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Age of Fortress 0.0.3

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 2
Each player has a team of nine units, which respawn when killed.

The objective in the "2fort" map is to get to the enemy's "basement" flag room, and the objective in the "tower" map is to destroy the enemy's tower.

I tend to find that against the AI the result is a stalemate; I haven't tested it with another human. I'm not sure the concept translates well to the format of AoC; in my opinion it definitely needs a lot of changes to make it playable and fun.

Nevertheless, I am submitting it here to see if anyone's interested, or has any suggestions.

-- Unit Guide --

The Scout (Militia) is fast, has low HP, large LOS, and attacks with a fast-firing "nailgun" (though it does arc rather too much to resemble the nailgun from TF).

The Sniper (Longbowman) has moderate speed, low HP, and fires a very accurate high-damage long-range projectile with a long reload time.

The Soldier (Berserk) moves slowly, has high HP, and attacks with a powerful rocket launcher.

The Demoman (Hand Cannoneer) has moderate speed, decent HP, and a powerful cannon attack.

The Medic (Teutonic Knight) is fast, has decent HP, a reasonably good melee attack, and can heal other units.

The Heavy Weapons Guy (Bombard Cannon) has slow speed, high HP and a deadly machine gun.

The Pyro (Janissary) has moderate speed, above average HP and a flamethrower attack.

The Spy (Huskarl) has moderate speed, decent HP and a melee attack that kills in one hit, but has a long cooldown time.

The Engineer (Builder) has moderate speed, low HP, a reasonably good melee attack with a bonus vs. the spy, and the ability to build an immobile Sentry Gun. He can also "repair" his teammates' HP.
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Official Reviewer
I can imagine what you're trying to do. This needs to be changed to multiplayer, most likely a 4v4 setup. You need to make a system so that players can choose which class they want to use as well as a scoring system and objectives.

Mostly, the classes needs to be changed as to make them each have special traits. What you have so far is a good start. I think the units need to be modified so that the player must select a target to attack. (Remove the ability to auto attack from stance) This will allow the mobile units to shine more with their trait and make it so those long reload classes can aim and take the target down instead of auto targetting whoever is in their range.

This is a cool idea. I can definitely see this as a mod map for voobly.
alekshs I saw your maps, too. It's going to be a success!

I suppose the design is under "construction". Anyway, how can it be possible to remove the ranged units' ability to fire at enemy units from distance?
File Author
The tower map was going to be 4v4, the version included in the file is just a two-player test version.

I was going to implement a system that allowed the player to select the composition of a four or five-unit army, to give the gameplay more variety, but I never got round to it.

I already have a basic scoring system implemented, but it's possibly the hardest part to get right. I could take the blood approach and have a high HP building that must be destroyed, or use the more "TF-like" system of having to have units in a certain area to score points. My original system was like the "Hunted" map in TFC, where you had to escort a defenceless unit to a certain location, but I realised it wasn't very fun or practical.

Removing auto-attack is probably a good idea, you're right.

Thanks for the feedback, anyway. I'm unlikely to be able to work on this for the next couple of months, but I'll bear in mind what you said when I do come back to it.

[Edited on 12/22/11 @ 08:53 AM]

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