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Downloads Home » Projects » The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker Project V2.3

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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker Project V2.3

Author File Description
Red Hood
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
TLOZ Project: Part 1

Did you remember my trailer "The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker"? Well, here is the first part of the game: Outset Island, now with the trailer included. Please download, test it and tell me if you like it and if I can improve more.

V1.0 Features:
-Based on the original game by Nintendo!
-It contains sound efects and music of the original game!
-You can talk with people, just clicking on them!
-You can buy items and weapons that increase your stats and your fun as well!
-It has funny dialogues and to much to explore!

V2.0 Features:
-Now you can enter houses and explore even more!
-The buying sistem has been improved!
-Now you can ride on a horse to move even faster!
-More sounds have been added!
-Bugs have been fixed correctly!

V2.3 Features:
-Some bugs with the horse have been fixed!
-The trailer design has been improved a bit more!
-Please erase all old sound files and add the new ones!

Special Thanks to:
-Dtrungle for testing my scenario and give me useful hints.
-Mashek for testing it as well and tell me what was wrong.
-Dark_Warrior_1_ who inspired me with his scenario: "Wrath Of the Dark Lord".

Wait for the complete game... Coming Soon!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
This is actually not too bad, which surprises me for a Zelda game to be honest. I liked the RPG elements, and you seem to have added a few nice ideas, like the telescope birthday present which gives Link +2 line of sight. Keep at it. Just one thing, but be sure to "Loop" Link's name for when he's still a villager. I accidentally selected a tree and Link was suddenly "Lumberjack".
Official Reviewer
I loved it and hope you continue on. :) Anxious on how you will design the later stuff!

My rating for this would be around a 4.0. The problem is that this is essentially a first release and only a part of a bigger piece.

Some advice/comments:
-I was amazed at the creativity that you managed to pop in this. A lot of the Windwaker stuff was added and it works well.
-You should design the game so that players should play on Fast speed because there will no doubt be a lot of walking. Would be good if you researched Squires as well. On fast speed, all you need to fix/edit are the timers for the dialogues and the timers for the music. On Fast speed, 1 second of real life equals 2 seconds of game time. Also, you can use Display Instruction for sound off and on at will but there are problems with it. All the DI will be disabled so you're left with only send chat. Try searching the forums for more information about this if you wish to learn of it.
-You should type/paste your dialogue into Microsoft Word or something similar so that it can edit your typos.
-At the part where you get the telescope, maybe you can make it so that you go inside the tower before you can "look" through it. And make sure that the player can't just walk off before looking.
-I believe the shorefish close to the Beetle ship is not triggered. I can't seem to feed it.
-If you can, try to limit the amount of walking needed. You can also add a little enemy to fight as well just to make it less bland.
-When you walk back to the dock and everyone is there, the guy close to the dock spams his new chat and his old chat so you miss his new chat.
-You can add a quest with the pigs. Attack them and lure them to the lady at the top? :) I think you can change the boars attack by -20 so that it does only 1 damage. You should also rename them and increase their hp.
-The wolves are gaia so they will attack a majority of things that come near them. If you want, you can use Hunting Wolf or Ornlu in the Heroes tab. You can make them an actual player and change ownership at will. But you'll need to alter their stats as they are quite strong.
-You can hide the clothed Link using The Invisibility Cloak (search forum) or by changing it's frame to 99999 (Invisible Object utility in Blacksmith) using aokts until needed. As it is now, it's not clean seeing two Links.
-After leaving the bridge and the eagle guys talks, maybe you can add a sound of some sort to enhance that moment.
-You can make tribute silent (no chat and no sound) by tributing using negative numbers. Check the FAQ in the design forums.
-Lastly, you can work on the island design a bit more. 10 minutes of terrain/object mixing/blending will make it look a lot better.

[Edited on 11/30/11 @ 12:19 PM]

Red Hood
File Author
Thanks for your comments, I'll fix what is wrong and update the file as soon as I finish. Oh, and Dtrungle, talking about what you write, I have some questions:
-How do I make a units attack lower?
-Where can I find information about "Fast speed"?
-What do you mean when you say: "Also, you can use Display Instruction for sound off and on at will but there are problems with it. All the DI will be disabled so you're left with only send chat"?
If you can answer my questions then my scenario could get even better!
Thanks again!
Official Reviewer
Maybe you should update this file to include the cinematic scenario? It would go further into making the project feel more 'complete' but also help our downloaders from navigating the Blacksmith for two files that should really be together.
Official Reviewer
-You can use Change Object HP and ATK effects. Just rightclick paste a negative sign (-) into the value box. The minus needs to be rightclick copied from elsewhere. The ATK can be lowered below zero however the damage itself can not be lower than 1. You also won't see the base atk of the unit change, only the + increment. Check FAQ.

-You can try searching the forums. There's not much to it aside from what I mentioned. It's just the game speed, the game has 3 settings.

-You can use the 'play sound' within Display Instructions effect to start and stop a sound file at will. The issue is that if you use the sound feature here, it will not allow you to change/create another DI effect unless you clear the DI with the sound effect. Search the forums for more details. Check the FAQ. I haven't thought about this trick in a while.
Red Hood
File Author
Thank you again Dtrungle! I will add some new features to the campaign so I think you will like it even more and all of the other forumers too! Wait for the version 2.0 of this project :)
Official Reviewer
When you have version 2.0 complete please be sure to use the 'update' button, which is located just above your file description.
alekshs I've played this part, too. I liked it! It's strange, though, that i've never played the ZELDA before. :(

The music was fitting, the plot was quite interesting... but i had to walk a lot to each of my destinations. Maybe adding a "trading" cart to transfer you or shortening the paths. :/
Red Hood
File Author
Only one thing I forget to ask: how do I change the text format like letter type or making text in bold in the scenario description? (I mean when you upload it)

Never mind I don't realy need it. I have update it so you can tell me how it looks? Better?

[Edited on 12/18/11 @ 08:54 PM]

Official Reviewer
I think for making bold text in the description you need to use BB Code. Just check in that box when you are asked if you want to format normally, using html or bbcode. For reference in using BB code check this:

you will find out how to use bold, italic and other things.

I also advise you to change the name of your project into something that contains "Zelda". It will most probably boost your downloads, therefore giving you more feedback, as people using the search engine will come accross your file much easier.

I am planning to play your game in the near future. Let me know if you'd like a review for it at this point.
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