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adventures of jack and brock

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
i have tried to add some nice tiggers . i think i have done well. please add comments this time i mean it. enjoy.
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Official Reviewer
I have moved this file from Campaigns to Single Player Scenarios. Your scenario lacks instructions, story and has only minimal trigger work. I would highly-recommend you to download and play from the 'Best Files' located from the top-left hand corner of the screen.

-Blacksmith Administrator

[Edited on 10/09/11 @ 07:58 AM]

Official Reviewer
This wasn't fun for the following reasons:

- there was no story. We don't know who the characters are and what they are doing there, or what their purpose is. They are not even renamed in-game. They are just two anonymous halberdiers. So are the other soldiers and joan-the-maids/etc they meet during the game, and so are their enemies.

- there are no objectives. The only thing close to an instruction is the text that stays for the first few seconds of the game and that you can easily miss altogether if you don't pay attention. The objectives and hints tab contain nothing.

- by "nice triggers" I assume you mean the explosion in the beginning? You should understand that the quality of the scenario doesn't lie in how big the explosions are. Creativity lies mostly in how interesting and complex objectives are, how immersive the story is, how detailed the map design is and how balanced the gameplay is. Your scenario didn't focus on any of those points.

- map design is not even of random map quality. There's a few cliffs, grass, palm tree forests, a cathedral some gates, a never ending bridge and little else.

- most of the game consists of fighting against a ridiculous amount of soldiers with an even more ridiculous amount of your own troops. Balance is out of the question from the very beginning as your forces are obviously superior. It just takes a long time to eliminate all enemy units, though there is never any doubt as to your victory.

If I were to review this file it hardly get more than 1. Before uploading something please try to ask yourself if the people playing it would really find enjoyment in it. Try comparing to other works here at the blacksmith, see the higher rated scenarios and what they have to offer. Then try again, practice makes perfect.
imd658land I didn't like it so much but it was better then 4army
So you are learning.

I hope your next scenario will be better.

[Edited on 10/21/11 @ 12:24 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
"adventures of jack and brock" is a fixed force scenario where you have to gather gaia's forces and defeat the enemy.(duh) There were some triggers which said that if a certain objective was not completed withing a fixed time, we would lose. Even on my third attempt, I did not lose. There was very less fun in playing the first half of the scenario where our forces outmatched the enemy's. The only fun thing could be the ending half of the scenario, which too had several bugs, since we didn't need the so-called kings (Teutonic knights) at all. To win you have to wipe out all enemy forces, which is extremely tedious.

Balance: 2
There is no question of balance, as panel put it. Our forces are superior and vastly outnumber the enemy's forces. There were no difficulty dynamics, if I remember correctly. There is no chance of losing unless you put all your units on no-attack stance.

Creativity: 2
There was no story,minimalistic useless trigger work.An example would be at the near-beginning where the chat message says to move your villagers around, which isn't possible because we have o villagers at all! There were no highlights or strong events in the scenario which could keep the player glued on. The story was completely absent, so no way to rate the story's creativity.

Map Design: 3
The map design was very bland and unrealistic, often with no terrain mixing or variation. A random map is better than this but higher marks are awarded for some eye-candy and use of terrain to restrict player movement, which was too primitive nonetheless. There are misplaced cliffs, palm forests in the heart of the jungle, and some grass.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story was completely absent altogether. We are not aware of the identities of the two halberdiers nor of the reason they fought with the enemies, nor the location of the scenario. The units aren't even renamed and we get multiple heroes of the same type. There were no instructions or objectives or hints. The only thing we got was occasional pieces of text which told what to do in an awkward manner. Since the first few pieces of text were irrelevant, you could miss the objectives easily. There was no question of the objectives being clear or unclear.

Additional Comments:
As others have already said, take a look at the top-rated scenarios and try to learn from them.

File Author
i mean i need a topic on which i can create a senario.
Algren t l s You have to define what 'nice' is.

It looks like its your first attempt to touch the scenario editor. This is litterally lame. No adventures. Just walk around for some time and you get some army. Hardly any sophisticated terrain. Please retry.

And about the 'topic'. You dont have to be historically right, you have to be creative. I could have made such a map myself in a click.

My rating would be 1. But it might be highly unreasonable and also demoralising. Thats why i wont review.

Try out some maps, try to equalise with the other maps being posted here, which manage to grab atleast 3.

[Edited on 10/30/11 @ 12:50 AM]

Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
"adventures of jack and brock" is a rather disjointed fixed force scenario. Playability is ruined by the fact that in order to know the objectives you have to extract the scx and look at the triggers yourself; the presence a couple of tedious, very one-sided battles; and a lack of very much else.

Balance: 1
Most of the battles are literally impossible to lose, as you get so many units, and the enemy does not coordinate itself at all. You can literally just pick the enemy infantry off with your archers, a few at a time.

Creativity: 1
The whole thing seems hastily thrown together. Nothing struck me as worth discussing.

Map Design: 1
An awful lot of grass 1, plain forest, and no eye candy. Worse than a random map for sure.

Story/Instructions: 1
There is no story as such; no reason why you are fighting all these people. Instructions are terrible, as I've already mentioned.

Additional Comments: I would advise the author to play a few top-rated scenarios, read some tutorials on map design at the university, and try to spend a little more time playtesting.

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Map Design2.0
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