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Truly Countless Bodies

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

There are few battles in history more pivotal than the prodigious clash of arms between the Romans and Huns in 451 AD. One could argue that the fall of Rome was inevitable, but Western Europe's assent from the Dark Ages would have been much slower had the Huns finished the proposed destruction of Gaul.

You get to relive the battle as a real historical figure, Arderic, who assumes the role of Attila's top cavalry general. The Romans, Huns, and each side’s respective allies have made their camps. Through Arderic you have a chance to change history. What if Attila was able to convince the Alans to join his side, as he had hoped? However, if you choose, the mission may turn into much more, as you assume the role of a general racing against the clock, as he tries to give his side every possible advantage before the battle. Will he die before the battle even begins? For the Huns' sake, I hope not. Will he tip the scales in the Huns' favor? History lies in the balance.


~ 4 possible outcomes, one historical (none are a truce)
~ Morale preserving generals and chieftans
~ Several challenging sidequests
~ Frankish village for you to raid at your leisure
~ "Random" events/objectives
~ Large chaotic battle at conclusion
~ Significant Re-playability value
~ Difficulty Dynamic


Playtesters in alphabetical order …

ax_man1, Danthered, DarckRedd, Derfel Cadarn, Devil Ranger, Dr Lorenzo, Lt_Surge99, Marshal Gandalf, Mechstra, PaulC2001, Raptor the Good, Red Beard, red braizer, Tannuer99, The Shadows, The X-King, Tonto_DaVe

I'm deeply sorry, if I missed somebody.

I’d also like to thank my Dad, two sisters Amy and Elizabeth, and good friend Nathan for playing Truly Countless bodies during various stages in its development. They gave me plenty of insight of how newer players might approach the game.

Finally I would do poorly to neglect to mention that this scenario (as well as many others) makes use of Zanzard Lothar’s superb Advanced Immobile Units AI.


This scenario may cause some lag on low end systems. However a Pentium II 500 MHz with 256MB Ram should be more than adequate.

Make sure you unzip ‘Truly Countless Bodies.cpx’ into the campaign folder in your Age of Kings directory. Unzip this readme anyplace out of the way, where you can easily find it

This scenario may be played effectively on all speeds.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This was by far "THE" best peice of art work i have ever played.There was so much to do so many side quests with the burgendians and trying to do them all before the 45 minutes are up was a challange in itself.Then the entire war between Huns,Ostrogoths (and if you did within the time limit) the Alans against the Visigoths and Romens really kept my eyes to the screen until i beat it but over all very awsome playability

Balance: 5
The balance was to amazing, it couldent be mroe balanced between the 2 armies i lost everytime i tryed until i got the mercenarys to help me out with fighting the Romans.if i could say ne thing about the balance of this scenario is it is almost perfect

Creativity: 5
Very indepth creativity for this sceneario...The scattered Burgundian camps really gave ya the sence of speed needed to try to complete the side quests before tackling the Alans and the Roman and visigoths. Then the Franks scattered about looking to be destroyed...Not many scenearios have much neutral oppisiton that i'v seen but overall very good

Map Design: 5
There's not much i can say with the map design except nearing perfection. The well placed Roman camps the well placed Roman towers around the Alans camp,i'v never seen anything so well planned out. This honestly must have taken over a month or alot longer,i haven't seen anything like this before. When i went into the game my breath was taken away with the map design.

Story/Instructions: 5
the instructions were very clear and east to follow...the objectives were well planned and well executed hen they were meant to. The story was very good and very descripitve and i enjoyed reading it to,made me think, over all it was a very good read.

Additional Comments:
To the Auther if you can keep making things like this, i'll say you are a god amoung sceneario makers. very fun and playable, execlent balance, awsome creativity, almost perfect map design, and good instructions and a great story a must d/l for anyone who likes age of kings my final verdict great job the best i have ever downloaded ever

(oh by the way dont get mad if you notice spelling mistakes in this its 4:03am and i'm realy tired lol)
INdesstructable I like it

You go around raiding and doing miniquests and raiding and theres a large battle at the end awsome!

