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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Total Fighting 1.0 The Scorpions

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Total Fighting 1.0 The Scorpions

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 8
Scenario for 2-8 players. Includes all civilizations. Last file version tested up to 4-6 players.

You attack enemy's gates and buildings to get villagers. Then you can build some military and civilian buildings. You cannot build Docks, Cannon Towers and similar things with cannon. At begin of game it is critical to protect your gates or attack enemy gates. When you destroy one of 4 enemy's castles, then the player has lower population and lower speed of auto created units production. When the player gets villagers he can build Blacksmith, University, to research next Age and so on.

Persian civilization is much more stronger and faster but you can defeat it in the very begin of the game, when the Persians have just little of War Elephants. Teutons are strong, but slow, so you can make a surprise to enemy and destroy his gates quickly. But you can't use them well against bowmen.

One more difference from CBA. When player resigns, then his units are converted to Rebels. So even that the king has resigned, there are still some folks of the nation fighting in little or bigger groups. Even if one player resigned at very begin of game, you can continue. You can even use allied rebels to cover you or to make attack on your enemy.

You can partly control movement of auto-created units (units on your base). See information in scenario.

I didn't test with 7 and 8 players, so I hope no performance problems will happen to you. I had no problem when I played with 4 or 6 players.

I solved the penalty bug and I made completely new system of penalties. I think I succeeded to fix the problem. Nobody complained till now.


"The scorpions" means, that you can use scorpions only from the Siege Workshop. No rams, no onagers or mongonels. In future, it is possible to make another versions of this file to be used as "The onagers" or "The Mongonels"

Last change of file: 18th April 2011, 15:08:34
Working name was: Total_fighting_1.0 CD 47 Q descriptions out.scx
File size: 117 684 b
This file name: Total_fighting_1.0.scx
(you can rename to Total_fighting_1.0_the_scorpions.scx)

Official Site:

Screenshots to game:

Author/Creator: Rumburak24
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
"Total Fighting" is a delightful multiplayer game similar to CBA, but its style is different and there are many additional, interesting effects.

Playability: 4
Whether been alone or in a team, everyone has fun playing it. You play in a wide area,
compared to the restricted area most CBAs offer. There's no need to have the map
unrevealed, since the players' bases are visible-plus you can take advantage of the places all over the map. In addition, the environment is not plain; there are cliffs, trees and terrain mixing, decorating the map.
I could be either defensive or in attack stance; the only drawback was when it happened to owe a civilization's slow-moving unique unit--i could not do much,and i usually scored less in these cases.
Referring to the "technical" aspect, i have encountered no bugs and the penalties work well.
In conclusion, i liked playing it and would definitely play it with others many times!

Balance: 5
The penalties, the awards, whatever affects someone's resources and possibilities, everything works the same for all the players. Their base consists of walls and gates and everyone occupies 4 castles, which must be protected at all costs. Teams can vary, e.g. 4 vs 3, 2 vs 2 or all opponents. Choosing civilization is optional. The game is clearly balanced!

Creativity: 4
There are awards, penalties, special effects....and the environment is beautiful as well. The fact the game is not ruined because of a player's loss is a very clever addition, too. The style of the map differs from any other CBA-type games, raising its creativity. If there was something differenting this game from its similar ones (in terms of the aims of the game or such stuff),then its creativity would reach higher levels.

Map Design: 2
It's absolutely undisputable that the game offers more in means of design than other
games requiring the same goals and keeping the same main idea. Its trees, cliffs and
mixed terraining are very good-looking. It is not enough to raise high rating due to the map design's simplicity, but this doesn't mean it can not do better!

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is well-known: Destroy the enemies' bases, being team with others or not.
Except the basic ingredients, essential for the game's purposes, many implementations were
added to make this game more enjoyable and entertaining. There are lengthy hints and
instructions, hard to come through all of it, but they are really helpful and cover each aspect
of the game--if something bothers or puzzles you, search through these and i'm sure you'll
find the answer you are looking for! Scouting is not important at all...
You have also include some e-mail addresses for anyone wanting to ask for further information about the game or they want to share their comments/suggestions about it-people appreciate it.

Additional Comments:
"Total Fighting" is a very-well organized game that can enthuse almost everyone. If you love
CBAs but want to see something different, then it's a done deal. Nonetheless, you talked about different versions of the game ("onagers", "saboteurs" etc.).I suggest you pay much attention to the existing version and see if there's something that needs to be fixed-patience proves to be more reliable and leads to better creations.
In general, keep up the good work!

P.S. Referring to your e-mail: There are some just wanting to spam, be careful with them!

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Map Design2.0
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