodland. Panel has not only demonstrated beautiful artistry with the drawing of this map but much technical skill in adding detail such as damaging walls to make ruins, patrolling guards and overlapping buildings.

Additional Comments:
Overall Hansbrok is a highly detailed city and beautiful crafted. A Highly recommended download.


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