Just one question
How many mini-quests are there?

Snacks4dinner sheer brilliance
Map Design5.0
bleedteal's campaign "Truly Countless Bodies" is based on the Battle of Chalôns (or the Battle of the Catalunian Fields) between Attila's Huns and their allies, and Aëtius' Romans with their allies. In this campaign you control Arderic, one of Attila the Hun's generals, who travels around the map trying to make as many alliances as possible before the battle begins.

Playability: 5
"Truly Countless Bodies" was very playable. Instead of handling the entire might of Attila's army, which may confuse beginners and lag slow computers, you control a small band of horsemen (which makes it easier to travel). Arderic is a good fighter, so he does not die very easily, another advantage for beginners. However, there are also many challenges for veteran Agers, e.g. the Burgundian side quests.

Balance: 5
Most fights in this scenario are hard, but winnable, with exceptions of course. Depending on how many alliances are made, the armies of Attila and Aëtius are well-balanced, with the Huns having a slight advantage in numbers, and the Romans a slight advantage in technology. All in all, a hard but winnable campaign.

Creativity: 5
The idea of rushing around the map, desperately looking for allies appeals to me greatly. I especially enjoyed trying to tick off as many Burgundian sidequests as possible before rushing to the Alans' camp to stop them attacking. This is a very original idea, not often explored in Ensemble's campaigns. The idea of sinking armies' morale when their leaders die is a nice touch, though it has been used a lot, notably in Mcrnigoj's battle campaigns.

Map Design: 5
The map took my breath away. Though the minimap looks very cluttered, there are still peaceful Burgundian villages or undisturbed forests which offset the bloody clash of arms which is inevitable to occur...Lots of eye candy, the camps look good (I like the units training by shooting outposts) but just one thing: what are all the Missing Horses for? It would have been a nice touch if everytime you sent a horse back to Attila's camp, a Hussar or a Cavalry Archer would be added to your band. I liked the idea of making Attila's buildings Mongol-Japanese-Chinese style. They look better than the Goth-Viking-Teuton-Hun version in my opinion.

Story/Instructions: 5
I especially liked how detailed the Scouts section was written. I recognized at once that it was supposed to be biased towards the Huns and against the Romans, but it still half-convinced me that my victory was certain (the first time I played, I lost by the way). However, the instructions were slightly patchy at places. Eg. when I met with the Hun general and acquired troops to defend the Ostrogoths against the Romans, I didn't realize that Arderic had to go with them too. I ended up losing most of the Ostrogoth army. Also, you said that Arderic was a historical figure, but I can't find him in the Internet.

Additional Comments: I downloaded all of the campaigns with ratings of 4.8, 4.9 and 5.0, and this one is my all-time favorite. Nice work bloodteal!

PS this is my first review lol
Official Reviewer
Good first review MythWriter.

Quote, "Also, you said that Arderic was a historical figure, but I can't find him in the Internet."

Arderic (Arderich) was the King of the GEPIDS, a Germanic tribe. Arderic with his Gepids formed the right flank of the Huns alone in the Battle of Chalôns, of the Catalunian Fields in June 451 AD. After Attila's death in 553 AD, Arderic formed an alliance with the Ostrogoths to destroy the Hun's Empire and defeated them in the Battle of Nedao in 454 AD for good.
Wallenstein1 When I tried this, everyone started to attack right at the beginning. I had absolutely no time to go to the Alan general or anything. Was that supposed to happen?

[Edited on 08/30/11 @ 02:36 PM]

Gpayne31 Just great. I had a hard time with the map, and I rushed about the entire map doing ALL of the optionals. By 35 minutes I had 4 done. But in the middle of trying to get one of them done, Arderic got hit by an axe and died, and I was defeated. DAMMIT. I'm gonna go try again. This map of yours, will keep me on all day.
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Map Design5.0
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