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The Conquest of Kent V1.1

Author File Description
Andrew W
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
After 11 years of owning this game I have actually finished a scenario!

This scenario is set in the year 825 A.D and you take command of Aethelwulf the son of the King of Wessex as he tries to conquer the ancient Kingdom of Kent.

-A good old fashioned B&D scenario
-5 AI’s which I have managed to cobble together
-Over 200 triggers

Update 1.1
-Balancing issues resolved, standard difficulty is made harder and easier at the same time... Harder is more achievable with a few helping hands
-Map has been updated and changed with some features modified
-Spelling mistakes which I have either found, been told about, and have remembered have been fixed.
-More triggering to make the game more interesting and to make the Ai respond with greater vigour to human attacks

2nd update
-more updating which i felt was needed. All on balancing issues.
Any (more) suggestions for improvement, on the difficulty or any other comments would be most welcome. Enjoy!
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Map Design4.0
"The Conquest of Kent" is a one-scenario campaign by Andrew W and is quite an enjoyable scenario, featuring unique AIs and a good story behind a B&D game.

Playability: 4

I enjoyed playing this map. It was fun, had original elements, and was bug-free. I did have to restart once or twice due to accidentally getting Aethelwulf killed, but in general, it was good here. I appreciated to few pseudo-side-quests and the map design especially, and I felt that they contributed well.

Balance: 3+

Balance was good. It wasn't too difficult, as with many B&D maps, since you could spend a good deal of time simply gathering resources and defending yourself until you were ready to launch a major assault. This only worked to a limited extent, however, and the second time I played, I immediately assaulted the Dover shore fort and Baldred's camp near the castle, to hinder the assaults on my town. The battles between Lunden and Baldred/Edward also were very convenient, as they kept everyone else busy (and actually destroyed Lunden's port for me). On the easier levels, aside from the beginning, where my minimal force had to take Maidstone and then defend it from the enemies, the scenario was a bit on the easy side. On the hardest level, it was nearly unbeatable.

Creativity: 4+

This scenario displayed a good deal of creativity, including a few tricks I hadn't seen before. I especially liked the castle trick, where you had to garrison troops in a castle to suppress the enemy bowmen inside. I also liked the usage of byzantine buildings in the shore forts and towns, demonstrating the remaining influence of the Romans. The Brewer's quest was also a nice touch.

Map Design: 4

The designer did a very good job with this map, using many map design tricks, like shoreless water and waterfalls. Terrain and elevation mixing was decent, and eye candy was used liberally, but was never overwhelming. The towns were some of my favorites. I especially appreciated the mixing of the old Roman architecture (Byzantines) and the newer British buildings, which, while it may seem odd, actually is quite historically relevant. The damaged walls and burning buildings also supported the backstory of recent war and conquests. Overall, a very well designed map. My only suggestion would be to blend the roads and paths into the surrounding terrain a little more. Right now it looks just like a solid line from place to place. Mixing the roads and dirts would help a lot in this regard.

Story/Instructions: 4

The designer gave a good backstory and the objectives directly related to the story. The tidbits of extra flavor here and there were greatly appreciated and I didn't see many spelling or grammatical errors. In the opening cutscene, "Kent" isn't capitalized once or twice, and "commands" is also misspelled in "Baldred commands personally..." Also, the in the player names, Lunden is spelled "Lundne." The hints and objectives are clear and helpful, and the scouts provide brief, but detailed information about the players in the game.

While this scenario is not overwhelmingly amazing, it is still a solid scenario and I enjoyed playing it. I would recommend this for download and would love to see an update.

Notes for the designer: I'd recommend working on the terrain mixing and blending, especially with the roads. Also, it might be a good idea to put a little more pressure on the player, preventing him from merely holing up and amassing a huge stockpile of resources and then overrunning the enemy. Also, a side quest or two (ie the monastery requires you to return a relic before supplying you with monks, or something like that). Anything that makes it more than just another B&D scenario would be a good thing in my opinion. Finally, do something about the Lunden port; on the easier levels, Baldred and Edward destroyed it very early on, making Lunden very little of a threat.

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Map Design4.0
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