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Two Demons

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1

Two Demons

by fenix42

As the leader of a small army, Karn Arengard has set his sights upon the kingdom's throne. However, the current ruler Marius Solden Hai is prepared to stop him. Driven by the idea of immense power of domination, Karn Arengard will do anything to claim the throne, even if it leads him down a dark road. Little does he know, there are those who live on the greed of mankind... 

Power, power, power.... 

With power comes strength. With power comes desire. With power comes darkness..

Game Description:
-This is a MODDED fixed force map that requires you to manage your soldiers well. 
-Try to follow your current objectives without straying.
-When starting AOE, try starting a random map then quitting before beginning the campaign.

Designer's Note: (please read)
This is a two part map that is only half complete. However, it is still playable for part 1 (it won't abruptly end). The reason I stopped progress on this scenario is because of game crashes having to do with the edited dat. file (using vista). I couldn't find a cause (none of the edited data are problems) so I've concluded the game just doesn't like what I've edited xD. Crashes occur randomly although not frequently. 
If you consider part 1 its own scenario, then it is technically complete. There may be small bugs or typos but those shouldn't affect the game. 
Data editing was a big part of this map (part 2 would've been completely centered around it. ) Many new units and technologies were added.

Here's a fun way to kill time. Start a random map on death match with 8 computers against you.. Set the game to Post Imperial Age. Be Britons. Turn on "aegis". Build a siege workshop and then the "mining camp" from the workshop. Unpack it and enjoy the bloodbath.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Leave some comments (and tell me if it crashes for you )

Decided to include a list of the modded units. Half of these don't appear in game.
1. Underworld Spawnling (Monkey boy)
-Medium health, speed, low attack. 
2. Underworld Hound (Wolf)
-Medium health, high speed, attack.
3. Brute (Throwing Axeman)
-Low health, medium speed, high attack. (Bonus against other underworld units) Melee unit.
4. Executioner (Harold Hardrada) 
-Medium health, low speed, medium Attack. Ranged.
5. Dark Knight (Champion)
-High health, medium speed, high attack. 

Encampment (mining camp)
-Built from siege workshop as a packed trebuchet.
-Must be unpacked (can't be packed)
-Builds all of the above units. Includes upgrades of units and heroes.
Tower (Keep)
-A tower. With fortified walls upgraded, it gains a large attack bonus.

1. Nameless One (Mangudai)
-Hero. 4 upgrades at Encampment
2. Guardian (Monk)
-Hero. Kills underworld units very quickly.
3. Behemoth (War Elephant)
-Extremely high health. Has trample damage (splash damage). 
-Will not die. Respawns around every 4 minutes. 
4. Abomination (Wild Woman)
-Extremely fast (faster then hound). Extremely fast attack rate.
5. Fist of Judgement (Heavy Scorpion)
-Extremely large range. Large splash damage area.
6. Dark One (I think that was its name...)
-3 forms. Cataphract -->Mangudai --->Huskarl
-After the first form dies, it's dead body respawns as the second form, then third.
-Second form has no attack stats (was meant to be used for a magic boss fight)

1. Enter-able House
2. Enter-able Stable
3. Enter-able Carriage (war wagon)
4. Statue 1 (shoots scorpion projectiles, meant for magic fight)
5. Statue 2 (shoots fire-ship flames, meant for magic fight)
6. Karn Arengard (woad raider)
7. Human Soldiers (villagers?)

1. Upgrade Hero (upgrades Nameless One)
2. Research Executioner (unlocked with fortified wall)
3. Research Champion (unlocked with fortified wall)
4. Upgrade units (basic underworld units) 

Last Notes:
-These edits only apply to the Britons and Byzantines.
-Every Underworld Unit has attack bonuses against one another.
-"Human" soldiers won't do as much damage to a "spawnling" as another "spawnling" would.
-Pikemen versus "hounds" are an exception.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Good thing for the Projects category...

I've approved this even though the game crashed barely a second into play. I'm hoping others have a more hopeful playing with the modified data file. Definitely something to looking into, though.
File Author
That's unfortunate. Did you try opening a random map or the map editor first, before beginning the campaign? And does the game even begin before it crashes (do you see the map appear or does it just crash after the loading screen)

i_like_h3ll not bad. the terrain is beautifull and the game is good, but there are to much towers
File Author
glad someone was able to play it ^^

If you're talking about the river part, the defenses gradually get stronger the longer you take to complete the obj. For the towers...a galley can help with those; don't let them be completed :p
Operation X I'd love to try the scenario but unfortunately it crashes about 2 seconds after the map loads. any idea how to fix it? and yes i have tried both a random map and the map editor. still crashes.
File Author
Hmm. Can you let me know if the map crashes before you even see the in-game screen? After the blank page that says loading, the game appears, do you see that or does aok crash immediately after the load?

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