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Fractore Stronghold

Author File Description
Algren t l s
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
"Recommended for download if you want an all-out defend the spot scenario with much bashing enemies." - Mayank Sharma

"A very nice try, but it needs more improvement. Its not a must have, but its good to take a look. Some nice work there, keep creating and playing. Good luck with more work :)" - Dragonslayermcmx

Almost a century, please download to try!!

A lot of mindless bloodshed, but along with some tactics. Sir Spart has been stationed at Fractore Stronghold, where King CuCumber is taking a Nap. Make sure his Nap goes well, and you kill the incoming waves of Dark Soldiers. In the end, kill the one-hit one-kill Paladin, i.e. General Fireblade and win the game.

Blood and Gore Level: Ultimate. (The white patches below the walls ain't snow. Its the whiteness of dead skeletons.)

Difficulty: Moderate. (no difficulty based trigs)

Trigger Count: 84. (92 after update)

No. of Waves: 2 (unfortunately)( 15 mins, and 22 mins.)

Gameplay Time: 41 minutes.

Attention Required: Medium.

Couple of Instructions: In this game you cannot produce units as one usually does from the barracks and range. You have an ally, and click the units of the ally to produce THAT unit. Click the buildings for the respective costs.

How to use miracles:

Once you get 2k kills, and 10k+ gold, select the monk near the monastery. It'll take you to a corner. There, 4 palisades and 4 outposts. Select the outpost for the miracle. Select the palisade for information on that miracle which is activated by adjacent outpost.

Whoever visits, plays, and has fun plz comment! (if u are logged in)
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Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Fractore Stronghold places you on a map with a player-controlled fortress surrounded by giant pine forests, and a marsh from where the enemy attack. You have to face off an enemy force for 41 minutes which comes in two waves. The map was quite enjoyable, since we had the opportunity to slaughter large number of enemies using tactical advantages like longbows on height. There were a few bugs, the siege onager won't spawn twice, the converting area of the knight was so close that only 15 could be produced at once without player intervention. The number of scorpions at once was as low as five. The three other resources were useless and I kept doubting why was the computer tributing them to me. Also, the computer used a Standard AI which kept sending occasional messages to ally with the enemies, which could easily break the game.

Balance: 3
You can just win with your starting units provided you use your units carefully. The enemy trebuchets never, ever fire at your gates, which should be their prime target. The map was just too easy. You just had to bring out all the longbows to the front row, and order your siege onagers to fire at ground. The only challenging part was when purple enemies suddenly captured the "Route". The last boss posed no challenge because if you could keep him lured, you could pick him out with the siege onagers. Also, the special effects were way too expensive and I bet that you could not purchase them even if you did not buy any units.

Creativity: 3
The map was quite creative, not allowing any of the player's units inside the marsh so that the player could not block the spawn points. And if the purchasing units system was polished, it would be great too. The special effects could have been creative if we were able to purchase them, which we could not. The use of a variety of enemy units so that it was difficult to find a counter was quite creative too.

Map Design: 3
The map was mostly plain and there was minimal terrain mixing. There were huge areas of just pure pine forests and huge areas of just pure grass 1. The only exceptions to these was the road from the corner of the map which proceeded into the fortress, which was surrounded by cliffs and other terrains ; and the marsh area which was marked by some shallows and several pine trees here and there. The marsh did not help the gameplay because most of the time, the enemy units got themselves stuck in bottlenecks. The trees blocked the paths, and the sheer number of units pushing behind them would cause a temporary 'jam' sort of thing. Also, there were misplaced cliffs which were cut abruptly and hence showed irregular polygonal edges.

Story/Instructions: 3
There was minimum to no story present. All I could make out was, there was a messenger who saw an approaching army and reported that to us, then for some reason, a general carrot walked away. We were not told why the enemy was attacking us, or who he really was, except his name. The instructions were clear and adequate and the hints were about enough. There were a few typos and grammatical mistakes, though.

