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Roots to Noah's Arc

Author File Description
Pancho Villa 347
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
Possible scenarios from Noah's Arc to 300 BC.
Three scenarios with material from the writings of Flavius Josephus, Jewish historian-Priest, and captive of the Romans in the early
Christian era.
The fourth and last scenario covering 800 BC until 300 BC is the only one using triggers to capture as near as possible history as recognized by Encyclopedia Encarta.
They are easy to win except for the last one which may take plenty of quick action to beat the Babylonians. Maybe only Alexander can beat them?
All are based on time limits for highest score.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
I quite liked this. The maps were adequate and the time limit gave the game play a different element than what I'm used to. Just one thing, experiment with the civilisations a bit more. You seem to give everyone Persians, when Saracens, Turks or even Mongols for the Scythians and Byzantines for the Greeks would suffice.
Map Design4.0
Review Tagline:
One rarely sees a campaign that plays as uniquely as this.

Playability: 4
The game was very playable. Everything worked and the few tiny flaws were easily overlooked.

Balance: 3
Simply: It was a little too easy. At least, it was early on. Later it got a bit harder but please, don't take this to mean it wasn't fun. It simply wasn't very challenging.

Creativity: 5
This is what really sets this campaign apart from others on the blacksmith. The scenarios here reward points over time rather than conquest or defend the spot and it works really well.

Map Design: 4
Okay, there was only one map for the first scenarios. The map only changed slightly between scenarios. BUT, it was a very good map. It fitted very well with the scenarios. In the final scenario, there was a new map.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions and story / history were complete and well-written.

Additional Comments:
This campaign is very unique and I think it you should play it. If you've read this: download it!

[Edited on 12/28/11 @ 06:24 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'Roots to Noah's Ark' is a campaign comprised of four scenarios, taking the player from 2756BC to 800BC, through build and destroy game play and time limit-based victory. The game depicts the rise and fall of the many great civilisations to tread the Middle East through this time, all nations supposedly of Noah's bloodline, one great family struggling in the shifting sand dunes of constant warfare.

PLAYABILITY: Primarily this category is about the enjoyment you had while playing the game, and although I had fun, this campaign of four scenarios does feel a little too familiar after a while. Three of the four maps are all duplicates of one another, while not necessarily being a bad thing, and the time limit-based game play does indeed feel a bit constrained in terms of how a player is allowed to go about managing his civilisation. That being said, there are always little changes across the map with each new progression in history, and the time-based game play is really quite unique in that it adds a nice dose of realism to the fore. For one or two of the scenarios, you'll only ever be able to manage a few raids into neighbouring kingdoms, while expanding your economy to ensure your civilisation establishes itself as one of the dominant powers of the time. Trading with fledgling civilisations along the Mediterranean has never been so important if you want to ensure sparse resources never run out, and heavy investment in farming and mining will ensure a stable economy, keeping you ahead of uneasy neighbours. Warfare, however, becomes inevitable toward the final stages of the game, and you'll need to hastily construct a stable economy, while rushing troops into Palestine to help out your allies there from her greedy neighbours to the north and east. 4.0

BALANCE: The campaign is pretty straight-forward, and the player is always given a limited time frame to develop his economy and civilisation to win by the highest score. I always found it pretty easy, although due to the player's precarious starting position in the final scenario I found myself hard-pressed for victory, especially given the player has only 40 minutes to develop a weaker economy than the more powerful neighbours nearby. By the end of the game however I was 4,000 points higher than the second player on the list, having declared war on Ethiopia, Assyria and Babylonia, and killing 153 units by the time the clock had run out. 3.0

CREATIVITY: While being fairly average, this does introduce time limit-based game play, which to be honest, I've never seen in a scenario before nor have I ever thought to use it in a design myself. The effect is quite enjoyable, but as mentioned earlier, constrained toward the end when conquest-based victory may have been the best option for the final scenario. While the crux of the campaign is simple, the mechanic in the fourth scenario where historical events appearing in dialogue directly influenced game play was surely the highlight. However, it was uncreative to feature every player as Persians, with exceptions to player 1 who begins as Saracens. Surely the Greeks could feature as the Byzantines, to give them some individuality. 3.0

MAP DESIGN: Three of the four maps are the same, while the last one is refreshingly different, but neither are designed very well. The maps, which depict the Middle East from Libya in the west to Turkey in the north and Mesopotamia to the east, are well outlined and look very pleasing on the mini-map. 3.0

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: There is not so much as story as there is the unwinding of history, depicting Noah's blood line through the ages in the Middle East. It's a refreshing take and interesting for me personally but it's still so very minimal, and instructions are short but to-the-point. There is little here to commend but it was a nice implement to feature history in chronological order in the final scenario, watching as various events take place in the game play itself, which is a unique feature to watch unravel while playing. 4.0-

CONCLUSION: 'Roots to Noah's Ark' could certainly do with a little more effort, especially within the map design, but on the whole if you enjoy the odd game of build-and-destroy every now and then and real world maps then this might be for you.

In a sentence - This an average design, yet the Middle Eastern design and unique game play makes this fun to play.

In conclusion - Worth the download.
Den cekke This map reminded me of the old aoeI scenario's, simple but fun. Too bad all the scenario's looked very much alike. Also the terrain is a bit plain cause of a lot of emtpy land and a lot of medium water. But I still enjoyed playing on a real world map with historical civs. Maybe making a version for aoeI would be cool too cause it would fit the time frame more.
Pancho Villa 347
File Author
Many thanks to all for your objective comments and for those checking out the scenario.
morx1 I can download the file noproblem but cannot open it, the same problem with all the age of empires 2 game files on here. Any help someone.

[Edited on 11/26/11 @ 02:34 PM]

Official Reviewer
Have you downloaded Winzip? You need a program such as Winzip to open the files here at the Blacksmith. You can google it to download.
pong676 You don't actually need WinZip, Windows has had native support for .zip files since Windows ME at least. (Also, 7-Zip is free and does everything WinZip does).

First of all, make sure you have The Conquerors installed: this campaign requires The Conquerors.

Put the Campaign (.cpx) file extracted from the .zip in the folder "Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Campaign\" (usually in Program Files).

Then start up your game and click "Custom Campaign" under "Single Player".

[Edited on 11/27/11 @ 08:11 AM]

morx1 Problem solved, thanks mashek and pong676 for your help. I all ready had Winzip but still could not extract the file so i uninstalled Winzip and downloaded 7-zip and it worked fine. Dont no why Winzip would not extract the file, the only thing i can think of is that it was a trial version of Winzip and the trial date had expired. Love age of empires 2 but not a big fan of age of empires 3. I have not played age of empires 2 for while now but this site that i have just recenly come across gives it a whole new lease of life. Many thanks to every one involved in this great site, Mike

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Map Design3.5
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