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Barbarian v2.18

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.5
Barbarian plays most maps with any civ. At 1v1 it's also possible to make Barbarian some strategies by taunts. It is able to use sling if two or more Barbarians team up.

It is able to play even most of MegaRandom maps, although some bugs may appear on very weird settings.

By taunting 222+flaring it is possible to send allied Barbarian's army to the flared position.

Barbarian plays with settings:

Settings: (preferred)
Game type: Any (RM, Regicide, DM, WR)
Map: Almost any map
Size: Any (matching to players in game)
Difficulty: Any (hard)
Starting resources: Any (low/standard)
Map reveal: Any (explored for DM)
Population: Any (200)
Starting Age: Any (dark, post-imperial for DM)
Victory: Any (conquest/standard)

Taunt list:

Barbarian plays only with the UserPatch 1.5 or later.
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tobuscus5001 I just installed age of chivalry correctly and the barbarian v2.15b and now i get this error
how do u fix this?
File Author
Barbarian doesn't play Chivalry, it only works with AoC/AoFE + UserPatch 1.4.
Rocky8299 Hello everyone.. For along time I've been having custom AI's battle each other.. (just like most of you guys) and from what I noticed is BARBARIAN AI is by far the strongest AI out of all the AIs I've tested..Are there even BETTER ones?! I'd love to hear if any of you know of an AI that's better.. BARBARIAN is just such a genius AI... Unbeatable.. I used to think juggernaut was the best until I had BARB kick his butt lol.. I play mainly land maps usually arabia 1v1 when I VS these AI's I also make sure both AI's are the same CIV so to keep everything equal and to ensure I didn't accidentally made an AI handicapped or otherwise..You know? Also I'm all about NON cheating AI's so don't include those.. I was made aware by a scripter that the Duke cheats and that blew my mind but was very glad to know know..So thank you Promiskuitiv for the cheating knowledge. Thanks in advance guys!! :)

[Edited on 01/15/15 @ 07:39 PM]

File Author
Updated to 2.16.

Brainless_AOKH great! Im gonna try for sure. I'm still playing Barbarian every game, together with promi.

Would you think its possible to make it work for HD?
File Author
No, HD is based on UP 1.2 (and doesn't even have all UP 1.2's features) and Barbarian requires UP 1.4. I'd have to cut off a lot of Barbarian's features to make it compatible with HD, and it wouldn't be any more the same AI after that.

I'll have to release 2.16b soon with little changes due to a pretty harmful shepherd bug that may prevent Barbarian from killing sheep.
File Author
Updated to 2.16b mainly to fix the shepherd bug which could severely damage Barbarian's dark age. There are some tweaks in addition.
File Author
Reuploaded, sorry.
Felipe_EL_Guapo .

[Edited on 03/26/15 @ 10:52 PM]

Felipe_EL_Guapo Hi II2N. Congratulation for having developed the first AI that use sheep exploration. It works fine because resources founded by sheeps are reported to the scout, so it is a successful improvement. I think that it open a new door to AIs development.

Another thing I have realized comparing this Barbarian to the previous one is that this version use a better selection of units using more cavalry than before, varying depending on the civic and situation, so games are less monotonous. It is also very accurate calculating distance for offensive towers.

A couple of bugs I have detected: In one game, the boar came back when the villager enter to TC and every hunter chased boar instead of send just one and lure the boar again. Another bug detected was in a game against Mayans when scout eagle started moving in a short range and he didn't react when I beat him with a villager (this bug was very common in the version 2.15a and then fixed in 2.15b). It is possible to make the scout use a better route to escape from TC? I mean, AI scouts always escape in the opposite direction when they find an enemy TC, getting a lot of damage (if not die) , whereas humans choose diagonals in order to dodge arrows.

There is an important thing that seems to affect every AI. Villagers seems to be blind when the enemy approaches them. They never react until the enemy kills one of the group (miners, woodchoppers, etc). However, the army react immediately when they enter to their line of sight. If they could escape once they see the enemy approaching, they would prevent a lot of deaths. Furthermore, once the enemy attacks, they always run in the same direction (TC). Evil players would place military units (manly archers) between the crowd and the TC before the first hit. Suicide monks are more common in this new version too. They seems to be hungry for relics and they don't care of any risk.

I hope that my humble feedback helps you to improve the best AI. Cya.

PS: What does DUC mean?

[Edited on 04/01/15 @ 10:59 PM]

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