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PTC11 - Rulodia

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
An old map that I made around 3 years ago, which is taken from my old project, titled "Fight Against Fate". Only God knows what will become of it.

The kingdom of Rulodia consists of a small island-village named Lensia, the fishing town of Dalan, and the capital city of Lavador. Or at least that's how the story was intended to be. LOLZ. The map is far from complete, so the dullness of the city should be anticipated before you decide to download this.

Anyway, happy exploring! When you're bored (which will happen in mere seconds after you started playing), just exit! :p

- Andan
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Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5
"Rulodia" is Andanu Trisatya's submission for the 2011 Pretty Town Contest. Although it has not been designed for this purpose (it is actually part of an older unreleased project), the map easily counts among one of the top entries of this year.

The map consists of two islands, a smaller one, where the player starts, that contains a small village, and a bigger one, containing a big city, where you have to sail (getting there is actually done instantly using triggers). The highlight is of course the big city, which is concieved in a concentric way, with the wealthier classes obviously getting a spot closer to the city center, and what I assume is the royal palace is right in the heart of the city. Despite being very well designed, and using good terrain mixing and map copying, there are not to many things that really stand out. The realism of the city also suffers from the fact that its geometry is too regular, which is not how medieval cities usually develop. However, the sense of order that we get from it offers the city a distinctive identity. It's not easy to realize this upon first glance, but the city has the structure of a spiral (actually a 3d one because elevation also grows as you get closer to the center). I would've really loved to know what the concept behind this shape was, integrated inside a small narrative. Unfortunately, there are no informations given as to the background of the map, and I feel that this would have been a very good addition.

The natural environments are also very well executed, not much left to be desired.

Additional Comments:
This is a very recommended download for people that want to improve their map design by learning from the best. Despite being an older design, Andan's talent still shines on this map. I hope to see some newer stuff from him soon.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Rulodia was an entry to the 2011 Pretty Town Contest, and it ended up in a well-deserved third plac out of seventeen entries.

Rulodia consist of two main islands, a tiny island you can't reach, and some unfinished scenery outside the islands. The map is quite beautiful. The first island is very cosy with its tiny village covered in trees, the graveyard and the shrine. The only thing that seemed a bit odd was that the entire island was surrounded by cliffs, but it doesn't really hurt the map much.

The second island has a large, well-crafted city, surrounded by walls, and some countryside to the east of it. The city is a pleasure to look at, with its big harbour, military area and sprinkling fountain. It did seem a bit weird that there were so many trees in the middle of town though. A couple of them to spruce up the view wouldn't have hurt, but here it seems as though someone was hoping to grow a forest inside the city walls.

The countryside to the east is also very visually pleasing, save for the muddy path which I personally found a bit messy. The little village here is also quite overgrown with trees. Maybe that's a trademark for the region, I don't know, but it did seem a bit odd with big trees covering a third of a walled town.

Despite some minor issues I had with this map, it's still a very good design. Even though this map is a couple of years old, and Andan's style has developed and improved a lot since then, it only reminds us that he was one of the great designers even back then!
Official Reviewer
Rulodia is Andanu Trisatya's third place entry to the 2011 Pretty Town Contest. Designed a number years prior to the contest as part of an unreleased project, the author decided to upload it as a contest entry at the last minute and still managed to fair really well, gaining a podium position.

Rating: 4.5
Rulodia comprises of three islands. Two of these islands of connected together whilst a third island lies apart and contains more nature. The design of the majority of this map is exquisite. The lonely island is a beautiful woodland with a small village hidden within. This is actually my favourite of the three islands. The design of this is gorgeous with some beautifully mixed terrains and elevation used to create a woodland floor. The trees are place onto and laid out carefully to create a nice and realistic looking forest. The village on this island is also nicely designed with Yurts effectively used to create a primitive settlement for the local islanders.

The other islands, joined together by a bridge is where you find the main city. On the smaller of these two islands you will find a small village with another lush forest area and a secluded church. This island is designed just as nicely as the lonely island and has some nice features in the village. Highlights on this island include the town jetty, the waves along the beach and the secluded church. Finally we come to the main feature, the large city itself. The city itself is excellently designed and it is clear much thought was put into the placement of the buildings and the overall layout of the city. The city is crowded with many buildings yet still looks spacious. The central citadel is very nicely made as is the barracks with the army all information ready to march. Overall the city is wonderfully made and beautifully designed. My only problem with the main city is the lack of vegetation and greenery in the city itself. The majority of the city is made up of just road terrains and a tree here or there would have been nice to see.

Additional Comments:
Overall Rulodia is a fantastic piece of map design and well worth checking out.


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