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PTC11 - Malvan

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
PTC2011 - Malvan

The city of Malvan sprawls along the coast, from mountain to marsh and from the placid waters of Lake Pevensey to the bustle of the Haymarket. Out to sea the sun glitters on the mysterious ruins of Cragtooth Island, and closer to home diggers churn up the streets in search of treasures. The great and the good inhabit spacious buildings near the lake or the abbey while the poorer residents throng through slums and courtyards in the heart of the city.

~ ~ ~

This file has no gameplay or story and was created for the Pretty Town Contest. Its only purpose is to look pretty.

~ ~ ~

Should anyone like to borrow any aspect of this file and use it in their own work, they are entirely free to do so. The same goes if anyone would like to use the map as a whole as a template.
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CarolKarine I would give this a solid 4.75 to 5.

My reasoning behind the non-perfect score are some of the map-copy tricks mess with the towncenters, leaving the annexed units hanging a little lower than normal. also, there are a couple houses that seem out of place, being over a tower... I can't remember where now though. I'll go look for it.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Even though I don't think all parts of the map show your full extent in designing, it's still a very good map. I anticipate it to be at least among the top three. :)
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5.0

Malvan is a realistic, huge city, build in a style i have never seen. The author used terrain mixing and GAIA objects, in a very good way. I absoloutly liked the way you put the buildings together. There were some good triggers. The overall atmosphere is calming, and the pines, cliffs, and dirt 1 remind me on those peaceful, calming RPG's. There was a lot of good renaming, and good use of advanced designing tricks. It amazes me how the author used such a hell of creativity, such as relic carts to create market stalls, the realistic swamp, the the overflown water through, the docks, the many different parts of the city, the coast.... The list is endless.

Additional Comments: I can neither describe how well this looks, nor imagine, how much time the author took, to create it. This is a real piece of art - a masterpiece. I highly recommend the download!
imd658land I downloaded the file but it doesn't show up by custom campaign.
It also doesn't work with campaign manager.
I have downloaded more den 30 files but never had this problem.

Wat to do?

(Sorry for my bad English)

[Edited on 10/20/11 @ 12:23 PM]

Official Reviewer
imd658land, your English is fine. You have to put the file in the Scenarios folder, not the Campaigns folder. All files with .scx in the extension are scenarios while .cpx are campaigns.
imd658land Thanks man!

[Edited on 10/23/11 @ 04:05 AM]

HighPriestCaco This map is, in fact, a incredible map!
Congratulations, man!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks very much for the comments. I will admit that perhaps not every area got full attention, but then it's a big map and I had limited time.

I don't recall any strange effect with the town centres however.
Algren t l s Although I am not ultra-experienced in this stuff, but here are my Comments:

It is a good map, with good work. I liked the way u mixed up buildings and stuff like that. I especially liked the swamp.

But there were 3 problems which kinda put me off.

1. The town was all way too quiet. No men moving here and there. Nobody doing work. Just green statues all over.

2. The monotony of dirt and grass bored me.

3. Highly cumbersome, and way too lined up. Cities aren't perfect. You lined up the hole thing, and hence the buildings had no depth in them. just Some building + some building. Nobody was working on the farms.

Nice work on the naming though.

Well, i guess i first read the comments THEN downloaded. I thought it will be SUPERBLY AWESOME. The individual tricks were good, but overall design went down.

I wont rate. I don't wan't my inexperience to harm your glory. Just giving advice from novice.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Malvan ended up in a well-deserved 2nd place, out of 17, in the Pretty Town Contest of 2011, only a handful points behind the winner.

I find it hard to pin-point exactly what it is about Malvan that slightly puts me off. Like all of Julius scenarios, it is a great map. Parts of it look quite incredible: for example, I loved the swampy stream up in the east corner, the northern forest-surrounded part of town, and Cragtooth island. And yet I didn't feel that Julius' trademark minimalism quite worked this time around.

Some of the map-copied building sets seemed random, as if the author had an empty spot to fill and just messed around with the map copy function for a while.

The design of the open landscape and wide dirt streets seemed a bit rushed, unperfected. I can see what the author wants to do with the map, to make a more realistic version of a town which has wide streets and open areas here and there. But it still looks a bit unpolished, a bit *too* minimalistic.

This has been a mostly critical review, and I don't mean to say that this isn't a good map, on the contrary! The layout of the town I thought was great and pattern-breaking, and, as I've mentioned earlier, there were parts of the map that I really liked. But there are also parts that are too monotonous, like the market area (perhaps?) to the southwest, that look like they could use a final touch-up.

Overall this is a very good map, with unique structure and plenty of beautiful spots, but to me it comes across as a bit unpolished.
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