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Ranger 3.04

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
A flexibly AI made for tiny 1v1 Arabia as Mayans but will accept All civs and Attempt all maps.

Made for AI vs AI

For civs:
1. Mayan- Strongest
2. Aztecs- Fastest
3. Britons- Also really strong
4. Chinese- I like Chu Ko Nu's
5. Spanish- weakest (doesn't even get Xbows!)

1.4- superior flush defence, better team skills; try 2v2 with two rangers on the same team (one mayan, one Aztec/chinese/briton)

Using chat commands is not recommended but are possible: (it will only respond to ally chatting)
chat "222" to make it attack
chat "223" to stop the attack
chat "220" when it's mayans to make it flush

You can also use the usual resource chatting to get it to give you resources

1.8- Must try if you liked previous versions!

1.81- Fixed some market bugs!

1.82- Added counters

1.9- a lot better but released prematurely due to the discovery of an SN so it's not fine-tuned but still the best version so far...

2.0- better late-game mainly.

2.1- Extreme counters added...

2.2- a massive update FTW

2.3- Fixed a ton load of bugs!

2.4- yeah, an update

2.5- Much better on 1.0c

2.6- Much better against flushes

2.8- Really good (If I do say so myself)

2.9- gets some crucial upgrades faster, you would be surprised at the difference it makes...

3.0- better again

3.02- improved watermap skills

3.03- Some serious bugs fixed
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File Author
Feedback would be appreciated! Especially advice and critique.
lws735 I test Ranger 1.81 with BOSS.
1.81 update next age is slower than previous version.
It train more militiaman-line.but no remote units to protected them.Then it is weak.
I think maybe previous version is better than 1.81.
File Author
1.81 is pretty much the same as 1.8 but 1.8 had a bug that made it sell 200 food as soon as it got over 1100 food, this was to help improve its late game when the gold runs out but often prevented it getting the 1000 food for imperial age. I did make a few other changes but I can't recall what they were.
1.81 sells 300 food when it gets over 1400 food.

Maybe it tried a different tactic? sometimes it flushes but usually it Fast Castles but reverts to a flush when it detects an enemy flushing to avoid being destroyed.

You should try it with UserPatch installed, that will make it faster, 1.81 uses UserPatch more effectively than previous versions.

Thanks for the feedback though!
Do you have any idea why it was slower?
lws735 Maybe it is Ranger 1.5? , More archers,and build castle fast. No militiaman-line. It only train archers.

File Author
Oh yes! that would make sense; Ranger 1.5 is a really strong version but it lacks a lot of features that the more recent versions have.


I looked into what you said and it's true! The most recent version(s) (Ranger 1.81) have lots of problems so don't DL, wait for Ranger 1.82- it will be much better, I promise!
lws735 I test Ranger 1.82 with BOSS 1.1, it is bothering to build a arrow-tower in feudal-age. But very good.
BOSS 1.1 is hard to resist this.
Maybe i should update BOSS 1.1.

Good luck!
File Author
Thanks! BOSS is a really good script and I can't see Ranger beat it but Ranger 1.9 is way better than Ranger 1.82 and Ranger 1.82 is way better than all previous versions!

Unfortunately, Ranger 1.8 and Ranger 1.81 were both going in the wrong direction and weren't as strong as the earlier versions. I just neglected to test them before releasing.

btw, do you have any suggestions on how to improve it?

EDIT: Ranger 2.5 is extremely dangerous for other AIs. maybe less strong against humans but if you give it 20 minutes without attacking it you may regret it...

[Edited on 11/21/11 @ 08:26 AM]

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