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HHC - Vosgian Travel

Author File Description
fr steve
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
This mission was done for the Halloween Horror Contest organized by Scibadi.
Thus, this mission is supposed to be frightening. If your heart is too
sensitive, you might not play this mission. But I'm sure you will!

This mission can be played only if you have The Conquerors Expansion and the C-patch installed.
Don't forget that this one is already installed if you have the Gold Edition.

More information into the Readme. carrefully read it!

The mission is modded. So there is a .akx inside. If you cannot run it, it may be because you must have AOK Mod Pack Studio installed on your computer. It can be downloaded here at the Blacksmith (as a Utility).

Three difficulty settings exist: Standard, Moderate and Hard.

You may use some of my graphics or sounds ONLY if you ask me before, via AOK Heaven or by
mailing me at

Enjoy yourself!
fr steve
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
i_like_h3ll i like very much you map. this is a good game and i recommend the download
Official Reviewer
im stuck in the final escape scene. I have looked at all the parts where i can go, but i found no way out, and if i try to fight, i get killed by the war elephants and cataphracts.
fr steve
File Author
Reassure me: when you say war elephants & cataphracts, you mean dark knights, don't you? Unless you play without the modpack...

This is sad, but like your soldiers tell you, they don't run fast enough to escape. So, the only thing you can do is abandonning them sadly and cowardly. Only your riders can survive, unless you're very very lucky, but I didn't manage myself to save my infantry. Apart from that, all was good? No bugs? Did you like my scenario? I wanna know all!!!
Official Reviewer
i do use the mod pack, and actually i tried to save my infantry and then got locked up by all the dark creatures. No one could escape and i didn't save at all.

I played on standard, it was quite easy, im gonna replay on hard soon. The dark graphics are absoloutly great, and look very good in the scenario. Also i really like the sound effects. Only i think, that the map looked quite boring: everything was pine forest, some cliffs and sometimes you meet some water, and snow. There were barely any GAIA objects, and i think thats were this needs to be improved most. There was quite good triggerwork, and quite scary events. In overall, i quite liked it, and after replaying it i will be sure to submit a review :)
Official Reviewer
fr steve, if you would like more feedback you could always request a review from the Review Request thread. From what I've seen with regards to some of the thread reviewers' recent work there you might just be able to receive some in-depth feedback for your file.,0,0,10&st=750

[Edited on 12/29/11 @ 11:29 PM]

Official Reviewer
I will surely post a review for this file after the judging phase of the competition is over. This also goes for the other two entries.
fr steve
File Author
Thank you all for your thinking about reviewing.


Yes, I'm sorry if there're too much trees, however, don't forget it's a dense forest. In Middle Ages, Vosges were surely harder to cross than today. Also, paths are thin, leaving few space to add objects. And except for berry bushes, I don't see what to add more. Vosges don't have many rocks, and lakes aren't so common. But I admit I could have done better.

About the end, didn't you notice the sound you hear was crescendo? If it ended, you cannot escape any more. Then, you must rush, leaving your infantry behind your riders.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Vosgian Travel is a fixed force game, made for the Halloween Horror Contest. Your mission is to bring reinforcements to a besieged city, but the commander and his army get stuck in the legendary Vosge Forest, and will soon find themselfes surrounded by spooky creatures and forest ghosts.

Playing this scenario was quite fun. I think that there is a bit lack of triggers, it could go a bit smoother sometimes, and also some paths of the forest were barely visible, and so a bit hard to find. In overall it is playable, and i did not encounter any bugs. But still, there could be added some more triggers to give it an improved look, and atmosphere. 3

The balance was quite bad. The scenario was absoloutly easy, with the huge army you had to control. On standard, it was almost impossible to loose, even if you run straight into the enemies and without avoiding anything. On hard, its a bit more difficult, especially in the last parts. Most of the enemies were spread around, and weak and so easy to kill. When i played, i had only three horsemen left when i escaped, but almost everyone survived until the very final challenge. Also, the dialoges always mention the captain saying something, but there is no special unit that has to survive, and so makes the game even more easy. 2

Probaly the strongest part. There was a good use of sound effects in these scenario, and it is quite scary. Also, the darkened graphics give the entire forest a frightening look, altogether with the enemies that encounter you, their black colour, and the sudden events and sound effects. I also really liked the effect that damages your soldiers, because of the cold. Only, like i already mentioned in the "Playability" section, there are low triggers for an atmosphere (beside sound effects). Some flashing change view triggers, and a bit of cutscene would be good. 4

Map Design:
This was the part were i was quite disappointed. Almost the entire map was made of pine forest, and pure leave ways went through it. There were some places were the pines were rotated to dead pines, and sometimes you encounter a cliff, water or snow. There were barely any GAIA objects or eyecandy, so it was boring to look at. 3-

I quite liked the way the story and the events of the scenario went. There is a nice background story, to explain how you even got into that forest, and good dialoges (although some typos and bad grammar). I liked the epiloge story, but i think there could be some improval here too. Perhaps a boss or something that returns during the game would look good. 3

Additional Comments: I really liked playing this entry, but im not really convinced if it will score a good place in the Halloween Competition. With some improval and a few more small details, this would be a perfect scenario.

In Conclusion - For those who want to have a good, frightening horror scneario, i recommend to download this!


Official Reviewer
i think you could have mixed the trees a bit. And also, i just reviewed it, and got ninja'd by your answer :P I hope the review gives you some tips on how to improve :)
Official Reviewer
My game won't load when using the akx file. Can't you just force us to replace the graphic file or something?

For the future, you don't need to include AI and bitmap. The scenario saves these within them.

Bah, I need to change my files back again to test out the other releases. T_____T;

[Edited on 12/30/11 @ 12:06 PM]

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