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Barbarian v2.18

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.5
Barbarian plays most maps with any civ. At 1v1 it's also possible to make Barbarian some strategies by taunts. It is able to use sling if two or more Barbarians team up.

It is able to play even most of MegaRandom maps, although some bugs may appear on very weird settings.

By taunting 222+flaring it is possible to send allied Barbarian's army to the flared position.

Barbarian plays with settings:

Settings: (preferred)
Game type: Any (RM, Regicide, DM, WR)
Map: Almost any map
Size: Any (matching to players in game)
Difficulty: Any (hard)
Starting resources: Any (low/standard)
Map reveal: Any (explored for DM)
Population: Any (200)
Starting Age: Any (dark, post-imperial for DM)
Victory: Any (conquest/standard)

Taunt list:

Barbarian plays only with the UserPatch 1.5 or later.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I really have enjoyed this AI as it brings different strategies every game. It is less predictable than others I haver played. I play this AI often online with my brother and we team up against 4 computer opponents and only win about 30% of the time. We still have not beaten it once in about 30 tries when one computer player is the Aztec Civ. Game play is smooth even at 6 civs at full 200 population. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a tough computer opponent in a team type game.
Rating: 5
First of all this AI can play on almost any map and supports teamgames.
This AI has many different good strategies to chose from so it will never get boring for you.
As this AI is strong as hell you won't have time to be bored anyway. ;) As of my knowledge Barbarian is able to beat any other AI (even the strongest ones like The Horde) out there.
The scripter of this AI is still active and will most definitely update this AI to make it even stronger.
I give this AI a 5/5 as there isn't really anything that would make this strong AI deserve a worse rating.

Additional Comments:
If you're playing with the 1.0c(/e) patch or older you can avoid hunting boars (because the AI can't hunt boars with 1.0e or older either) to get more of a challenge.
With the Userpatch (1.1) this AI will perform even better (boar hunting bug for AI's fixed etc.) , good luck. ;)

I highly recommend downloading (and of course playing with) this AI.

[Edited on 03/15/12 @ 07:25 PM]

Rating: 5

As Promi said, I believe this AI truly deserves a 5.0 rating. It's not just a strong AI (and it may be the strongest AI on all game settings available); it's beautiful to watch. In many ways, it transcends what it is to be an AI. The attention to detail in every aspect of its play is absolutely incredible. From the way it finely positions its sheep in the Dark Age to the way it manages its walls on Arena, from stealing enemy boars to luring its deer to the town center, from the way it places its market to the care it gives to its allies, it's Barbarian!

Ally or enemy, this AI excels. As an ally, it will provide help in the form of tributes to you and it will patrol to defend your town when you need it. In many cases, you won't even need to ask for help when an enemy attacks you, as it cares enough to watch over your town. There are also a lot of ways to adapt its play by chatting taunts and flaring positions on the map, which allow you to coordinate your strategy with it.

As an enemy, Barbarian will intelligently select from a vast assortment of strategies, with full consideration for its map position (pocket/flank/super pocket), its civilization, the enemy civilization, the map style, and the current game mode and settings. If you manage to weaken it, don't take it easy! It can quickly rebuild its town and flourish into a dangerous threat in a very short time. If you want a fair challenge with a lot of variety, I strongly recommend Barbarian.

Additional Comments:
I believe this is one of the best AIs ever created, not just for the Age of Empires series, but games in general. If you enjoy single player games, multiplayer games mixed with AIs, or want to practice for multiplayer games with humans, please download and try Barbarian!

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