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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The battle of El Alamo

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The battle of El Alamo

Author File Description
King George V
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
this is my first work, in this scenario you play as the Mexican Army, under command of General Santa Ana. you must build your army and siege the base of the texan insurgent of El Alamo Camp, in north of Mexico.
is a regicide game, your primary target is kill David Crocker and keep alive your hero.
I hope you enjoy it!
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The gameplay is not very exciting to start with, due to the huge issues with balance, but there are various problems in addition to that. As David Crockett (misspelled David Crocker) is a regular champion and not a hero, the AI will use him for exploration, which often leads him to wander to either the Spanish or the Aztec base, and get killed by towers, resulting in the player suddenly winning. This could be solved by either using a hero unit to represent Crockett or having him owned by an additional player with the Immobile Units AI file. There is a fourth yellow player in the scenario who does not have any units at the start of the game, so a town centre and three villagers spawn in a random location on the map, which may be within or close to the base of the player. I found it strange that the Aztecs will fire on you with their towers, and even allow you to destroy half their town, but then immediately become friends with you once you bring the mayor to a certain area near their gate. Once they are allied with you, not much really happens, and all you get is a bunch of houses, so the entire exercise feels rather pointless.

Balance: 1
The player starts in the post-Imperial Age with 20,000 of every resource, and the single AI enemy only has half those resources. Even if the AI had ten times the resources of the player, it would still not be very balanced as the player has all the advantages of being human, and the AI has nothing to compensate for its shortfalls.

Creativity: 2
I suppose including the opportunity to make an alliance with the natives could be considered creative, but other than that there's very little.

Map Design: 2
The map is a modified random map. The modifications consist of cities for the players, which don't look very nice at all. The Spanish city is one road terrain enclosed by walls and towers, with only two castles and a town centre, a forest and a load of gold and stone mines, which you'll never need, on some Grass 1. This map has nothing closely resembling the Alamo compound at all.

Story/Instructions: 2
This scenario is based on the Battle of the Alamo, but there's no real background on it in either the instructions or the history section. You wouldn't know it had anything to do with the Alamo if it weren't for the renaming of the heroes and the enemy player. The scenario isn't very historically accurate: the Aztec civilisation was long dead by the nineteenth century. The instructions are understandable, but badly punctuated.

Additional Comments: I would advise the designer to spend more time on their scenarios, playtest them thoroughly, and to play some highly rated scenarios to get a better idea of what a good scenario is.

[Edited on 12/19/11 @ 07:40 AM]

Map Design2.0
"The battle of El Alamo" is a single-player scenario based on the historic battle between the rebels in Texas and the Republic of Mexico. The player possesses the General Santa Ana, a tough-to-lose General, and the main mission is to kill David Crocker.
The goal is easy to achieve, but the game is not manipulated so well, bearing high levels of boredom or even dissatisfaction to the player.

Playability: 1
There is much gold and stone to collect, excluding the vast amount or resource stockpiles and the Imperial Age been reached. Those are more than enough to make much army, but the player's base consists only of a single and not good-looking terrain and some trees.
The game offers too little to the player, as there is almost nothing interesting to do or see through the map.
I moved Major Mendoza next to the Aztecs' gates, but i could barely be ally with them. David rocker seems to be another problem: Most of the times i would not reach the enemy's base as David and some archers would arrive near my base and get killed-an instant win. This is not enjoyable at all.

Balance: 1
Winning here is 100% guaranteed. The Aztecs never attacked me (the yellow player was practically non-existed, so why be there?) and General Santa Ana could get too much strength to be defeated. Being too easy to win is not fun and not correctly balanced.

Creativity: 1
There is limited number of triggers affecting the game and the author has tried to make the environment fit this of Central America. However, there is almost no creativity.
There are mainly two reasons for saying this: Firstly, the unexpected winning-David Crocker should stay alive rather than attacking and been killed instantly.
Second comes the lack of anything new, well-made or good-looking. It is like the author created a random map, made few changes and added some effects and some kind of historic spirit.
Creativity is vital for a game be entertaining and be able to enthuse.

Map Design: 2
The game's theme suits the hot and deserty environment (as long there is battle between two Central-American countries), but it seems there is put too little effort to enhance its playability and appearance.
Generally, the game seems to be set in a random map with minimal changes in it. The actual location meets the game's way of looking, but there are some points not well-made. An example is the road-and-only terrain in the player's and the Aztec's base.
If the player managed to enter the Aztec city, they would see the nice garden of trees, but this would be the only most beautiful part there.
Except those, the distances among you and the others are large, tiring the player. Suming up, the map's basics are good, nothing more than this though.

Story/Instructions: 1
You can feel the theme but there is no background story to enhance it.
Referring to the instructions and hints: It's good that the player knows the intended goals, but hints do not guarantee their winning or, simply, help them in a difficult situation. If not existing, the difference would be unnoticable.

Additional Comments:
Being your first map, you should learn from your mistakes and try to work more on new maps. In order to improve, you can check others' maps (the high-rated ones are recommended) and also check the University Library.

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Map Design2.0
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