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Author File Description
Xylon Draganthus
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

HISTORY: An unexpected Ice Age has taken place in the year 1555. The Bearing Straight is once again frozen. The Spanish have decided to cross it, in search for new territory to settle down in, in hopes that the Ice Age is not global, considering that Spain is almost uninhabitable now. Little do they know that another civilization has survived the ice age, the Vikings, the great savages who have prevailed upon the seas for many years, accustomed to dealing with harsh winters. You are the Spanish Leader, you must survive the first 5 waves of the Viking attacks, find the Viking base, defeat it, fighting Viking enemies along the way, in order to continue across the Bearing Straight. Only one problem, it is a maze.
MUSIC: The background music is my own composition and plays every five minutes, much like the way Warcraft II does it, and I ask that it not be used for anything other than playing this scenario, simply because I have a lot of plans for this music.

INSTRUCTIONS: Quickly have your villagers build 4 houses, then a barracks, build as many militia as you can, and survive the first 5 waves of the Vikings. You may need to build 3 or 4 barracks.

Once you have survived the first 5 waves, build and upgrade your base, train a decent size army, find your way through the icy maze, fight the Viking enemies along the way, and destroy the Viking base.

The key to destroying the enemy's base is the Castle. If you destroy the castle, you will surely have victory. You don't have to kill all of the units on the map, just destroy the original buildings.

Find the sign left by your sentinel - SEE HINTS FOR INFO

Rescue the prisoner, Manuel Gonzales, before it is too late!

Defend the base that your scouts have built before it is overtaken by some strange monks!

Retrieve the treasure that your enemies have lost, to gain special resources.
HINTS: Don't forget to keep building as you repel attacks. Don't get lost!

Be careful when looking for the resources, as you may encounter enemy units.

Follow the snow path, but not the wrong ones.

Don't try to Rambo it and go looking for the Waves, wait for them to come to you. If you don't, you may trigger 4 Waves at one time and get very overwhelmed.

After the game starts, you have 10 minutes to survive the first 4 Waves before Wave 5 comes (The most deadly). You have about 5 minutes after Wave 4 before this happens.

Don't be sidetracked by little skirmishes by individual units before the first 5 waves, you don't want your soldiers following them, leaving your base unprotected.

When Wave 4 hits, you have a few reinforcements, use them wisely.

After the 5 waves hit, the rest of your opponent's attack is controlled strictly by the computer (which is rather vicious at times).

Your commander and chief sent out a sentinel to scout this area for mining resources before you arrived. He was killed by a pack of wolves. Before he was killed, he built a sign with a riddle as to the whereabouts of the mine that he had found. Find the sign, solve the riddle, and you will find the mine.
SCOUTS: Beware of enemy units, and Viking Wooly Mammoths.

Beware of the pack of wolves that killed your sentinel.

Beware of wolves and enemies in the forests and at the mine.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
imd658land Not bad for your second scenario.
I haven't won it yet but its a lot better then 9player. Its much more fun to play if there is a goal 'save the king or destroy a castle' then destroy the enemy. You still need to work on your map design there are just big pieces of ice on the map. Add some rocks or water to make it more realistic.
In the beginning of the game you get attacked but it isn't hard. You just send all of you soldiers and win.
So try to make that harder or use difficult levels.

Good job!
Xylon Draganthus
File Author
Thanks imd658land, for your advice, glad you think it's an improvement. I will work on the map design and the opening attack from the enemy. Thanks.

***EDIT*** Well imd658land, I took your advice and improved the terrain a little, but mostly, made the first attack much harder, hope you enjoy the update.

P.S. If you be so kind as to give me a review, I would be most grateful.

[Edited on 02/05/12 @ 01:29 AM]

imd658land I'm downloading it now!
imd658land It's a lot harder (and better) then your first version. The first time I played it I survived all the five waves but later I got destroyed by some Tarkans. I will try it again soon.
If I was you I would have only put a single screenshot instead of the ones you have now.
It's personal, but I think it's a lot nicer to have one very good screenshot, then you more likely to download it.
You do need to have a very good screenshot and they are hard to make but if you succeed....

Every one can see how to get out of the maze on your top screenshot????
Xylon Draganthus
File Author
Done, I will make a better screen shot soon.
imd658land A lot better!
Xylon Draganthus
File Author
Xylon Draganthus
File Author
I am considering making a sequel to this scenario, but before I do, I would really appreciate it if someone could comment and or write a review so that I may know anything that needs improvement, thanks.
imd658land A better story maybe?
Xylon Draganthus
File Author
Yeah, I could put like a story of a particular hero and villain with some good details, I'll think about it, thanks.
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