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Nomadic Asia

Author File Description
Amerigo Vespucci
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 2-8
This Map of Asia is a build and destroy for 8 players. All players start in transport ships near India and will migrate outward. Emphasis has been placed on the mountain regions, and the map is close to scale.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
The template for this map is actually quite good, but the large placement of resources are an eye sore. Perhaps you could lessen the amount of clumps you have placed around the map?
alekshs I've played the map in GR. The game's flow can be extremely unpredicted-i loved it!
You'll probably get a review for this map,sooner or later.
Amerigo Vespucci
File Author
The major problem with the scenario was the lack of space, so I redid some of the forests and res to allow more room, so the file that should be used is called "Nomadic Asia by Wolfy" and if you see any files called "Nomadic Asia" or "Nomadic Asia V2", they should be discarded.

Now, the major complaints that I've received has to do with the large amount of cliffs I've placed in the mountain regions. This was intentional because I wanted to experience the difficulty of crossing mountain passes to conquer other lands, like what many conquerors would have experienced in medieval warfare when they tried to conquer Asia. Other complaints had to do with the combination of a giant map with a large amount of res, being that the game can drag on for hours. I prefer to play with wonders enabled to speed up the finish, but I find that most players will get very angry toward wonder victories.

It would be nice to make the mini map more eye pleasing, however the aesthetically pleasing countrysides should hopefully make up for that.

My major problem with this map is that, unfortunately, I cannot make the map hacker proof like some more skilled mapmakers. And a very few number of games have been ruined when a hacker exposed his powers.

I've recieved alot of positive feedback, too, most notably that this map allows players to choose an army OR navy civ, unlike most europe/middle earth maps which give advantages to Navy civs.

If anyone really likes the map and wants a fixed placement version, it would be no problem to provide another file in the zipped folder for download. I only made a nomadic version this time because games where you start out on foot or in a transport ship seem to be popular for players who are willing to try a new map on gameranger, especially when advertised as an open diplomacy game with no fixed teams.

Thank you for downloading and any positive or negative feedback is most definitely welcome!

[Edited on 10/27/11 @ 05:44 PM]

TomYo689 Amerigo I admire your maps. I invite you to show your stuff on the Accurate Real World Maps thread,40141,30,30

Do you use gameranger or voobly? I'd like to play with you some time
Amerigo Vespucci
File Author
Yes, I play on gameranger frequently under the alias "Wolfy" although I should mention I'm a much better map maker than I am a player! thanks for the kind words.

[Edited on 10/30/11 @ 02:28 PM]

Map Design5.0
"Nomadic Asia" is a realistic and delightful presentation of Asia, teeming with life and showing the author's care about making it.

Playability: 5
All players begin their trip in a boat, in order to settle somewhere and begin a new life. They don't know what to expect from an unknown territory, but when arriving, everything becomes fascinating!
They are numerous places to visit, much wood to collect and animals to hunt, good areas where they can build their villages and develop and so on. In all this, the map offers many prospects to do whatever they want. It's the dream of every adventurous and non-getting-easily-bored player!

Balance: 5
Each player can take advantage of the areas they prefer the most. They can be distant from each other and develop immensely or choose an area teeming with resources and establish a strong base there, and a lot more...
Each starts with 4 villagers and a scout cavalry, the same amount of stockpiles and a boat. In general, balance is great.

Creativity: 5
The whole map is very promising, showing much beauty and welfare, being interesting to be played. The correctly selected mixed terrains and the suitable kinds of forests, as well as the rivers crossing the lands, are more than just amazing. There is also much elevation here and there and some cliffs, letting the environment seem more natural.
The idea of being a nomad and wanting to explore, plus establishing a base, an unknown land, completes the map, truly unveiling the high creativity rating.

Map Design: 5
Animals can be found everywhere: Lots of fishes in the seas, boars and deers in cold, warm, and next to the rivers environments... There are many different climates, from deserts to snowy slopes and fields of grass. All of them are good-looking.
The author uses a good mixture of trees in all occasions: Jungle trees where is supposed to be a jungle, Pine and oak trees together presenting cold, but deciduous environment, some dead trees among with others for the not-so-prosperous areas... Much minerals at the center of the map, where mountains surround the area there...
A very beautiful map!

Story/Instructions: 1
The game is not intented to have any instructions or hints, but there is not even a background story for the map. It's a Real World Map, so something could follow the theme of it, like some of Asia's history, about its climate or about nomadic expansions (like the initial intention of the game). Some hints could be useful, too. A good example would be the emphasis to the appropriate places for specific results, let's say "Gold and stone is abundant among the tallest mountains...". In any case, lack of both story and instructions/hints leads to low rating-sorry to say that.

Additional Comments:
Being an interesting and a no-bounds map, "Nomadic Asia" is a must for anyone been familiar with or craves for that kind of maps. Highly recommended to download.

[Edited on 11/14/11 @ 08:45 PM]

Rageofempires It is a good game.

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Map Design5.0
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