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Truly Countless Bodies

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

There are few battles in history more pivotal than the prodigious clash of arms between the Romans and Huns in 451 AD. One could argue that the fall of Rome was inevitable, but Western Europe's assent from the Dark Ages would have been much slower had the Huns finished the proposed destruction of Gaul.

You get to relive the battle as a real historical figure, Arderic, who assumes the role of Attila's top cavalry general. The Romans, Huns, and each side’s respective allies have made their camps. Through Arderic you have a chance to change history. What if Attila was able to convince the Alans to join his side, as he had hoped? However, if you choose, the mission may turn into much more, as you assume the role of a general racing against the clock, as he tries to give his side every possible advantage before the battle. Will he die before the battle even begins? For the Huns' sake, I hope not. Will he tip the scales in the Huns' favor? History lies in the balance.


~ 4 possible outcomes, one historical (none are a truce)
~ Morale preserving generals and chieftans
~ Several challenging sidequests
~ Frankish village for you to raid at your leisure
~ "Random" events/objectives
~ Large chaotic battle at conclusion
~ Significant Re-playability value
~ Difficulty Dynamic


Playtesters in alphabetical order …

ax_man1, Danthered, DarckRedd, Derfel Cadarn, Devil Ranger, Dr Lorenzo, Lt_Surge99, Marshal Gandalf, Mechstra, PaulC2001, Raptor the Good, Red Beard, red braizer, Tannuer99, The Shadows, The X-King, Tonto_DaVe

I'm deeply sorry, if I missed somebody.

I’d also like to thank my Dad, two sisters Amy and Elizabeth, and good friend Nathan for playing Truly Countless bodies during various stages in its development. They gave me plenty of insight of how newer players might approach the game.

Finally I would do poorly to neglect to mention that this scenario (as well as many others) makes use of Zanzard Lothar’s superb Advanced Immobile Units AI.


This scenario may cause some lag on low end systems. However a Pentium II 500 MHz with 256MB Ram should be more than adequate.

Make sure you unzip ‘Truly Countless Bodies.cpx’ into the campaign folder in your Age of Kings directory. Unzip this readme anyplace out of the way, where you can easily find it

This scenario may be played effectively on all speeds.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mechstra Ah, it's out. :) Good to see!
Sultan Muammer I Realy liket the game it was good
crasher Y'know Bleedteal, I had quite a hard time playing this thing, lol. I was going to give you a review, but I decided that my micro managing skills are far too rusty to give "Truly Countless Bodies" a proper overview. Thank goodness that it's difficulty dynamic! Anyways, Congratulations, and I'll be proud of ya if it wins...

Chrystamagne Having not played Age of Kings in a while I thought I would check out some of the custom campaigns. This was my first shot at one, needless to say I was blown away by the non-linear design and the extent of replayability, not to mention the degree of challenge, even set at standard difficulty. If more custom scenarios are this good I forsee a long summer of me shucking my responsibilities to play Age of Kings eve more. Kudos, great work.
muerte Well, i didn't understand this game's instructions :S
louie4life i dont get the instructions in this one
Mechstra Forgot the ratings, but I've reposted the review. :p

This scenario definitely deserved to win the Campaign Contest. :)
INdesstructable I like it

You go around raiding and doing miniquests and raiding and theres a large battle at the end awsome!

Just one question
How many mini-quests are there?

Snacks4dinner sheer brilliance
Official Reviewer
Good first review MythWriter.

Quote, "Also, you said that Arderic was a historical figure, but I can't find him in the Internet."

Arderic (Arderich) was the King of the GEPIDS, a Germanic tribe. Arderic with his Gepids formed the right flank of the Huns alone in the Battle of Chalôns, of the Catalunian Fields in June 451 AD. After Attila's death in 553 AD, Arderic formed an alliance with the Ostrogoths to destroy the Hun's Empire and defeated them in the Battle of Nedao in 454 AD for good.
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