Additional Comments: Recommended for download if you want an all-out defend the spot scenario with much bashing enemies.
Algren t l s
File Author
Tyvm for the review Mayank Sharma.

Fractore Stronghold: Updated is now up for download!


- Trebuchets HATE gates now.

- Difficulty System! Check out the (in-game) hints section for more info!

- All miracle Prices reduced to half.

- Bottlencking has been quite prevented, but still needs a bit of testing.

- Happy killing!

Please redownload whoever has already downloaded.

[Edited on 10/31/11 @ 06:43 AM]

Official Reviewer
i have started playing it, but after 90 ingame minutes on fast speed i have stopped.

Its really nice created, but still it needs improvement. The Trebutchets cannot cause any damage, because of the elevation your fortress stands on. With the lots of resources you could easily buy many soldiers. There are far to many longbowmen, so every enemy unit just runs into death without even fighting. With the money you get, i can even buy like 80 more longbowman, and 20 onagers and scorpions. Just too easy.

Ill redownload it and then review it.
Algren t l s
File Author
Ds, the trebuchets weren't attacking because one of my 'Damage Objects' loop was destroying the projectiles from the trebuchets. Its nothing about the elevation. After the update, things have gotten a bit better.

Please try hardest.

EDIT: No comments? No more reviews?

I want some criticisms in triggerwork and gameplay so that i can improve! (not the map design. It was meant for death, not beauty).

And good comments are always welcome.

[Edited on 11/07/11 @ 07:13 AM]

Official Reviewer
be patient. My review is on the way.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Fracture Stronghold is a small defend the spot scenario, where you get to control Sir Spart and his army to defend his base from the giant dark army.

Playability: This was pretty good to play in overall. It was mostly playable, and it was kinda fun to slaughter the enemies. But it became boring very quickly. The enemy came in two waves, the first one was over after about 2 minutes, and the second one took almost an hour. I didn´t see the number of kills in the statistic after the scenario was finished, but i think that it was more then 10 thousand. I got pretty annoyed of the standard AI, and on easy mode it even gave up and let you win. 3

Balance: The difficulty was well balanced between the levels, but i think it was in overall a bit easy, even on hardest mode. You get your recources far to quick, and with your onagers, longbowman and scorpions the enemy could rarely do any damage to your soldiers. The final boss was also pretty easy to get down with longbowmen. 3

Creativity: There were some nice creative attempts in here. You had to buy your units instead of recruit. The triggers to create the enemies were going well. I liked the miricales you could buy with lots of gold and kills, but the meteors did not really have effect. Also there is nothing to tell you what you have to click to know what for spell it is, and what to click to activate it. The beginning cutscene was a bit poor. All cutscene units were owned by the player, and there were low change view effects, so you had to follow the scout yourself. Somewhere between the waves, was a small attack from the east, which could stop your backup recources, if you didn´t stop it. I liked that you were not allowed to go beyond the moat, the enemy came from. 3

Map Design: The map was very poorly designed. Your base stands on cliffs, and is surrounded with forest. There are some GAIA objects used. The moat was a little nice, with the few trees in it and the terrain there looked nice. Therefore, the cliffs to the east entrance of your base looked like they were cut off, what gave a very odd feeling. Terrain mixing is almost not found. 2

Story/Instructions: There was only little story to be found in the scenario, and the instructions were poor. They did not activate with triggers, and also not all of the buildings were you can buy units, tell what it costs. Also there is nothing to explain how the spell system works - what you have to click to activate and to get infomation. 2

Additional Comments: A very nice try, but it needs more improvement. Its not a must have, but its good to take a look. Some nice work there, keep creating and playing. Good luck with more work :)


[Edited on 11/07/11 @ 07:43 AM]

Algren t l s
File Author
Ty for the review mcmx, ill now be on my next one.

I hadnt expected a century for my first upload =D

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Map Design2.5
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