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Barbarian v2.18

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.5
Barbarian plays most maps with any civ. At 1v1 it's also possible to make Barbarian some strategies by taunts. It is able to use sling if two or more Barbarians team up.

It is able to play even most of MegaRandom maps, although some bugs may appear on very weird settings.

By taunting 222+flaring it is possible to send allied Barbarian's army to the flared position.

Barbarian plays with settings:

Settings: (preferred)
Game type: Any (RM, Regicide, DM, WR)
Map: Almost any map
Size: Any (matching to players in game)
Difficulty: Any (hard)
Starting resources: Any (low/standard)
Map reveal: Any (explored for DM)
Population: Any (200)
Starting Age: Any (dark, post-imperial for DM)
Victory: Any (conquest/standard)

Taunt list:

Barbarian plays only with the UserPatch 1.5 or later.
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siddham I am pretty much a newish player and I am playing against Barbarian to learn the game.
I want to say how impressed I am by this AI. It has beaten me everytime thus far; and it has used different strategies to do it.

Very impressive AI. Thanks.

[Edited on 08/28/13 @ 06:11 PM]

cameron27 I am playing offline on a Windows XP. I have the UserPatchv1.3 downloaded and working fine. Everytime I start the Barbarian AI however it gives me an error that looks like this: File Barbarian_2.0\DMConstants.per
ERR5001:File open failed

I took the DMConstants file out of Barbarian_2.0, it still said the same thing. Can anyone help? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
File Author
@siddham: Thanks.

@:cameron27: Have you extracted the files correctly to the AI folder so that the AI folder has files Barbarian.per and and AI\Barbarian_2.0 the rest files?

The error means that it is failing to open DMConstants.per. The file should be at AI\Barbarian_2.0, or it'd throw an error.

[Edited on 09/14/13 @ 12:33 PM]

cameron27 Well, I got it to work! I'm not sure what I did differently this time but it probably just had to do with the folders I had the files in. Thanks! Great AI
Eagle11 When I start a game an error pops up and is titled "AI Script Error." Under it, it shows the following:

Player 2
File Barbarian.per
Line 3773: ERR2004: Missing indentifier

Does this affect game play, or is it still playable? And is there a way to fix it.

Edit: Definitely a problem because the AI doesn't create any villagers at all.

Edit: I think I got it to work, I only previously had the 1.0c patch, but now downloaded the 1.3 userpatch. Now no error occurs at startup of game.

[Edited on 12/11/13 @ 10:13 AM]

File Author
Yes, as stated in the opening post, Barbarian can only play with UP 1.3 or later, since it uses some features that only the UserPatch offers. The UserPatch allows it to be notably stronger than in 1.0c.
File Author
Updated to v2.14.

Added the taunt list to opening post.
lazytortoise Which version is he supported?AOFE?
I do have this report when running with AOFE
Invalid identifier: up-update-targets

(goal gl-feudal-trash YES)
(players-building-type-count target-player watch-tower < 3)
(or (and (unit-type-count-total archer-line < 4)
(players-unit-type-count any-enemy militiaman-line > 0))
(or (players-unit-type-count any-enemy militiaman-line > 2)
(or (players-civ any-enemy gothic)
(players-civ any-enemy japanese))))
(unit-type-count-total archer-line < 11)
(can-train archer-line)
(train archer-line)

I feel puzzle,why archers are afraid of Japan?

[Edited on 02/24/14 @ 11:59 PM]

File Author
AoFE is UP 1.2-based, which means it must be manually updated to UP 1.4.

That archer rule is for skirmisher+sperman flush, which does terribly against men-at-arms. That's why it always adds archers whenever it sees men-at-arms or the enemy is Japanese or Goth.
lazytortoise @II2N Thank you very much :) I have runned UP 1.4 but it did not work ,then someone say there should be specific files created .When I added the file "UserPatchConst.per" into Document"AI.script",it works.Thank you again.

No,No,I use the old version of AOFE,not its 2.2.Maybe I have to update、、、It works fine with other AI except yours.

[Edited on 02/26/14 @ 01:29 AM]

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