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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Real world map of Iberia

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Real world map of Iberia

Author File Description
Den cekke
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8

Welcome to Medieval Iberia, here you get to fight with friends in a real world setting and relive the past. You can play it as a normal random map or can reenact historical battles by choosing a historical civ fitting for the map. Either way you won't regret downloading it.

It also has music files for those who wanna make it feel even more real.

Have fun,

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Creating a map presenting a country in very realisic way is not an easy task to do.You managed to make the map of Iberia (including the northern part of Africa,Portugal and small part of France) with great detail,even the Random "Real World" map of Iberia the game offers can not compete it.

Playability: 3
Starting with a king,been able to choose your initial base (or "city",according to the author's perspective),is a nice start,but did not enthuse me so much.Searching through the peninsula's mountains and forests until i reach my destination did raised my confidence and kept me looking the environment around me.
You're able to establish a base near the sea (so that navy is enabled), or deep inside Spain's mysterious places in order to gain ground and develop your civilization the way you like. Most of the game's fun is found to the cities' occupations and the craving to explore,plus to find the opponents' bases.Except these,the general and unique matter is this of winning,but the map's extent does not offer such potentiality,unless someone's clever enough to be developed
strategically and expand smartly. The lovely environment,however,does not let you easily give it up.

Balance: 3
Each player owns a king who must select one of the cities,in order to establish an initial base and,afterwards,they can do whatever they prefer to. Respawning resources (except trees) are available near all the "cities". Not to forget the player's freedom to choose where to begin from. Picking civilization and teams is optional,too. The only drawback in all this is the extent of the map: Why would someone choose to be far distant,while the others may have already started developing? Or,what if all of them run in rush to catch the nearest to them cities? There are many "Or" unveiling from the matter,so the game generally is not as balanced as someone may expect.

Creativity: 5
History follows Iberia too intensely,bearing the feeling of conceiving its welfare and the need to fulfil the spirit of conquesting. In addition, the varying climates throughout the peninsula, the "cities" and the unlimited resources (only those next to the cities have this effect) form an enjoyable,fitting game and result in effective gameplay. The environment is also manageable and delightful-the map's design talks itself. There is little trigger work,but the shortage in this "realm" is replenished by the attention paid in designing the map--you've not omited to "decorate" the seas and the non-visible parts of the map.
I can not say much here: The game is a mixture of many interesting and nice ideas,enough to satisfy almost everyone.

Map Design: 4
Iberia is characterized by its mountains and the many high lands composing the peninsula ( Richard Ford was right to think that the country [Spain] is just one big mountain). It is easily approachable,offering good landscapes and lots of hills/mountains--the additional cliffs
improve the scenery a lot. It's a pity that there are no single mountains presenting the highest places,hopefully it's not that oblivious.Some cliffs,however,are at some point misplaced.
The most exciting aspect of the map's design is its variety of climates: Much green at the
north-west part,more deserty and different fauna next to the African contiment,snowy hills
and slopes where necessary...and animals do exist,as well as plenty of fish to each direction!
It's obvious that there is put much effort in making each and every part of the map.The result is INDEED a wonderful peninsula,but still is not perfect--the scenery is set,you can spend little time,just to make little changes here and there.You can easily raise its quality level !

Story/Instructions: 4
There is plenty of information about Iberia's history: who invaded/visited it,how its people's culture and religions are affected by all those changes,the reason of each civilization for taking it...These lands came through many fights,alliances and influences.
Its history is entertaining and pleasing, but...what about its connection to the game? The only mentioned fact is the first and most important aim for all players: to establish a base as quickly as possible. You inform them about the respawning resources,but there's generally nothing else that can help in a troubling situation. There's not much need of this due to the game's purposes and status,though,but adding more hints really improves its quality.

Additional Comments:
This is a delightful multiplayer map,but demands high skills in order to succeed in all this "mess". Less size means better gaming,in general (some types like UDP are excluded.) As alternative, you can make such maps,enhanced and more alive, showing the welfare and richness of the place.
Nice scenario, go ahead for more!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
In my opinion the map is a bit "fat" cause its hard to make big cities or colonies ... ( making it bigger will help )

Balance: 4
The Balance isnt very good ... but i gave you a 4 because the map is a bit messy ...

Creativity: 4
Gave you 4 because of the triggers at the biggening allowing the player to choose where he wants to start the game ...

Map Design: 4
The only reason i didnt gave you 5 was because i live in Portugal ... and there is no snow in Portugal ( in this case close to Porto ).

Story/Instructions: 5
I like the effects you made with the triggers ... really nice ... and it makes it creative aswell ...

However dude ... it is a GREAT SCENARIO! Congrats! =D

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Map Design4.0
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Size:12.09 MB