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Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 8

Game Objective:

Kill your enemy castles in his or her base.
Advance through the ages by obtaining kills. (See Hints)
Gain villagers by scoring razings. (See Hints)

Capture the Relic,it has special powers.(See Hints)

Center is death valley with Treasures.

>Heavy AP & HP bonus in center during safe times.

>Death in unsafe times.

Relic is a gift from GODS for the ONE who can keep and hold it between the tourches in his base.

Relic Advantages:
AP , HP bonus for all militry units.

500 kills: Super Trebuchet

1500 Kills: Furious the Monkeys

2500 kills: 1 king(Booter/Terminator)

NOTE: The king in the tourch area has the power to boot/destroy/kill/terminate anyone.



Difficulty: Standard
Resources :Standard
Population: 200
Reveal Map: Explored/All Visible
Starting Age: Standard
Victory Condition: Standard
Lock Teams
Lock Speed

This map (CBA_pathblood_extreme_v22(beta))is created by

>Rohit Narang (EL Cid)
>Varun Tiwari(Dilbar daga)

special thanks for help and support to all those people who helped us in creation of this map
>A day made of glass

and many more......

Thanks to creator of the base map from which we started
Tenchy (for =V=Water_CBAv3 )
For any further info contact:

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
The playability on this map is ruined by a few glitches. For example the bad neighbor you get at 500 kills. You can use this to destroy half your enemy's base without them being able to do anything about it. It can also be used to destroy the docks in the "pathblood" part of the map, so you can start spawning those super ships at 500+ kills.

The playability is also dragged down by the ships. Lots of ships will cause lagg for most people. It did for me and after a while it was very laggy. At the start of the game, all players will spam ships, which makes the normal units feel "2:nd hand" (depending on civilisation ofcourse). You only use them if the ships aren't enough, since they are ranged and better than the normal units if upgraded.

The middle hill is quite useless, you don't have time to put your units there when it's safetime, and then guess when the safetime is over to take them back. In my opinion, this could be removed, or decrease the boost and make it permanent. Also the king you are given at 2500 kills is quite useless. I didn't figure out what use he had, except that he could boot players, but it never said where I could do that. If he now could boot players, it is far too overpowered. Some people enjoy those hours long games, and don't want it to end with first player/team to get 2500 kills.

The map was quite enjoyable if you discount the glitches with the trebuchets, but just not enough to make me feel "This was fun, let's play again!".

Balance: 3
The balance between the different civilizations and their unique units are very well balanced, even though if the author did not make this part of the map. What drags down the balance is the pathblood units you can spawn. They are very unbalanced and it only takes about 1200 or 1400 kills to start your saboteur spawn, and nothing can stop them. If you have a group of 20 saboteurs, you can simply just blow yourself in to your opponents base.

Creativity: 3
The author of this map has mixed 2 types of maps and put them in to 1 map. Though it might seem quite creative and fun to do so, I found that I'd prefer playing one of them at a time. This doesn't mean that the map lacks creativity, more like the author had lots of creativity when making the map, but it could've been made in a much better way. I liked the idea with keeping the relic would give you boosts, which was very creative and well-fitting for a map like this.

Map Design: 2
Map design overall is very dull. The author has taken the basic map design from the famous map Castle Blood Automatic, and added the features from Pathblood to this map.

These new additions makes the map feel quite crowded. The author also tried to make the "battle-area" in the middle of the map look better by placing a hill in the middle, shallows, old stoneheads and some forests. This doesn't fit very well together with the gameplay, and looks out of place. The shallows is there for the ships to be able to travel between the players, but I think it affects the gameplay in a bad way, since you can use your villagers to build outside your walls in Castle Blood Automatic, which now is very very limited.

Story Instructions: 3
There is no real back-story to this map, but that's not necessary in this case. In this map, it's just about killing eachother. The instructions were quite clear, but something I missed were real hints and scouts. Like a small walkthrough how you actually played the map, if it was the first time you played a map like this. I was quite confused what the relic and middle really did, because all it said was that middle and relic gave boosts, and that the hill could cause death, but you didn't really know when and how this would happen. Other than that, the instructions were good and I got a hang of how to play after about two matches.

Additional comments:
This map is a mix of Castle Blood Automatic and Pathblood. It's not a very well-made mix, but it shows great potential and could be made to a quite interesting map if more time and thought was put in to it.

I suggest people who like Castle Blood-maps and Pathblood to download this map and just at least give it a try. As I said, it shows potential and some people might enjoy it more than I did.

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Map Design2.0
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