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Solokov The Conquerors

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 6
I just don't now a lot about triggers. can someone help me?
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Sarn This is actually not bad. I've only taken a brief look at it, but map design and playability look pretty good. I'll finish it and try to give some more feedback.

Also, if you need help with triggers, your best bet for help would be in the Scenario Design & Modding forum here:
Official Reviewer
the best way to find out about triggers is to experiment with them, and also look at other people's maps and see what triggers they use for certain things. What it really boils down to is cause and effect.

If you play a campaign and you want to know how the designer accomplishes certain things, just extract the scenario from the campaign using campaign editor. You will find this program in the utilities section of the blacksmith.

By the way, I am currently playing your game and will give you a review once I finish it.
Map Design4.0
"Solokov the Conquerors" is a campaign by Nuwanda, following Solokov's conquest and consolidation of Russia, fighting Saxony, Finland, Denmark, the Mongols, and Poland, among others.

Playability: 3

This scenario was kind of fun to play, and was mostly bug-free, but it did get a little repetitive Each map was essentially the same: You have a town or city and need to destroy the enemy towns and cities. I accomplished essentially the same way: build a few trebuchets, build up a massive army to protect them (Heavy Cavalry Archers when Huns and Elite Huskarls/Hand Cannoneers when Goths) and smashed my way through them. Also, I noticed in at least one scenario, when my hero died, I did not lose. Ultimately, it was repetitive and no more enjoyable than a random map game.

Balance: 2

While there were a few parts that were a little chaotic, the scenarios were pretty simple: defend yourself long enough to build up an army, then march across the map, destroying everything in your way. It wasn't too hard to do this, either, especially considering that most scenarios gave you an ally to assist you. Overall, it was quite easy, if a little time-consuming.

Creativity: 2

I did enjoy seeing a story about Russia/Eastern Europe, since I don't see many of them, but aside from that, there was a minimum of creativity. Map design was decent, but there were virtually no triggers, no creative uses of units, terrain, or buildings, and barely any story. In short, barely anything differentiated it from a modified random map game aside from a few renamed units and a couple beta units.

Map Design: 4-

Probably the strongest part of the campaign, the map design is actually pretty good. It lacks some of the finesse and the signs of more experienced designers like adequate terrain mixing, city design, etc. but it is obvious that the designer has put a good deal of effort into the map design.

Story/Instructions: 2

There is a little bit of a story, but it is poorly structured, has numerous spelling and grammar mistakes (likely due to English not being the designer's first language), and does not flesh out any of the events, characters, or locations. The fact that there even is a story linking the scenarios is the only reason this category gets a 2.

Overall, this scenario is not amazing, but it does show some potential. The designer shows some skill in map design, but the story and creativity are significantly lacking, and there needs to be something to differentiate the scenarios from simple random map games with pre-placed units and buildings. While I won't warn anyone away from this download, I won't say that you need to download it either. I do, however, look forward to seeing this designer improve and continue designing.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"Solokov the Conquerors" is a 6-scenario campaign depicting the rise to power of a Russian ruler during the middle ages. I don't have much knowledge of Russian history so I can't really tell how much of the story is real and how much is fiction, but there are definitely a few historical facts that the author has drawn inspiration from (such as Genghis Khan's invasion of Russia). For the most part, this is a mildly enjoyable game which has about the same level of complexity as the Ensemble Studios campaigns.

Playability: 3
The game obviously has potential, and it is obvious that, were it not for the author's lack of experience with triggers, it would've been much better. The general gameplay style consists of classic build and destroy settings. There is one map (the third one if I remember correctly) which depicts a battle. That is the only exception to the rule. The scenarios are fun in the beginning but tend to become boring when you reach the fourth or fifth one, because of a lack of variation and challenge. However, the overall impression was pretty good, also thanks to the map design, which does make a big difference in build and destroy games.

Balance: 3-
I am very bad at build and destroy, but I found the whole campaign to be very easy. The AI seems to be standard, so it doesn't pose any extra challenge. The fact that you have allies (which are pretty strong) in almost all scenarios also shifts the balance in the player's favor a lot. The battle scenario (the third one) I would even go so far as to call a cutscene, because it will be won independently of the player's intervention. You and your saxon allies vastly overpower the Mongols (weren't they supposed to be the strongest army in the world or something?). And it's not about you defending a fort or something, it's just units placed on a large field that are going at it. Nothing challenging at all and it's over in a minute.

Creativity: 2+
The main cause for the low score is probably the designer's admitted lack of trigger experience. This basically makes the scenarios play more or less like a standard random map game. I have no doubt that this will change once the author starts getting familiar with triggers and what they can do to enhance a game. I will not give this category a 1 as there are some parts which show that the designer has put some thought into the whole thing (I liked the idea of re-using a previous map making it look like you need to re-conquer your land, for instance).

Map Design: 3+
The map design, even though it is very simple, is also very easy on the eye and generally pleasing. Some parts of it looked really good, the first scenario is the highlight as far as the design goes. The others are pretty good too, but seem to have taken less time to perfect and therefore look a lot more like standard random maps. I think the designer has shown, at least in the first scenario, a very interesting style of map design, very similar to a random map but at the same time more rewarding visually. It is fitting for the Build and Destroy style, but still a little bit too simplistic to warrant a higher score.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was simple but believable, and so was the historical setting of the game (though the story is probably mostly fiction). Even though it wasn't sustained by any trigger work, it still managed to captivate me and make me play the game until the end, which is an achievement. However, triggering it could improve this aspect of the game (and others) tremendously. Some twists here and there would've made the story so much more interesting. The instructions and hints were as simple as the game itself, and there is quite frankly no reason to get stuck.

Additional Comments:
I think this shows a lot of promise and I hope you get around to updating it, once you get familiar with triggers and you can use them to give it an extra depth.

This is a recommended download for people who enjoy random map style games, with a slightly better map design.

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